Sunday, May 30, 2010

Your Two Cents: Kpop Celebrity Look Alikes???

Hey all!
Hope you had a great weekend!

I will keep this short and sweet... So here's your Y2C question!

What Kpop celebrities do you always get mixed up?? Perhaps they look alike...perhaps they act alike...perhaps they have similar songs....perhaps they act in similar roles... Whatever the reason is, let me know!

Click here for some examples!


  1. When I read the question, the first look-a-likes I could think of is Minzy of 2NE1 and Daesung of Big Bang.I think it's the eyes that look similar. When 2NE1 first debuted I thought she was related to Daesung, but since they are from the same entertainment company, they are still considered family anyways :) he he

    Here's a picture that I found to make comparison easier.

    (credits to


  2. Hi Angie!

    Well there was only one time that I got mixed up..

    I think it was when I got into k-dramas while watching the movie Autumn in the Sky! Won Bin is soo hot!
    Well, after awhile I saw this girl group SNSD and the girl that stood out to me was Hyoyeon.. Her dancing skills were soo good.. I thought to myself, "hey that's definitely Song Hye Kyo!" But after researching & looking at several younger pictures of Hyoyeon, I then found that it was not her.. :(

  3. Hi Angie,

    Before AJ becomes a member of BEAST I got confused between him and Cheong Lim because they both like Rain and both have a bit of Rain's style ^_^

  4. they are so many look alikes in first it was really confusing..
    some i could think of are Daesung and K.Will.they really look like twin. when So Nyeo Shi Dae was first debuted, i thought the leader(Taeyeon) was BoA! lol.. the other one is 2pm's Junho look so much like Rain,except that he's chubbier..when pictures of Shinee was revealed before they debuted, i thought Taemin was HeeChul's(Suju)younger brother.haha..

  5. I think it's so hard to tell them apart because they are manufactured that way by the companies that put them together. It's possible they have their own personalities outside of their groups, but we'll never know...

  6. I was going to say Daesung and K.Will but pink_orchid mentioned before me T_T
    For me, I think SNSD's Yoona and Yuri look alike. People mistaken Yuri and Yoona sometimes.
    And yes, 2PM's Junho really look like Rain.
    Oh, and Super Junior's Shiwon looks like Kangta
    I've once mistaken FT Island's Lee Hong Gi and Super Junior's Kangin but then I realized that Kangin is chubbier.
    Do you know Lee Chae Yeon the comedian? I think After School's Gahi looks like her by their jaw line and smiles

  7. WOW!! Miss Angela you are so cool. BRAVO

  8. I guess this ain't something new, but I always had a hard time differentiating Jun Ji Hyeon and Park Han Byul. Although, I'd very much prefer the latter.

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  10. hii unnie :)
    ahh there's a couple ^^
    yuri, yoona, seohyun from SNSD!!
    i still cant tell them apart hehe!
    or taemin and heechul :o
    like twins, those boys!
    kangin - hongki - TOP :o them as well!
    like woahh! hehe! ~

    keep it up!

  11. oO Interesting Y2C question.

    When Girls' Generation debuted, I had the feeling that Taeyeon looked a little bit like BoA. It was kind of creepy...

    Then of course, Yoona and Yuri look a lil' alike too... Fraternal-twins style, probably?

    I'm not too sure about the boys, cause I don't really remember any 2 guys who look alike. But most of my friends do agree with other comments that HeeChul and TaeMin look somewhat alike...

    What about you, Angie? Does any celebrity look like you? ;D

  12. Just to add on something that I remembered.

    When watching 4Minute's HuH MV, I thought that GaYoon looked a little like Wonder Girls' Ye-Eun from some angles.

  13. Hi Angie,

    For me, it would be Bae Yong Joon and Lee Ji Hoon. Both of them really look alike and I was confused when I first saw Lee Ji Hoon in the drama "Wonderful Life". I though it was Bae Yong Joon at first.

    Michelle aka Michie

  14. Hi Angie :D

    When I first knew SNSD, I get mistaken between Yuri and Seohyun, because they really look alike >_<.

    Also Kangin from Super Junior and Lee HongKi from F.T Island. They look so alike, more alike before Kangin debuted into Suju. xD

    And also Choi MinHwan from F.T Island. He looks a little like Rain, I say the eyes. 8D

    Have a nice day~

    NJ, USA

  15. Hello,

    So this is my first time on here, and this question got me thinking.

    The fist "look-alikes" that came to mind are FTIsland's Lee Hong-ki and mbalq's Mir. Even after looking at so many FTIsland videos, I still mess them up sometimes.

    -Thanks for not just sticking to idol groups on KBS (even though i still love them) because i do agree that there is more to K-pop than just them.

    CA, USA

  16. Hello!!!
    I agree with Yuri and Yoona looking very much alike.
    And I'm not sure if this has been said before but I thought that Rain Bi and 2PM's Junho must be related or something with their cute smiles.
    Thanks and take care!!

  17. Hey Angie
    for some reason I keep getting the groups t-ara and Kara mixed up. It's because of their songs lupin and I go crazy because of you. I just keep getting mixed up on who sings which songs. I'm not really that familiar with the groups so that's why I'm having a hard time.
    -- Stacey from Hawaii, Oahu ^_^

  18. hey angie ,

    ss501 group members was the first to get me confused , i caouldn't tell them apart untill recently , even their names , they all are Kim , and kim hyunjung and kim hyungjun , that was the most confusing for me to remember who's who

    and i think T-Ara'ss Ji Yeon and Kim Tae Hee also looks so much alike,and Wonder Girls Sunye and SNSD's Sunny , even their names looks alike ^^

  19. Hey Angie,
    The k-pop stars that i think look most alike are:
    Joon from MBLAQ looks rly close to Rain (I no who Rain is and who Joon is) but they look rly alike. and Joon is in Rain's company so a bit of irony there

    Daesung and Kim Jong Kook have very very similar eyes. I remember when he was on Family Outing, they would always comapre their eyes and it wuz funny.

    At a distance (not up close) Yuri, Yoona, and Seohyun form SNSD look very much alike, but when you look closer they still look similar, but not as much of a stretch.

    And some others that i find similar are:
    SHINee Taemin and Suju Heechul
    Wonder Girls Sunye and SNSD Jessica
    2NE1 Minji and Big Bang Daesung
    Suju Siwon and Kangta
    2PM Junho and Rain (Bi)
    Suju Kang-in and Big Bang T.O.P
    Suju Kang-in and FT Island Hongki
    FT Island Hongki and Jang Geun Suk
    Lee Jun Ki and Suju Yesung
    Suju Donghae and Kim Jeong Hoon
    Song Ji Hyo and Suju Heechul
    Jung Eui Chul and Suju Kyuhyun
    T-ara Hyomin and SNSD Jessica
    T-ara Jiyeon and Kim Tae Hee
    Ex S.E.S Eugene and Chae Rim
    Fin.K.L Sung Yu Ri and Ex Baby VOX Yoon Eun Hye

    Wow this wuz a rly long list. and it took a long time to compose this. Sry Angie

  20. Hi Angie,
    I think that
    Jung Il Woo look like mini Bae Yong Jun
    Kang Hye Jung & Nam Sang Mi

    newbie from Malaysia

  21. Hm... I think Joo jin mo look like Andy lau

  22. I'll probably get stoned for saying this but I still can't tell most of the DBSK members apart. They all really do look the same to me :(

  23. T-ara Jiyeon and Kim Tae Hee. Both are hot though.

  24. Hi Angie,
    My first time to participate ^_^ well Junho (2pm) and Bi (Rain) do look alike also Hong Ki (F.T.Island) and Mir (MBLAQ) made me get confused who is who :)

  25. Hello Angie!:)

    How are you?Hope you will always in pink of health^^
    As for me, i think there are similiarities between Daesung Big Bang and K.Will interm of their looks and also voice...before this i thought they are same people heee^.^ both of them have powerful voice...that's is why i like both of them hehehe:D

    I always mistaken between Yoona and Yuri SNSD...i don't know why...maybe because their height and maybe looks...

    And always be confused which one is Kim Hyun Joong and Kim Hyung Jun of SS501 if just listen the name...their names sound alike hohoho^^

    Thank You(^^)


  26. I always get confused with Sungmin & Kibum of Super Junior.
    I don't know why.
    If I look at a pic of SuJu, I can point everybody out, but those two are just so...AHH. haha
    everybody else has more distinct features, and I can point them out.
    but, sungmin/kibum O_O haha

  27. Hi Angie,

    I think that MC Mong and Changmin of 2am look really similar.
    Both are really good, but when I first Changmin, I thought MC Mong became a singer.
    MC Mong is my favorite rapper and 2am is my favorite boy band (the only one I like, except for epik high). ^_^

    God Bless,

    Paul T.

  28. Hmmm, i'm really late replying this time round..not like me hehe...

    Uhm, I have to admit I don't really get anybody mixed up, because once I'm introduced to somebody, I can easily remember them for something that is unique to it is pretty hard to get confused >.<

    If I had to pick would probably be Mir and..i think his name is Joon (?)- the one who played the younger version of Rain in 'Ninja Assassin' - from MBLAQ when they first debuted..but it was only for a split second..

    So yeahh, hard question this week!

    Have a good week unnie! ^o^
    Kathryn from Australia

  29. Hi Angie! I saw your question and it intrigues me... However, I don't know a lot of people other that Super Junior, SHINee, and Big Bang in K-pop. I would say, however, and others may smack me around for this, but I had a hard time differentiating between the SuJu members in the beginning. But now I can name them all...

    I do, however, hear a lot that Sungmin-oppa from SuJu looks a lot like G-Dragon and I have taken notice of this in some of his pictures...

    Thank you for the awesome question, unnie! Have a great day!

  30. Annyeonghaseyeo~

    To me, I would definitely think that Seohyun of SNSD and the actress in 'Cinderella Man', Han Eun-jeong, looks similar. Especially when Seohyun had her hair tied in a bun in the Carribean Bay CF with 2PM.

    Besides that, some of the ZE:A members look-a-like. I can't tell them apart, especially Minwoo. I still can't figure out who he is when he sings together with the group... Haha

    Take care. Best regards,

    Cherylxy91 of Singapore :)

  31. Hello~

    When SHINee first debuted, I used to get Kim Jonghyun and Kim Kibum confused. . .

    I still mix up all of the Super Junior members. . .

    Also, he's not from kpop, but I once got J.R. Celski (from the olympics) confused with Mir. I think they look kind of similar! Or else I'm going crazy.

    Just reading through the comments... I didn't know it was possible to get Heechul and Taemin confused. . .

  32. I picked two actresses for my look-a-likes.

    Yoon Eun Hye (Eun-chan from Coffee Prince)


    Park Shin Hye (Go Mi Nam from You're Beautiful).

    I know they play similar characters, but that's not the only reason. Maybe studios pick certain face structures and such when they need an actress to play a girl dressing up as a guy. I find when I see these two in CFs or photos, I have to keep double checking who it is.

  33. Lee joon from mblaq and rain look alike I realize this when I watched their Y mv for the first time.. I thought that when joon was acting that it was rain but then I realized it wasn't but it took me a while

  34. when i first started listening to Super Junior i would always get sungmin, kyuhyun and kibum mixed up

  35. hi~ i think mir (mblaq) and hongki (ft island) look very much alike.

  36. i read all the comment... and none has mentioned
    tablo from epik high n eunhyuk from super junior...
    moon joon young from ZE:A and micky yoochun from TVXQ...
    jung heechul from ZE:A and kim ryeowook from super junior...
    they do look alike...

    i never knew taemin && heechul look so much
    but they do...