Sunday, May 2, 2010

Weekend Recap: Full of "B's"! Baseball, Babes at Brunch, Bennigans

As I love to get to know all of the listeners, I figured I'd give you all a taste of what I'm about as well through occasional weekend recaps! ^^ If you're not interested, feel free to stop reading here! Haha

Well, this past weekend was a GREAT one. First off, the weather in Korea was ABSOLUTELY beautiful! This past week was really gray with some rain (and present forecasts are saying that we have more rain in store tomorrowㅠㅠㅠ). So a bunch of friends (most of them other fellow English broadcasters in Korea! You may recognize some of them through Arirang TV and Arirang Radio) and I went to a baseball game in Incheon. First off, even if you're not a baseball fan, going to a baseball game in Korea is a BLAST! Koreans are so spirited that it makes cheering so much fun...and intense! We also reserved this BBQ table area where we grilled some samgyeopsal (basically Korean style grilled bacon), ate some chicken, and had a few beers.

Here's the whole gang! We had a few foreigner visitors as well!

You see those red inflatable thingies? You beat two of them together while cheering! As you can tell, we were supporting LG Twins! *sigh*...I love one of the players: #53 Lee Dae-hyeong!

One more *sigh*...Okay I'm done. ^^;;
Well, that was Saturday. Sunday, me and a bunch of my gal pals meet for a monthly brunch session. Again, a lot of them are in the broadcasting business. As an expat in Korea, because I don't have any childhood or school friends, they're all people I meet at work. In fact, a large part of the brunch time is spent venting ABOUT work! Don't get me wrong, we all love our jobs, but doesn't change the fact that we love to just jibber-jabber about anything and everything! One of the best parts of our "Babes at Brunch" (thought up by DJ Dorothy from Arirang Radio's "Evening Groove" program! Haha) gatherings is that we like to try out new restaurants. We all LOOOOVE food and all have raging sweet tooths. Hence, our May spot was perfect. It's called "Passion5" in a foreigner friendly spot "Itaewon".

I ordered the Eggs Benedict. Was pretty good, but portions were tiny! I guess it was okay though because we stuffed ourselves with dessert!

Although I have to defend myself in saying that those aren't all mine! We just put them all on one plate (there were like 10-12 of us so that's just half of the group's!)

If you're an avid K-pop fan, chances are you know VJ or DJ Isak! She's the host of Arirang Radio's "Midday Break" program and Arirang TV's "Pops in Seoul" show. Not to mention, she used to also be part of the k-pop duo "Isak N Jiyeon". We're both kind of twitter junkies so we caught each other tweeting, laughed, then decided to take a picture and post it up! ^^

After brunch, some of us went to church. It was a HUGE group including some total k-pop VETERANS (such as Kim Jo-han of the 90's group Solid), some not AS seasoned but still very experienced (such as Brian Joo of Fly to the Sky), all the way to the industry newbies (such as Peter and Chance of One Way). We then all went to Bennigans for dinner where a few others met up with us (including Park Ji-bin, the child actor who played Geum Kang-san/Jandi's younger brother on the hit drama "Boys Over Flowers"). I wish I took pictures of our dinner too, but we were all too excited about the food! Haha

I kind of cheated. I stole this picture from Brian! This was post-dinner~ Jibin's such a cutie pie! He lost a lot of baby fat since he was in "Boys Over Flowers".

ANYWAYS, I'm back at home, blogging before I prepare some stuff for this brand new week of work! Overall, must say it was a great weekend! ^^ Hope you all had a GREAT weekend too!!!


  1. Hi Angie!

    WOW! What a Day!! It must've been so fun.

    Isak, she's cute. Once you played a song from her and it was nice. Invite her as a guest in a Star Chat interview for KPI. Well former singer can be a guest in Star Chat, right? She speaks English and it'll be fun.

    Park Ji-Bin, he's so talented. I like his acting. One of my favourite cild (now young man) actors. He was great in Isan. He's going to be TOP in the future. (Not that TOP, TOP Actor) LOL

    Good Luck


  2. yupz I am agree with Hmyn advice. Hope Isak could be Next guest at starchat. I really love all of Her song at Group Isak jiyeon especially Tell me baby.
    Wanna hear Isak sing that song live on kbs world radio. angie..always Keep healthy..

  3. Hi Angie!

    It's definitely a fun-fill day for YOU!

    Oh my, that's Brian(FTTS) & cutie Park Ji-Bin! Lucky YOU! :))

    Thanks you for your wonderful programmes. Take care loads!

    With love,
    Cynthia (Singapore)

  4. Hello Angie dearie!^^

    Can i comment on it eventhough it kinda late?heee^^
    Wow!Your weekend was very fun!(^^)/

    All your activities were fun!The most fun is about your brunch...because it about food and hang out with friends eating that moments!:D

    Wish you will have fun weekend always ya:)

    Lots of love,

  5. ooo..Brian joo! so cute in the pic! hehe