Sunday, May 2, 2010

Your Two Cents: If you could be a k-pop star, which group would you want to be a member of???

Time for another BRAND SPANKIN' NEW Y2C question!!!

So I thought we'd take a lighter approach this week. Regardless of what your career aspirations are, I'm sure MOST of us have dreamt or imagined what it would be like to be a celebrity/super star at least ONCE in our lives! If you could be a member of ANY k-pop group out there (whether they're older groups that have since disbanded or current groups that are hot right now), which group would you want to be in?? And more importantly, WHY?! Perhaps because they're most popular with the members of the opposite sex? ;) Perhaps, their style of music is the style that you like? Perhaps they're not even THAT talented, but they have GREAT style? Whatever the reason is, tell me tell me!

As always, I will try to read out as many of your answers on next week's KPI! I LOVE LOVE LOVE hearing all of your various responses and reasonings!

Answer away!


  1. Hi

    since i'm a girl i would like to be a member of afterschool or t-ara...but if i'm a boy i really2x want to join super junior...^_^...huh if only i could..hehehe


  2. hi, kim here ~
    well i really wouldnt mind being in Super Junior...hehe even if im a girl keke ~
    i just love their music, style and dance moves
    and of course the boys themselves hehe ~
    >.< but if its a girl group...hmm maybe 2NE1
    :) same reasons hehe ~

    kim ~ australia

  3. oO I'd really love to be a part of Girls' Generation, but pity I'm a boy so I think 2AM would be good for me too. ;D



  4. Hi guys..
    I really want to be a member of DAVICHI (davich). I have 3 reasons to choose this group.
    1. They are very talented and impressive with powerful vocals quality.
    2. They only consist of 2 members. You know, a group usually has a lot of members but sometimes only 1 or 2 members are the most popular and memorable by many people.
    I want to be famous,so I'd rather join with kpop group who have few members :) hehehe..!.
    3. honestly, I can not dance..I prefer ballad song.
    Anyway, Korean industry music has too much kpop star who has dance skill. so I think, kpop group ballad are suitable for me!.
    And you know, If i could be a part of them, i will use my korean name"HAN MIN". HAHAHA..JUST MY IMAGINATION..!

  5. hi angie..i wanna give advice to Y2C question for NEXT WEEK.
    Its about music video of kpop!
    Which Kpop song do u think has the best story in the MV (music video) ?
    because I like watched kpop mv which has dramatic story..perhaps its sad or happy story. funny or romantic..story!
    ~ Hermin Sky a.k.a Han Min :) hohoho..

    Even though Im a girl I would still want to be in that group. The members would take care of me and always make me happy! :) although they are going through a tough time, they are still keeping their faith! DBSK has a lot of courage and thinks of everyone else before themselves. Which is very sweet :D they are very popular around the ENTIRE world! I also love each memebers personality and I would get along with each of them! Which is why I want to be in DBSK! :D

    Manila, Philippines

  7. Hmm...this is tough. If I was to be in any group I would have to say 2NE1. I love their fashion (even though it can get a little out of the ordinary and bizarre), but it's different compared to the other girl groups out there (which all have the same type of outfit). Each member has their own outfit to bring out their style (for example,Park Bom and her skirts/shorts). I also really like their music...they have great rap skills and the vocals are just AMAZING. They are really down to earth girls who just wanna go out there do what they do best and have fun. I would definitely love to be part of that team.

  8. KARA :)
    Btw, the Hebrew word 'Qarah' means right place right time. :))
    I guess their group name is really apt, to bring them to the right place at the right time such that they are experiencing such great success today. :)

  9. Hey Angie!

    I think I'd choose either 8eight or After School. 8eight because I love the idea of a mixed group, I think the way their voices blend makes the music that much more awesome. And After School because I just love the POWER that they have in their performances!

    Jenny from Hawaii

  10. Hey Angie,

    I'd love to be a part of Girls Generation or Super Junior. (that's if i'm a boy)

    They are both good in singing, dancing (I want to learn all that) and most importantly they are funny and treats everyone as a family. Love their friendship.

    Michelle from Malaysia

  11. Heya Angie,
    New poster here, my friend kimsjjewel linked me up hehe.
    Wow, this is a very hard question, perhaps if there was one super group all together i would join LOL.
    If I had to narrow it down though then most likely:
    Super Junior OR DBSK: if i had to choose a boy group, cos id love to be part of a family like that and show off my dancing skills.
    SoNyeoShiDae OR 2NE1: if i had to choose a girl group, cos on the one hand you've got the family girls SNSD and then you've got the awesome girls 2NE1.
    It would be great to be a part of any of these, standing up for the white people who appreciate the Asian music!
    Kathryn - Australia

  12. Hey Angie!
    I see many people say Super Junior ^^ That would be a fun band to be In! But If I could be in any K-pop band I would like to be In F(x)! They have a cool style and catchy music. Their comeback Is soon! (If I remember correctly) ^^

    Brittany from Texas <3

    even if I am a girl I daydream about bein a dbsk member lol I mean they have jaejoong so cmon I have to chose them

  14. 2ne1! I love their style of music and fashion-fun & sexy.

  15. Hi Angie!

    What a happy two cents question for all of us!

    I believe not only me, but almost ALL Kpop fans had always been dreaming to be part of their favourite boy/girl group!

    For me, regardless of whether i'm a guy or girl (i'm a girl), i will definitely choose SUPER JUNIOR! I can see that Super Junior is one of the popular choices.

    Basically Super Junior consists of 13 charming guys with different personalities! They are fun, cute, charming and brotherly! How i wish we can sing, dance, eat, joke & live together!

    Thks Angie.

    Cynthia (Singapore)

  16. I LOVE TO DANCE!!! And I've always wanted to be professionally trained as a dancer to get better (unfortunately, living in a small city, I never got that opportunity).

    Some of the best dance/idol groups are male groups. Therefore, if I had to choose a girl group to be a part of, it would be either 4minute or T-ara!

    They are a perfect mix of beauty, music, singing, and dancing.

  17. Hello!~ Hoping that you and others having a great day.

    hmm... i wished to be in the f(x) group. Their dance are pretty neat.Plus their dressing style is somehow cool.
    Or maybe the Super junior.
    Loves to learn dance steps like Eunhyukie, or Shindong.
    This group really2 captured people's attention lately since the beginning of Sorry Sorry era. :)

  18. I'm a girl, but I want to be a member of DBSK because I want to be surrounded by good looking guys. LOL!

  19. Hi Angie dearie!(^^)/

    Oh my god!I love this question hehehe^^

    If i was given a chance, i would like to be one of Big Bang's members!!!It is definitely because Big Bang is my favourite Kpop ever!^.^ For me,each of them has their own speciality and charismatic.Therefore,all that make Big Bang has its own standard.Plus,Daesung is there kekeke^^
    Big Bang fighting!^^