Thursday, July 15, 2010


Hey guys!
I know it's been awhile since our last Star Chat with the lovely ladies of Davichi, so thanks for being patient with us. ^^

Usually, I like to have YOU ALL guess about who the next guests are, but this group is fairly new and me and DJ Young have never talked about them yet on the show. So rather than confusing you all, I'll just give you some info on them.

First off, let me let you guys know how I first heard about them. It was through the guys of One Way. They had posted up some pics of 2wins through their Twitters and had mentioned them in passing a few times. Then for this past week's updates on our KBS World Artist Profile page, I got assigned to write a profile for them. So I did some digging and realized that I not only liked their sound, but also love their catchy style and take on music. It's hip hop with some FUNk (emphasis on the "FUN"!). Sometimes hip hop can be kind of down or dark, but their take on it is fresh! Or it is for their title song anyway. Check out their intro video below! Be sure to watch their "performance" of their title song "Star Guy" about a minute in.

So I sought them out, got their manager's phone number, and got Sophia to call him up! Long story made short, we have a Star Chat scheduled for this week! Yipee! If you want to know more about them, check out their KBS World profile.

I THINK one of them, Bumkey, speaks English. Or a little anyway. I'm gonna keep my fingers crossed because that would make my job SO MUCH easier! Haha. Be sure to tune in to KPop Interactive on KBS World Radio this week with the first airing on Sunday. It's replayed throughout the week so check out our website for the schedule! (click on "Entertainment").


  1. hehe ~ wow unnie the video made me laugh! they are soooo super cute ^^
    i shall be tuning in for KPI ~ well the cut version, we dont have the full version here till the saturday T.T ~ ohh well hehe ~
    thanks angiee!!!!

    keep it up
    Kim Valerio

  2. Hey angie
    it's my first time to hear of 2WINS , but with your introduction and after reading their profile , i think it'll be an interesting star chat , i'll definitely try to listen to it ^_^

    Rehab E.

  3. yes! it's my first time hearing of them too!
    the video is SO cute. or should i say HILARIOUS!
    these guys are pretty darn talented, and the song is so catchy. i still have the words replaying in my mind, even though it's the first time i'm hearing it.

    -courtney from hawaii:]