Sunday, May 16, 2010

Your Two Cents: Best OST song???

Hope you all had a great week last week! I'm so sad the weekend's already wrapping up... ㅠㅠㅠ

However, to be a positive thinker, new week means new start! New start means new projects, challenges, etc. RIGHT?! (Some of you are probably rolling your eyes at me right now... Haha).

Well, one new thing that this week is definitely going to bring is of course another Your Two Cents (aka Y2C) question. As we all know, kpop culture would not be anything without k-dramas. And k-dramas often have the BEST kpop songs. Behind every hit drama is a hit song. The drama wouldn't have had the same power behind it with out that song. So here's your question:

What is your favorite song from a k-drama or Korean movie OST (Official Soundtrack)???

Answer away and be sure to tune in for our next KPI on KBS World Radio to see if your answers are read! ^^


  1. Hi, Angie. Nice Y2C question you have given us this week ;D

    Personally, I like SHINee's "Stand By Me" from the "꽃보다 남자" OST and Taeyeon + Sunny's duet --- "사랑인걸요" from the "맨땅에 헤딩" OST

  2. hi, unnie :)

    ahh >..<!

    have a great week
    ~ Kim Valerio

    kim sj jewel

  3. wehh it didnt work :\

    hi, unnie :)
    that's too hard keke ~
    i personally like
    + stand by me: shinee from BOF OST
    + 나쁜 마음을 먹게해: t-max from BOF OST
    + 너 아니면 안돼: yesung from 신데렐라 언니 OST
    + 여전히: lee hongki from you're beautiful OST
    + 말도 없이: 9th street from you're beautiful OST
    + Lovely Day: 박신혜 from you're beautiful OST

    have a great week
    ~ Kim Valerio

    kim sj jewel

  4. Hi Angie,


    How have you been??

    my favorite song from a k-drama or Korean movie OST (Official Soundtrack) was

    1. If by Taeyeon (SNSD) - Hong Gil Dong OST

    2. It Has to be You by Yesung (Super Junior) - Cinderella Stepsister OST

    3. Steps to Stop by Super Junior K.R.Y - Snow Flower OST

    4. Byul by Kim Ah Jong - 200 Pounds Beauty OST

    5. Perhaps Love by Howl & J - Goong OST


  5. Hahahaha...hahahaa..!
    Annyeong Dj. Angie, I just wanna start my coment with laugh.
    ehm..ehm..I love "SUMMER SCENT OST. My favorite is ~BIMIL (secret) by Jung In Ho.
    Nice music for a romance drama, its very touching the heart.
    I am impressed with the song that start with heartbeat sound. always remind me about all the scenes of that drama. especially when the girl could feel the love through a heart beat. oh..its really magical..but i like it and believe it.
    if u haven't watched it, Lets watch it..hehehe..and listen the song!!

    warm regard to U and all listeners.

  6. Hi Angie!!
    I love listening to k-pop connection!!! i listen to it everynight before going to sleep hehe

    My fav ost are:
    1) Listen to You ~ Kyuhyun ~ Pasta ost
    2) It has to be you ~ Yesung ~ Cinderella'a Sister

    ...not just becasue im a suju fan but these two songs are actually really amazing!!!!! it would be nice if you could play them...hehe

    all the best
    ~ ~Canada~ ~

  7. Hi Angie,

    I like ice cream.
    Some of my Kpop songs from kdramas or kmovies are:

    ~Big Mama's "El dia que me quieras" from "A Moment to Remember." (Lee Ji Young is my fav. ^_^)
    ~Park Hyo Shin's "Noon et goot" from "I'm Sorry I love You."
    ~MC Sniper's song and Im Jae Bum's song from "Chuno" (Just finished watching it with Sophie.)

    Those are just a few, there are many more ^_^

    Take Care and God Bless,

    Paul T.

  8. Hey Angie
    my favorite dram ost it perhaps love by howl and j from the drama goong. My other favorites is give my love from the drama save the last danc for me and Sarang gang gi gi from the drama 2 end 9 outs.

    -- Stacey, from Hawaii,oahu ^__^

  9. Hey Angie! back again!
    Uhmm, hmm, its harder this week cos i havent watched many k-dramas to judge this by...

    Well, either:
    'Stand By Me' by SHINee - Boys Over Flowers OST
    'Because I'm Stupid' by SS501 - Boys Over Flowers OST (i'm pretty sure that's right >.<)

    Mainly because with 'Stand By Me', if there's been a sad part in the show, that song cheers me up right away and 'Because I'm Stupid' just kinda brings a tear to my eye but also gives me this sweet feeling inside.

    I would also list some from SJ K.R.Y cos i am in love with all of their voices (particularly Wookie's ^o^) and the You're Beautiful OST but i don't want to drag my post out and homework is calling!

    Have a great week!
    Kathryn from Australia!

  10. Hi,

    I'm a new listener and 1st time poster. Just wanted to say I really enjoy your show.

    As far as my favorite OST for a drama it would have to by "She Is" by Clazziquai for My Name is Kim Sam Soon. My favorite OST for a film is "Fate" By Lee Sun Hee from The King and the Clown.

    ~Kam (NYC)

  11. Hi Angie

    I'm glad to say that most of the OST are awesome, and they definitely suits the K-Drama!

    Currently I'm into the three big Dramas of 2010:

    KBS- Cinderella's Unnie
    MBC- Personal Taste/Preference
    SBS- Prosecutor Princess

    So i'm really in love with this 3 OST:

    Super Junior's Yesung - It has to be You (Cinderella's Unnie)

    4 Minutes - Creating Love (Personal Taste)

    Monday Kiz- Goodbye my princess (Prosecutor Princess)



    Cynthia [Singapore]

  12. It Has to be You by Yesung (Super Junior) - Cinderella Stepsister OST. I just LOVE Yesung's voice.

  13. Here's a list of OST songs I like:

    1. Wuri's Family OST - "You're The Last One" by Choi Wan Hee
    2. My Lovely Samsoon OST - "She is" by Clazziquai
    3. Stairway to Heaven OST - "Bo Go Ship Da (보고싶다)" by singer Kim Bum Soo
    4. Brilliant Legacy OST - "Crazy In Love" by Jisun and "Love Is Punishment" by K.Will
    5. Iljimae OST - "Hwah Shin (화신)" by Park Hyo Shin
    6. East of Eden OST - "Can You Hear Me" by Lee Seung Chul, "Fate Reverse" by SG Wannabe, "Red Bean" by Davichi (Lee Hae-Ri) and "Crazy Woman" by See Ya (Kim Yeon-Ji), Davichi (Lee Hae-Ri), Lee Jung-Min
    7. IRIS OST - "Don't Forget" by Baek Ji Young, "Dreaming Dream" by Kim Tae Woo, "Love is so" and "Can't you come back" by December
    8. Cain And Abel OST - "Foolish Love" by Choi Hyun Joon (최현준) of V.O.S
    9. Spring Waltz OST - "One love" by Loveholic and "Flower" by 유나
    10. Gourmet OST - "Dream Time" by Tei

  14. Hi Angie,

    i believe the best OST song i have heard so far will be Cinderella Sister OST. The song "It has to be you" by Super Junior-Yesung definitely makes every moment of the show even interesting.With the voice of his, it has brought the sad and emotional feelings in it.Therefore, i will say "It has to be you" is the best OST song!

  15. Hey Angie!

    Gosh, there are sooo MANY!! But, I would say "Because I'm Stupid" from Boys Over Flowers OST. I love the violin melody in the beginning of the song.. It has a sad feeling.

  16. Hi Angie!
    This is the first time writing on your blog. I really LOVE your radio show! it's great!
    For now, the songs I've heard that are great are:
    'Stand By Me' by SHINee - Boys Over Flowers OST
    말도 없이: 9th street from you're beautiful OST
    여전히: lee hongki from you're beautiful OST
    Without A Word (without saying)-Boys over flowers OST!
    by the way, this is HB~Wang from Canada! Hope you'll like the songs!

  17. Hey Angie! Long time no hear huh? Sorry been crazy busy, but I still love you guys and listen to the show (As always). Just wanted to say I’m so happy my friend Kam became a listener and is posting on your blog! Hi Kam! *waves* I totally agree with her suggestions as well, but I’ll make my own post shortly. ^^


    Kim Shaw
    Alexandria, VA

  18. Okay, I got too into this one. It’s a bit tough… if it was best OST period that would be a little easier, but song… hmmm *serious thinking going on here* I would have to say “I Think I” by Byul for the Full House OST. That song always set the tone for the drama and Byul’s voice was perfect to kind of symbolize that love between Song Hye Kyo and Rain’s characters. I also think that with a different song those scenes might not have been as meaningful. There are so many others I love, but I’ll have to go with that one. ^^ Nice question Angie!

    - Kim

    Kim Shaw
    Alexandria, VA USA

  19. I'm not sure if this song is even on the drama's OST CD but it was a song that gave me the most emotional reaction from a drama to date.

    From You're Beautiful, Lee Hongki's character, Jeremy, sang about Mi Nam towards the end of the series. It was titled "Really Good Words". That whole scene made me cry so much. It was so heartbreaking.

    My second favorite was emotional for me because it was so heartwarming (instead of sad). It's from the drama The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry. The song is - 눈물이 별되어 – Morningstar Lily. The two leads were such a wonderful couple and hearing this song just melted my heart. I wanted Kim Bum's character to be as romantic to me, and listening to this song makes me feel that emotion again. The chorus has a strong vocal that captures your heart right away.

    Great Y2C!!

  20. Hi there,
    OSTs I'd covet include:
    * Fashion 70s ( great song from Fly to the Sky, it also featured Bobby Kim but I also loved the instrumental numbers.

    * Beethoven's Virus ( Insooni's great version of Goose's Dream) and all the other inspiring classical pieces which will remind me of Kim Myung Min's superb performance as the Maestro Killer.


  21. Hi Angie. A OST that I like would be
    4minute - Creating Love (Personal Taste) and
    Kara - Lonly (My Mother)

    MN USA

  22. Sorry - I meant Kim Myung-min as the Orchestra Killer!
    BTW, haven't been participating in past couple of Y2C as I don't get the chance to watch MVs (yeah, you're probably wondering which rock I'm living under)and have been super busy.
    Selene, again.

  23. oh wow! There's so many people commenting to this one :)

    I have to say the one that I really really like is from Full house. Byul's, I think I love you.

    There's just something really attractive about the song (her voice perhaps) or maybe because I loved the scenes that played this song in the background.

    My current favorite is by Yesung - It has to be you.

    Canada :)

  24. Hi Angie,

    I would have to say that my favorite OST songs would probably be songs for the drama 'The Sad Love Story.' It's an old drama but the songs are just so nice and soothing. My favorite song from the movie would probably be Da Reun Sarang Man Na Do by SG WannaBe. The songs are great along with the drama.


  25. Hi Angie,

    This selection probably isn't particularly unique, but my favorite OST song is "Be My Love" from "My Lovely Sam Soon" (내 이름은 김삼순). "Sam Soon" was one of the first K-Dramas I ever saw (and still my favorite). Kim Sun Ah was brilliant as Sam Soon and seemed much more real and 3 dimensional than characters in some of the other K-dramas I've seen. The word "spunky" comes to mind.

    Anyway, "Be My Love" sounded so unusual and original to me at the time and I thought it really captured the essence of the drama. I also became a big fan of Clazziquai because of that song. In fact, that OST was probably one of the first K-Pop CD's I bought. Boy, what a long, slippery slope THAT'S been...

    So, there you go. My 2 cents.

    Take care!

    Baltimore, MD, USA

  26. My fave is what I wrote in for the noraebang Y2C. So it still is "A Fool's Love" by Lee Jin Sung. Another one of my faves is "Byul" by Kim Ah Joong. What a coincidence that I like two songs from two different dramas each staring Kim Ah Joong. LOL

    Max from Chicago

    Y2C question for ya. Which K-Pop star would you like see star in a drama that has not previously starred in one?

  27. I don't watch many drama's (I can't find many online with subs... Maybe I'm not looking In the right spot...?) but I do listen to lots of OSTs! Two of my favorite are Because I'm Stupid (Boys over Flowers) and Love Really Hurts (Tazza)

    Brittany from Texas <3

  28. @Brittany:

    Since you live in the USA, you can go to to watch subtitled korean drama's for free

    Too bad the video's are only available for people in the USA, since I live in Europe.

  29. @Martin :D

    Okie Thank you so much! <3

  30. T-ara Ji Yeon in addiction ost.god of study^^