Saturday, May 8, 2010

Your Two Cents: Best Music Video???

Hey all! Thanks for all your GREAT answers to this past Y2C~ Got about 5-10% more responses on it so I'm assuming it was a well-received question~^^ this week's question was suggested by a loyal listener...HERMIN!!!

As any k-pop fan would know, k-pop music videos often are like MINI mini-dramas! There's an interesting/funny/sad/tragic/etc. story line to them. Well, this week's Y2C question is:

Which k-pop music video has the BEST storyline or concept?

Lately, a new duo UV has been garnering a lot of interest for their comedic approach to music. In fact, their new music video for their song "No Cool, I'm Sorry" is so cheesy and funny! Haha DJ Young was like, "Angie, you HAVE to watch this!" All the other people in the KBS office were like, "what the hec is that?!" as we were laughing aloud. The lyrics are pretty funny, but some of them make cultural (Korean) references that many international listeners may think, "I don't get it...what's so funny about that?". Just throwing that warning out there! ^^

Check it out:

Alright, answer away and tune into KPI next Sunday to see if your answers were read on air!


  1. I'd have to say either BigBang's "Haru Haru" because I love the story behind the video, or Super Junior's "It's You" because it's such a dynamic video. To me, that is. America doesn't have a music group big enough (where all the dancers are part of the group and not just backup) to create a dance-like video like Super Junior can. So, for me, it's very dynamic and just an amazing video.

  2. Parkbom's "You & I" - The song is beautiful with cute & sad scenes.

    I also agree with Karah, Super Junior's "It's You". Great acting! Like a musical - It's kool how the next singer passes by.

    Oh & DBSK's "Wrong Number" - I love the dancing in parking lot.

  3. Hey Angie, the story MVs that I really like are actually part of a commercial for the Samsung Anycall phone - "두근두근 Tomorrow" series of story MVs.
    I guess those story MVs were the best, especially Ga-In's story MV. Her MV was so touching... *sobs*

    The other one would definitely be Girls' Generation's "Into The New World" MV. That MV was so inspiring.

  4. Hey..listeners and Angie.
    I like SG. Wannabe~Arirang. this is a really great MV. It shows about love,friendship,sacrifice and korean war. the war scene is reminds me of Tae guk gi movie.
    This MV is a bit long,because its also divided be two parts with two different title song. Oh..I like the place setting and storyline. its about the 2 guys were bestfriends that loved the same girl, I'am most like with the ending. when lee bum soo sacrificed himself to save his friend and the ex wife. well thats how true a friend can be! its sad Music video.

  5. I have several 'best MVs' since there are different types.

    1. Best Sad/Drama Video

    Big Bang - 'Haru Haru' and 2AM - 'I Did Wrong' (part 1 and 2)

    As Kathy and Karah mentioned, Haru Haru has a great story. It was one of the first kpop videos that make me cry. It is very passionate. I listed 'I Did Wrong' because it gave me the same feeling Haru Haru did. It's like a mini-drama. And any video that can give the viewer such strong emotions in 5 minutes deserves the attention.

    2. Best filmed MV - Super Junior - 'It's You'. There are not too many videos out there that that are all shot in one take! Beyonce's Single Ladies got attention for that very reason. The 'It's You' video adds great visuals to an already great song.

    3. Best Movie MV - SS501 Solo Collection
    Although it figures songs from all 5 members, the 20 minute MV is amazing. Great acting, heartfelt drama, a high speed car chase, and a great gun fight at the end. It made me wish for it to be a full length movie. SS501 really showed us their passion by putting so much effort and work into this MV.

  6. There's a lot of videos that I like, but I have to say my all time favorite would be "Because I'm a girl" by KISS. I remember my friends and I loved the MV and we even attempted to make our own parody (which didn't turn out that great...HAHA)

    By the way, can I request this song?

    Thanks Angie :)

  7. Felicia, I didn't say it, but I was SO thinking that one too! People who didn't even know about k-pop got turned onto it through that music video!!! ^^
    DEFINITELY gonna play that one this Sunday!!! ^^

    P.S. To everyone else: GREAT responses!! Keep 'em comin~

  8. yes, i am also like kiss ~ because i am a girl. The Mv was so sad and touching. make everyone who watched it, want to cry.
    Hope Angie play it.hehehe..cant wait the sunday!

  9. hi, kim here ~ >.< wehh unnie
    kim sj jewel keke
    has a meaning...
    hehe ^-^
    for me i really like FT Island's MV
    park bom's You & I
    SJ's MVs of course hehe ~
    so lively for the happy ones
    so dramatic and can touch a person for the serious ones >.<

  10. Kathryn from Australia

    hey hey, back again. Wow, this is a tough question to answer keke
    I've gotta say that at the moment i'm really into TVXQ's 'Break Out', its kinda sad knowin it was one of their last MV's but...always keep the faith!
    It's also really cool and freaky and i love that >.<....and of course it ends with JaeJoong, who can't love that?!
    Uhm, i was into 'Happy Bubble' for a while cos' it was jus so cheesy!
    And i lyk any video that has great dancin in it...see SHINee, SJ and DBSK vids for reference jus helps me to learn the steps...except i do get distracted by the guys evry so often...
    The list could go for ages! ^^

    But i'll stop there!

  11. my fav mv is...super junior-bonamana.the choreography was the way they moves + the funky can i request that song??please..^_^.thank you.


  12. my fav mv is...super junior-bonamana.the choreography was the way they moves + the funky can i request that song??please..^_^.thank you.


  13. Hello everyone!:)

    I hope all of you will always in pink of health ya^^

    As for me,i love to watch Haru-haru by Big Bang...the storyline of the MV is so sad...some of my friends cried after watch it...:'(

    Other than that, i like to watch MV of Butterfly from Loveholic OST of movie entitled Take Off.For me it is kind of motivational song...aja aja fighting!(^^)/

    For romantic MV,i would go for K.WILL with his song entitled Present...the MV is so sweet for me!:)

    For fun-cute MV,i choose Rokkugo from Super Junior...the MV is very funny!hehe^.^

  14. Hi Angie,

    I have a few favorites:

    MC the Max's "Jam Shi Man Annyoung"
    I saw it long time ago, but always seem to remember it. It's so sad.

    Kim Bum Soo's "Taste of Separation" 이별의 맛
    I keep watching it on youtube, maybe because I love the song and Kim Bum Soo is AWESOME!!!
    I just don't know what CD it's from T.T

    Park Hyo Shin's "After Love" (the long version)
    Just because PHS says, "Okay, okay. Just tell me, long?" in such a cool way ^_^

    God Bless,

    Paul T.

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