Thursday, July 22, 2010

Next Star Chat!!! Miss A!!!

Hey all!

Don't forget that we have a Star Chat in store for this week's KPI. It's with a group that is RISING (although they can't really rise any higher because they already hit number ONE! ^^), and rising FAST. MISS A~~~

They're babies of the mastermind JYP himself and he's proven that he still has "it" when it comes to producing hit groups. This girl group is made up of four girls, two Chinese and two Korean.

I wasn't able to match my schedule with the busy ladies so DJ Young will be the one conducting the interview. I'm sure he's not complaining... Haha! ;)

Well, enjoy the chat guys and tune into KPI!!!


  1. it was awesome ~ hehe
    thank you guys for bringing in Miss-A
    i hope the girls for a great journey ahead!
    their magnae is lucky! im 17 and im stuck here as a normal girl >.< id love to be a singer :) hehe ~
    thanks once again to the team!
    keep it up ^^

    Kim Valerio

  2. I recently found out about KBS World Radio, and I'm now listening to it every moment I get!
    I really like that you guys have these Kpop stars on the show speaking ENGLISH! I can finally understand without subs!

    Thank you guys and keep it up!