Thursday, May 13, 2010

Next Star Chat is....

Guess what kpoppers?!
We have another STAR CHAT session lined up for this week's K-Pop Interactive (KPI) show on KBS World Radio! So that would be this Sunday May 16th KST.

Like always, I'm going to try to keep the suspense on who it is, BUT I will give you guys THREE hints.

1. NOT an idol group (sorry ladies! haha)
2. Debuted through a hit reality show in Korea.
3. HIS first single really called out to his listeners.

Guess away!!!! And don't forget to tune in for KPI this week.
For more info: (click on "Entertainment")


  1. Hey Angie!

    Hmmm.. I know!

    It has to be Seo In-gook!!! Winner of Mnet show SuperStar K!

    His debut song was titled "Calling You".

  2. Yeah..surely, he is Seo in Gook.
    I'm pretty sure 100%.
    Yesterday, i was just listening his song~Calling Out~
    Ohh..hahaha..I think, calling out is the answer of Clue no.3.hehehe..
    I'm so delightful..Angie.
    Kbs can invite him at starchat.
    hope, the interview will success.
    Thanks ..kbs saranghaeyo

  3. yeah def. has to be seo in gook <333 love him and his eye smile haha

  4. I agree it's Seo In-Gook!