Saturday, May 22, 2010

Your Two Cents: Ideal Guy/Gal in Kpop???

There's a phrase in Korean: "Ee-sang-hyeong" or "이상형". When celebrities come in for interviews variety programs, you'll often hear the interviewer/host ask the question of "Who's your ee-sang-hyung?" or basically, "Who's you ideal girl or guy?".

To be honest, the answers are always the same. For men, some common answers are Kim Taehee, Han Yeseul, and Lee Hyori.

For the women, they often answer with people like Jang Donggun, Jung Woosung, or Rain.

Well, here's the Your Two Cents question of the week:
Who's YOUR ee-sang-hyung or ideal girl/guy from the world of Kpop???

It can be a singer, actor, comedian, MC, whoever! Don't forget to include WHY! You can be honest so if it's only because they're hot, say "because they're hot!". =) More specific your reasoning the better (for example, "because they're hot" can be narrowed down by saying "because i love how they eyes crinkle up when they smile" ...or called "noon ooh-seum" in Korean for "eye smile").

Answer away and tune in for next week's KPI on KBS World Radio to see if your answers are read!!


  1. hehe one guy always come to mind
    Lee Hyuk Jae of Super Junior
    he's hot, cute and handsome!
    he can sing, dance, rap and act!
    a total package! hehe ~
    or may it's his gummy dorky smile
    his dorky laugh! hehe ~ ahh unnie
    too hard keke ~ if only i could meet him
    then i'll be able to say what he's like in person hehe ~ ahh one day i will see this
    gummy smile and beautiful eyes of his that i fell in love with >.<!

    Kim Valerio
    kim SJ jewel

    he's my jewel keke ~

    thank you, take care

  2. Donghae of SUPER JUNIOR ! ^^
    He is cute, sweet and i love his smile ! ^^
    Even though he is not the best singer nor the best dance in suju, however i just LOVE HIM ! ^^ Donghae and super junior HWAITING ! ^^

    Yuki Izawa

    Thanks ^^

  3. The first guy that immediately springs to mind for me is bascially..well, my first and forever K-pop love..

    Lee Donghae of Super Junior!

    While it is the good looks that helped me fall for him each and every time, it is also his singing voice that just melts me..i think his solo 'My Beautiful' just gets stuck on repeat every so often! >.<
    His dancing skills also just make my jaw drop continuously and they inspire to work on my own...
    Uhm, wow the list of points I like about this guy could go forever.
    Freaky point however is me and my unnie - kimsjjewel - well, we are incredibly close..and we are practically like EunHae >.< It's funny to me.

    I'd just like to say this in person one day and point out how much he inspires me too :).
    I will admit that closely behind him is JaeJoong of DBSK (oh wow!) and TaeMin of SHINee (my age!)

    Thanks for this question, I love it!!
    Kathryn from Australia :)

  4. Hi Angie

    I'm so greedy because i have so many ideal guys in mind! Haha! But i will have to be honest and choose only ONE!

    I see many commentor choosing Donghae & Eunhyuk from Super Junior as their ideal. And YES, they are all so wonderful, close to 100%!

    My ideal will be Leeteuk, leader of Super Junior! Basically Leetuek gives me a feel of a 'family guy'. He's really a great guy! He cry for Super Junior when there's controversy, he always protect Super Junior members. Leetuek also do his best in everything(singing, dancing, hosting) for his fans and uphold the image of 'best idol leader'.

    Leetuek's smile is a killer!
    A combination of good-look and nice character! Leetuek saranghae!

    Thanks Angie!

    Cynthia [Singapore]

  5. Hi, Angie. Nice to see you on the blog again.

    Frankly, if you are talking about a life-long partner, I think my ideal woman would definitely be Seohyun of Girls' Generation. She's such a sweet and caring girl. Plus, I watched "We Got Married" and she seems to be a very dutiful wife to Yong Hwa, so yeah.

  6. Annyeong..DJ ?
    my ideal guys are Bae Young jun and Choi hyun joon of V.O.S.
    I like the shape of their body. their smile..always remind me with my 1st love. They are good looking and charming.
    And most importantly they always wear the glasses, honestly I am very admire a guy who wear the glasses. thats why I really like him.
    I think Its looks like a smart boy.
    Their expression face is sexy

  7. Sticking with the Super Junior theme I would say... Man I'm stuck between Ryeowook and Eunhyuk! Two completly different personalities

    I like Ryeowook because he's cute and has a good personality. Even thought he's not on many variety shows and doesn't do much on them he seems to catch my eye even on the Chinese shows ^^ He composes music and his voice is amazing! He Isn't one of the better dancers but he tries his best and Is very fierce dispite his timidness :D

    I like Eunhyuk for his cute smile and funny personallity ^^ He's on many variety shows and Is verry funy and he's also a good MC ^^ I like all of his raps, his dancing seems to get even more amazing as he becomes more popular. He helps choreograph Super Junior's dances. I love how he can be so funny and gooffy and then bamb serious when he dances :D

    Brittany from Texas <3

  8. Well I don't want to be like everyone else but I have to tell the truth. Eunhyuk <3
    I don't really know why but he's really funny and he loves to laugh and make jokes but he still cares so much about his members and will be really serious when he talks about how he loves them and how they are like family. I also love the way he dances and how he doesn't think of himself of a great dancer and think there so many people out there better than him and that he can still improve. He's the first star that I ever really fell for. Even if it might be a
    fan girl crush. I really hope he keeps his great
    personality forever. Eunhyuk saranghae.....
    --Stacey from Hawaii, Oahu

  9. I agree with Cynthia I'm greedy too! lol

    But my ee-sang-hyung would have to be Ye Eun from the Wondergirls. She is very beautiful inside and out. I love the little dimples she gets when she smiles. She also seems fun but reserved at the same time. I like that she is a very religious person too, not afraid to always talk about it. I also think she would make a fantastic wife and mother one day. And she likes to eat but doesn't like to cook and I happen to be a great cook! lol

    Then next in line are Nicole(Kara)-quirky personality also the one K-Pop star that can always make me laugh; and Tiffany(SNSD)-she is very beautiful and I love her noon ooh-seum!

    Last but not least there is a certain girl by the name of "Angie" I can think of. She is very funny and has a great personality. She also has one of the best smiles. And DJ Young is right you do look fantastic. Girls NEED curve on them! lol

    I would also like to request the song "Saying I love you" by the Wondergirls and dedicate it to all of our ee-sang-hyung. Cause I know we all want to say it to them!

    Max from Chicago

  10. I think I have to nominate my kpop bff for this one, Kim Heechul.

    I have a feeling we could totally be best friends if we were to meet, he's really the ideal guy for someone like me! One can never really date their ideal guy so I think just being bff would be good.

    He seems to be the shy snarky type and those are the best to hang out with. They'll tell you when those pants make your butt look big, they'll listen to you whining about insignificant things and they'll tell you to get over it.

    End of story is, I don't think anyone in kpop can possibly beat Heechul. (and he totally covers both my boy AND girl crushes)

  11. wow, reading all the comments above I noticed that a lot of the listeners who have a SUJU member as their ideal guy :)

    This is a tough question cause I can name a range of guys that can be concerned ideal (appeal wise anyways). I have to say my current ideal type would definitely be Taecyeon of 2PM. He's tall, dark and built :) After watching the new CABI MV with SNSD, I was totally astonished with how great he looks.

    But if I was to name my all time ideal guy it would have to go out to Lee Minwoo from Shinhwa (awwh I miss them now) He was the first one that got me so into KPOP. He`s hilarious with his goofiness and of course he can be very aegyo which definitely melts a woman`s heart :)
    HAHA Totally opposite of my current ideal type...but I love them both ;)

  12. Hi Angie...

    My ideal guys Yesung SUJU, I like his smile and his vocal...

    yesung oppa,, i love you.....

  13. Hmmm. This is a toughie. I have a total crush on Mithra Jin from Epik High (totally inappropriate since I am older). He just reminds me of a cuddly teddy bear and his voice is beyond smooth.

    More appropriate for my age is most definitely Go Soo. I just love his soulful eyes...and his rockin' body doesn't hurt either. LOL.

  14. LOL! Another head scratcher! Okay, I fangirl ALL THE TIME about k-pop guys, but I wouldn’t call them my “ideal guy” (unless you could combine all the members of Beast LOL), but I narrowed it down to two men I completely love and would proudly call my ideal type.

    #1) Oh Ji Ho. Of course because he’s gorgeous! He’s tall, muscular and has a beautiful smile (I mean when he smiles and his small eyes disappear and his dimples pop out it’s just too cute). But most importantly, he never gives off this “playboy” feel. He seems really sweet, kind of reserved and honest and I really like that. Plus he's older than me so Yay!

    #2) Lee Dong Gun. LOL Kind of the polar opposite, but still gorgeous. He’s fairly tall, moderately muscular and doesn’t have 100% perfect teeth, but still has a beautiful smile (with dimples as well). He DOES give off this cool, confident (almost arrogant) vibe, but he’s also pretty funny and likes to joke and laugh which is really important. Plus he's ALSO my oppa so Yay again!

    LOL! Why do I sound like I’m selecting candidates for a blind date!! ROFL!


    Kim Shaw
    Lorton, VA USA

  15. ouuuuuuuuu! another great question!!!
    Hi Angie

    I would have to say that my ideal guy would be Sungmin of Super Junior. He is just so unbelievable adorable. I die everytime I look at him or hear him. Although he doesn't stand out as much as some other members in suju, he is still my favourite. He sings, dances, do musicals, martial arts...he's just perfect!! >.< ohhh and i also died when on one of the episodes of Oppa Band he talked about his "ideal marriaged morning"

    Even when I show my friends a whole lot of pictures of my favoutire kpop idols (even some of my teachers...) they also think that Sungmin is the cutest and has the best features

    oh wow i feel like im writing an essay but i cant stop typing!!!

    well, in conclusion my ideal guy is SUNGMIN

    but coming in close would by Ryeowook and Leeteuk also of Super Junior

    again, all the best
    ~ ~Canada~ ~

  16. Hi Angie! Hope you did enjoy your weekend!~ I know I did, becuase I had a long weekend. Victoria's Day! =D
    As for the question, I would say Eunhyuk from super junior is my ideal guy. He is really good at dancing, rapping, and he is really funny. especially in a show called "Full House".
    Eunhyuk tried to speak English:
    Eunhyuk: You love me? Um marry me?
    Foreign guest: I’m kinda young…
    Eunhyuk: Ok…

    Eunhyuk: My hobby is study…Englishee study.
    Lee Teuk: Englishee study? Reeree? Oh surprizeu!
    Eunhyuk: I like Englishee.
    Lee Teuk: You like English? Oh me chuu.

    Kangin: Do you trust me?
    Eunhyuk: Um, no!
    Kangin: Do you have money?
    Eunhyuk: Money? Who are you?!

    Hey! Yo! What’s up! Hey! Yo man!

    Teuk: yeah nice to meet you Krystal, im fine thank you and you im ok. Yo peace uh.
    uh uh uh Krystal? I’m crystal! I’m Jewel Guy
    Yeah im Jewel Guy
    Hyuk: You and me, same same, same same. Oh yeah yo man

    and there are a lot more! haha~
    Eunhyuk has such a cute smile, and to me, he shines like a bright star! All suju members after come-back seems different,Eunhyuk especially. Eunhyuk is sooooo handsome in Bonamana MV! Even though he seenms really tough and stuff, he still has a caring heart. ekk!!!
    I love his smile, dance, rap, joks, funnyness.I simpilly love his EVERYTHING!!!
    Wow...I wrote so much...haha
    take care Angie! love you!

  17. Hello!!!
    This is my first comment on one of these two cent questions. I recently discovered your radio show and love it!! Keep up the great work!!
    I would have to say that Kwon Sang-woo who played Kim Ji-hoon in the movie My Tutor Friend is my ideal man. I find those tough-on-the-outside-but-caring-on-the-inside guys to be really funny and adorable. Plus I like his large eyebrows and that he rides an awesome-looking motorcycle. Yet along with these super junior comments I'm also leaning toward Yesung of Super junior since he is such a creep! - sneaking into the other member's rooms at night and touching their philtrums. It's so funny. So I think my ideal man would be Kwon Sang-woo with a little bit of Yesung. As long as he's ridiculously funny.
    Thank you! And take care!

  18. Hello! I have just discovered your blog. My ideal guy would be...SS501 members...Well that would be 5 ideal guys.jajaja. Seriously my ideal guy would be SS501's leader: Kim Hyun Joong. Why? Well, I admire his determination, his 4D mind, he is always giving his best and it seems that nothing will stop him from achieving his goals. He also has a lovely smile but is his character which I find attractive.
    May I ask who is your ideal guy?
    love you! take care!

  19. Annyonhaseyeo~ This is my first time answering 'Your Two Cents' question though I've listened to KBS Radio every single day hehe. It's an interesting segment of the show I must say. Anyways, I would choose G-Dragon oppa as my ideal guy from the K-pop Kingdom. The reason? He's very talented, especially with his song writing skills. With the release of his Heartbreaker album really set the records straight! Besides, his sense of fashion is superbly amazing. It's something quite simple but turns out to be fashionable and unique~ But the main side would be his jolly personality. He would definitely cheer me up every single day :) Really love his aura around people. Though he seems a little mysterious at first but he would somehow be the light of the party next!

    I hope you would read out my answer, gamsahamnida :3

  20. Hi Angie,
    I remember you talking about Lee Byung-hun (Still not sure how to spell his name!) and I couldn't agree more about the horse teeth. If he kept his mouth closed all the time, I guess he'd come close to my ideal in terms of looks.

    But then if he didn't open his mouth, I wouldn't be able to hear his voice and that's something I've liked about him eversince I saw him in JSA. Talk about a dilemma! Seriously though he's been off my radar for some time. No one really that gets me drooling. How sad. Ha2.

    BTW, managed to catch a later repeat of your KPI show. Didn't win the monthly CD Draw as you said but got something instead for the quarterly quiz.

  21. Hey Angie!

    Omg.. There are so many kpop artists that are my type, but to choose one I would pick TaeYang!!!!

    He has the hot body and nice moves.. I love his smile!

    Kathy Xiong from CA, USA

  22. Hi Angie! :D

    There are so many guys to choose out there, but my ideal guy would be...Lee Hong Ki from F.T Island!~ <33 I first discovered him from watching the awesome drama "You're Beautiful." I realized how happy and cheerful his character and personality can be and I fell in love with him, especially his charismatic smile!

    I checked out the band he was in called F.T Island and I listen to the songs "Bad Woman", "Love Sick" and "I Hope (Barae)", and his voice...was just breathtaking and amazing. Everytime I hear him sing, it was like heaven and I would get the chills and goosebumps... Haha :)
    Lee Hong Ki Hwaiting! ~

    Thanks!! ^_^
    Have a nice day and take care!

    ~Ching from New Jersey, USA ;]

  23. Hi Angie,

    For me, I would choose Lee Dong Hae of Super Junior. I love his sweet smile and charming eyes.


  24. Hi Angie,

    For me it would have to be Sunny from SNSD. She's so hot and love the little cute things she does.she would also be a good girl to bring home to meet the parents.hahaha :D

    MN, USA

  25. Hi Angie. This is a great question, but it's also hard to explain. LOL.

    For many others in this list, my ideal Kpop Guy is a Super Junior member; specifically - Lee Donghae.

    The main reason why I like Donghae is because he is a superb dancer! I LOVE to dance myself. It is what I do for fun and always try to get better. I am nowhere near the talent of Kpop idols, but I am definitely attracted to guys that can dance well. I want to be with someone that wants to dance and can teach me. I think this is why I also like Yunho (DBSK) and Hyun Joong (SS501).

    However, dancing is what attracted me to Donghae (well...and his amazingly good looks...LOL), but his personality towards kids really stuck with me.

    I saw a show called Adonis Camp, where several SJ members took care of kids. It was amazing to see such young men playing and caring for kids. We saw how they all would make great fathers. I was always the type that wasn't sure about having kids because of the lifestyle I thought I wanted for myself. But listening to Donghae speak about watching his son/daughter grow up, being there for them, and being sad when they left home really touched me. It changed my mind about what I wanted for MY future. He made me want to have a family so I could share those emotions and experiences with my future husband. It gave me a completely different perspective.

    I can be a pretty stubborn person at times, so for some random celebrity to affect me like that is amazing. It will always stay with me. And I hope I'm lucky enough to find a guy that is close to what type of person Donghae is, and will be in the future.

    - Nova Scotia, Canada

  26. Haha for me it will be Super Junior-Hankyung! He just has the superb dancing skills,acting skills and singing skills. The main pt that made him most attractive/ideal is that he's a sincere and filial guy!

  27. Marhaba, Angie!
    (Psst...that's "Hello" in Arabic~)
    Hmm... it seems that I am probably a little late for this, but I want to answer it~

    My ideal guy....would have to be Kim Jong Woon (Yesung) from Super Junior.

    He might not show it all the time, but I find him to be very charismatic. His smile is like a ray of sunshine that brightens up your day. He tries so hard to be good at everything he comes across.

    He is hilarious. I laugh at almost everything he does. He doesn't even have to talk; his facial expressions give everything away. I love seeing him on TV, just to see what skills he decides to show off next, because you can tell he's trying really hard, but he's not quite got it yet. It's the little things he does that entertain me.

    He has the most gorgeous voice I have ever heard in my life. It gives me butterflies whenever I hear him sing. It's so distinctive and masculine, I can point him out over anything.

    Not to mention....his fail. Oh gosh, this man has me laughing 24/7. He is such an odd person, but I love him for it. Touching other peoples philtrums, buying turtles, his lame jokes. It's endearing. And it looks like he puts himself at the suspense of all his jokes. His humility for the sake of a few laughs is winsome.

    He has a beautiful profile, and I adore his cheeks. His hair always looks so soft. And his laugh is absolutely charming. He is generous to everyone, and he loves and supports his parents. Even if I never get to meet him, or know him personally, I will always cherish him. In my eyes, he is perfect.

    Memphis, TN, USA

  28. Hi Angie dearie!:)

    Love this question hehehe but don't know why i take such a long time to answer it^^...i always like Daesung Big Bang for his voice and smiley eyes but for this time i choose Tae Yang Big Bang as my ideal is because i heard that he really shy person especially with girls...i find it interesting and attractive hehehe^.^ plus,love to watch him when cool!Tae Yang Fighting!^^


  29. daaaww... kinda old post but i wanted to contribute... so yeah^^ ill just do so^^

    my ideal man has always been suju's kangin.
    though he is not even close to my ideal TYPE actually... he hasnt the best body, hes not a really good dancer... which were always important points to me^^
    but his eyesmile kills me. and im not into quiet guys, so another point for him. and he is funny and i really really like his voice, though one has to get used to it. hes just sooo cuddly and cute, but also really manly. hes a boss.
    thats what i like about him, i think....

    but talking about ideal TYPE i have to choose dbsk's yunho.
    gosh, that boy kills me everytime i see him. his charisma is so sooo mind blowing. his body is exactly me gusta and he can dance like a god and his voice is amazing. (im kinda into ... unique voices, can you tell?^^ haha)

    ~~greets from germany~~~