Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Words Behind the Music: Korean or No Korean???

Hi all~
Hope you're having a great week so far. The weather in Korea has just been BEAUTIFUL! Clear, sunny skies...all though the temperatures are starting to get a bit too hot for my liking. Last week's temperatures were like perfect: warm, but not hot.

ANYWAYS, I have a question for you guys regarding KPI's "Words Behind the Music" segment. This is when I translate a Korean song into English for you all. However, before me, DJ Sarah used to just read the translated English version. I started to read the Korean lyrics along with the English as well.

I want to know what you guys prefer. Just reading the English lines or read them with the Korean? I figured reading the Korean part too may make it too it's really up to you guys!

Please let me know! I'll take whatever the majority of our listeners prefer!^^


  1. Hi Angie!

    Hmmm.. I like the way you translate..
    Since I don't know Korean, when you go back & forth in the 2 languages, it gives me a better chance to learn it.

    Have a nice day.. Nite nite for me!

    CA, USA


  2. Hello Angie dearie!:)

    As for me,i would prefer to read the translation with the Korean Language, so that at the same time i can learn some new words or phrase.Plus,i can learn how to read the Korean Language and practice my Korean Language.

    Eventhough it is kinda long,but it would be valuable:)

    Thanks Angie for your consideration!Really appreciate it:D


  3. Heya Angie :)

    I actually think it's much better when you read out the Korean and the English as it's always interesting to hear how the words translate through the language barrier...if that made any sort of sense...keke.

    But I'm trying to learn Korean so I always pay close attention to this in particular to see if it helps me..and I'm happy to say it does ^o^

    So keep up the good work! >.<

    Kathryn from Australia

  4. hey angie

    I actually do prefer you reading it WITH the Korean and English. It helps me learn quicker and it helps me know the correct pronunciation.

    Keep it up! You're doing great :)

    and thank you for thinking about us hehe ~

    Kim Valerio

  5. hey,
    you are right, it could get long if you read the Korean and the English together but look at it this way, people would like to know the English translation and at the same time when they hear the Korean lines, they could learn it better! I guess what I'm saying is to read the English and the Korean one.

    Christelle from Canada

  6. Angie,
    I agree with everyone before me. I luv that u read the Korean before the english. We get to hear you all the time doing this, and if read the Korean, yeah it may make the show longer but then we can spend more time on air with you :)

  7. Hi Angie,
    I really like it when u say the korean words then their English translation.
    So, Keep up the good work <3


  8. HELLO THERE Angie :D
    WOW I agree with all the people who commented here. It is better with korean and then the english.



    -Yuki Izawa

  9. Hello Angie,

    Hope that you read the English lines ONLY. Both Korean & English - a bit long~!! I would prefer you to play one more song or tell us more k-pop news. Me waiting SS501 comeback stage "Love Ya". Actually, we can listen the song again & again from the CD for learning korean language (the lyrics) OR just replay your KPI/KPC show. It's great to hear you two voice again "ON AIR". I really like to listen k-pop songs & news. NOT a language channel~!! KBS is the first radio that brings me happy time & memories. Anyway, I still support KPI/KPC & love k-pop always~!! Please play the song "LOVE" of CNBLUE to all k-pop listeners and also to CNBLUE group esp. Jeong Yong-hwa (hope recover soon). Thanks DJ Angie & Young - good show. 파이팅~!!

    from 홍콩 \\(^v^)//

  10. Hey Angie

    i like the way you do it better too, it can help us know translation of some korean words.
    and it's been specially helpful to me , as i'm learning korean right now

    Rosey , Egypt

  11. Hello,

    I think it is good when the lyrics are read in both English and Korean. It is very helpful. It helps to understand the actual meaning of the song.Also it allows everyone to enjoy learning the meaning of the words and phrases in the lyrics.

    Ina :)

  12. Hi Angie!

    I think it's best to say both the Korean and English lyrics/translation. Even though it might take time to say the translations, but it's really helpful for us to understand and know what the words mean in english and korean :D So it's very enjoyable learning it ^_^.

    Thanks for all your hard work Angie! Keep it up! :)

    NJ, USA

  13. hey Angie!
    i think you are doing a good job already..
    i love the translation w/ korean :D
    it helps a lot that way

    -kelly :D

  14. HI Angie,

    I know that the lyrics with english translation will be put on board later after you have said it on the show but would prefer if you translation Korean and English at the same time (saying it both) on KPI.

    Michelle aka Michie

  15. Hello there,
    Both languages,please and I'd even go so far as to say: "Please bring back KPC and KPI on AOD, even though you may have to edit out all the songs for copyright reasons!
    Have a great week.

  16. Hm... I prefer both Korean and English....

  17. Hi Angie

    I think it's better with both but you should do what's easier for you=)

    MN USA

  18. hey angie...

    i really like both but i think you should just do the english translation i think it would be a lot easier for you.

  19. Definitely agree with all the listeners above. Reading both and Korean and English translation helps everyone. Even to those people who are learning English by listening to KPI/KPC.

    You're doing a great job, keep it up =).


  20. Hey Angie
    it's true that the translation does get a little long but I'd rather have it with the Korean words so then I know which phrases say what. But thanks for asking the listeners opinion, I appreciate that. ^_^
    --Stacey from Hawaii, Oahu

  21. Hey Angie,
    For me, I prefer Korean than the romanization because sometimes the romanization don't goes well with the correct pronunciation of the korean words. Plus, I'm learning Hangeul right now. I think it can helps me enrich my vocabs and the correct spelling (because I know korean words have many ways of spelling it. Even Koreans don't know the correct usage)


  22. Hey Angie,

    I really appreciate you reading the English translations after the Korean lyrics... however it is a bit time consuming regarding the show and I'm SURE it's a bit tiring for you. Since you post translations on the blog I don't see why you can't just do English only. Either way, I really enjoy that part of the show. ^^

    - Kim

    Virginia USA

  23. Hi DJ Angie,

    Only English please. I don't understand the Korean lyrics and quite time consuming when you read it. I enjoy that part of the show and only want to know the meaning of lyrics. Thanks good show.

    China (^o^)

  24. Hi

    I also go for bilingual form! Korean and English.

    I'd like to remind that all lyrics are read before a song is finished so it doesn't take extra time from the show, of course maybe Angie have to read so quickly. ;)

    It would be better if lyrics were read slowly and the song could be played fully but it may be a big demand and as there's no time for that this current form is great.

    @Selene: I know what you mean. You can hear songs somewhere else but not Angie and Young speaking. But apparently AOD won't back.


  25. Hi Angie,

    I like either way, so do whichever makes you happy and we'll be happy ^_^

    Paul T.

  26. Thank you guys for your input!!! It REALLY REALLY helps a LOT! ^^
    If I don't say it enough, I stinkin LOVE our KBS listeners!!!!! <3<3<3

  27. I like the both..and dont 4get to posting the romanization of korean in website.
    coz..i only see hangul..whereas i cant read hangul.

  28. I prefer both, NW hope KPI & KPC is in AOD form , always in trouble by using Danpod


  29. I prefer both lyrics being read. But it's kinda fast for us who do not know the language. Hence, it will be best if the lyrics could be posted on web. Will it be asking too much to post Hanguel, Romanised version and English version on your blog? :) It will be helpful for those who are trying to learn Korean.