Sunday, May 23, 2010

Get your FREE KBS OST Compilation CD!!!!

Hey all!
So if you tuned into KPC this week, you probably heard me and DJ Young annouce the Y2C (Your Two Cents) question last week ("What is your favorite OST song from a k-drama or Korean movie?"). Our producer Sophia has so generously offered to give out FREE KBS Drama OST Compilation CDs to EVERYONE who answered the question! I didn't really post it up on my blog and go out of my way to tell everyone about it, because I wanted the loyal few that answer every week or the loyal bunch that tune into KPI everyday to be rewarded! ^^

So, I remember everyone who answered (it's up to the 29th commentor on the blog) before the deadline (today). So if that's you, email me your name and mailing address to That way we can get those CDs shipped out to you!

Thanks for participating! ^^ SEE! It PAYS to listen to KBS World Radio~ :P


  1. Hi Angie,
    I came back to Japan after my hapiness trip to Dream Concert 2010.
    I have very stories about my trip!!!
    And I went to the KBS to see you, but saturday is holiday. And I tried the japanese service but because had a misunderstanded, I can"t had a meeting with a japanese staffer. I take very photos include Oh Eun Sun who be the 1st woman to climb 14 montains in Himalaia!!! Very interesting. This was my 2nd visit in KBS and very programs I know very well!!!
    Was very happy my trip and my Dream Concert 2010 and I will going to Korea many times!!!
    Thanks to read my message!!!

    Marc Fukamizu, from Hamamatsu, Japan

  2. Hello Angie

    It's me, Cynthia from Singapore!
    Thanks you & producer Sophia for the free OST Compilation CD! When i first saw this post, i quickly ask myself if i did commented on last week Y2C. And, YES, I did! I'm so duper happy!

    I agree with you, it paid listening to KBS World Radio! Interesting programs, friendly & awesome DJs, kind producers and free CD!!! HAHA!

    I've sent you my mailing address to your email.


    Cynthia [Singapore]

  3. Wow..Its great..idea, to give the CD to listeners.
    Humm..I really want it, but last year I have received Cd ost compilation from kbs indonesian section.
    may I get it again ? hehehe.., I think I wanna give the chance to the others listeners. I want they feel happy.

  4. Wow, I can't believe that I will receive a free KBS Drama OST Compilation CD. Thank you so much and producer Sophia for the free CD.

    Martin (The Netherlands)

  5. At first I thought you said one person would win a CD and then the next day you guys said everyone would get one! Lets just say my day got an immediate pick me up that day! To DJ Young, Angie and Sophia 감사합니다! E-mail sent.

    Max from Chicago

  6. Hi Angie. I really want to thank you, DJ Young and Sophia for giving out these CDs. Really looking forward to getting the CD. I'll keep listening to KPI everyday.

    화이팅 and take care ;D

  7. Aloha Angie,

    First of all, Thanks to you, Dj Young and producer Sophia for giving us this opportunity to Win CDs which some of us can't get it in our country or the place that we live in. Really appreciate the love that you guys have given us. I already emailed you my address earlier so will be looking forward to it.

    God Bless you all and Stay Healthy!!

    Mahalo and Kamsahamnida.. In Malay : Terima Kasih!


  8. Hi there,
    Many thanks for your generous gesture! You really know how to keep your fans happy. Please convey my gratitude to Sophia and KBS World Radio for making my day.
    BTW, like the pic of the postbox. What's that plant with the orange flower beneath it?

  9. annyeong unnie
    may thanks to Sophia for her generosity. KBS World Radio for making my days :)
    And of course yourself & DJ Young just for letting us have these opportunities to listen to kpop and have some kind of understanding and have more appreciation for it :)
    I have sent my mailing address and my friend is also using it for some personal issues as she's explained in her email. I hope you understand.

    Thanks again.
    Kim Valerio ~

  10. Hi Angie, It's me again. Please do pass our Gratitute and Thanks to Sophia. She's the Best!!


  11. Thanks DJ Young & Angie


  12. Thanks to all of y'all ^^

  13. wow really ?? you're so generous :D

  14. I missed out this golden opportunity...i'm so sad..:'(

    To all the winners,congratulations!I'm very happy to all of you:D