Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Next Star Chat!!!

Wow... This has got to be some kind of record! We have Star Chats on two BACK TO BACK KPI's!!! Not even a week has passed since our last Star Chat with SECRET, but we already have another Star Chat for this upcoming KPI.

For some of our AVID listeners (by the way, let me take the time to send plenty of <3<3<3 your way...LOVE YOU GUYS!), if you've been keeping up with my twitter or DJ Young's twitter, you may already have a clue on who our next guest(s) will be. BUT, like always, I do have hints for you all...

1. They've got more testosterone than estrogen.
2. They sing about the same thing as our LAST Star Chat guests.
3. They can speak ENGLISH!!!! (Finally!!! I can put my horrendous interpreting skills aside for this one!)

I think I already gave it away, but GUESS AWAY regardless!

If you have any ideas for questions, post those up as well! I will take them into consideration for the interview. ^^


  1. Dynamic Duo
    Epik High

    Ehh I don't know :D Lol at least we have guests!!

    PLAY DBSK, BIG BANG, SS501, B2ST, and C.N BLUE SONGS pleaseee :D

  2. Hi Angie,

    Not too sure about the answers but is it "Oneway"?

    Michelle Lim

  3. It's definitly Oneway. Heard them on DJ Young's show last night on Arirang.
    Max from Chicago

  4. HAHA when I read the part about "more testosterone than estrogen" I got excited :P

    I'll have to guess it's ONEWAY! since they've been mentioned a couple of times this past week on both you and DJ Young's twitter and on top of that they speak excellent ENGLISH <3 WHOOHOO~!

  5. Humm..who is that?
    I guess,perhaps they are ONeWay or Maybe WINTERPLAY..! hohoho..I hope, one day Kbs will invite WINTERPLAY on starchat.Really want it because I am fan of JAZZ MUSIC..! So i want starchat often attend kpop singer or group from diverse music genres..such as rock and jazz. all i know..kbs more often interviewed kpop hiphop, RnB, pop and throt hehehe..

  6. It has to be OneWay! Like Felicia said, DJ Young and you have posted on Twitter several times about OneWay, or members of the group for a few weeks now. If it's not them, I will be surprised. Especially since you were you seeing them today as well. ^_^.

    I hope the interview is a success and I'll be tuning in for sure this Sunday.

    Keep up the good work Angie!

  7. its oneway....rite??? coz i remembered that dj young mentioned bout them in twitter.