Sunday, July 18, 2010

Your Two Cents: THE Song for Summer 2010???

Man! Temperatures keep going up in Korea and it's enough to make the most patient of people a bit cranky. A lot of you have been tweeting me saying that it's winter where you are, or that Korea's summers are nothing compared to summers in other countries. LOL, props to you guys in Malaysia and other hotter countries because I don't know how you guys can stand it!

Well, summer time automatically invokes feelings of carefreeness, partying, just plain old FUN. What kpop song do you think sums up the summertime vibes best? What's the BEST summer song for you? In fact, let's make it more specific for what song best sums up your feelings and experiences for THIS summer?

And I love you guys for sending in so many different types of answers, but for this week, I'm only going to allow ONE answer for each of you! Haha You can only pick ONE song. The ULTIMATE summer tune!

Post up your answers and tune into next week's KPI to see if they were read!


  1. Hi Angie,

    For me it's Big Bang - lollipop 2. I didn't eat a lot of lollipops these days, this isn't based on my experience. :p but I think the summer is colorful and fruity... There are a lot dancefestivals during summer too right. This is a great dance song don't you think? ^^
    Honestly I'm not really into upbeat songs so there is not much I could choose from, so I can't wait to hear other summer tunes.

  2. Hi there,
    No hesitation here - Kim Jang Hoon's Highway Romance (with Joe or is it Cho PD?) Heard first a long while back on KPC and instantly thought it was the song I wanted to hear while driving on the highways.
    No clue what the lyrics mean though.
    BTW, been living in equatorial heat all my life but that doesn't mean I tolerate the heat or humidity well. Most of us would cite the air-con as one of the greatest inventions but in the old days, broad verandahs around the house & high ceilings with great ventilation helped keep things cool.

  3. The perfect summer song is Dong Bang Shin Ki's 'Hi Ya Ya' for sure! It's catchy, upbeat and fun, making it perfect for a day at the beach! :)

    And the video is a great little getaway for the eyes if you can't head out for a swim. Gorgeous tropical scenes and sizzlin hot boys will have you cooled off in no time! <3

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  5. Hi Angie!
    Well it's winter for me here in Australia but I'll stick to your question. My summer song would have to be...eep *looking through songs* :o its harder than I thought!!
    I would have to say Carnival - Super Junior
    ahh! I didn't mean to chose Super Junior >..<! hehe ~

    thanks angie ~ keep it up
    Kim Valerio

  6. Hi Angie,
    Since we're talking about THIS summer, I'd have to say Big Mama's "Fire" sums it up.
    Fire, because it's hot and makes the fire in my heart burn stronger for my beautiful wife ^^
    (Sorry for being a Dalk Sal couple ^^)
    Plus, we've been traveling a lot and so we've been listening to their new cd a lot.
    Can More is a great place to go for Korean summers, plus the swings are fun.
    Is there one in Yeoido?

    Take care and God Bless,

    Paul T.

  7. Hi Angie, been settling my work and stuffs and just saw the Y2C question today.

    Anywayy, about your question, do CF songs count? If they do, I would choose 2PM and Girls' Generation's collaboration --- the CABI Song. Not only is the MV fitting in this hot summer, the song really turns the heat up with its powerful rhythm.

    It's practically sunshine and monsoon thunderstorms here in Singapore so I don't really get to experience true summer heat. Take care and drink more water so dehydration doesn't happen.

    Cheers ;D

    Aloysius, Singapore

  8. Hi Angie,

    As always... this was a toughie for me! It's hard to pick an ULTIMATE summer song, but for me it would have to be Shinhwa's "Eusha Eusha". I always think "summer" when I hear that song. ^___^ However, if it's possible to request another summer song for KPI, I would love to hear "사랑밖엔 난 몰라" by Sunny Hill. That song is so summer! Thanks :-)

    - Kim

    Kim Shaw
    Virginia USA

  9. Hi Angie~
    I pick "Love" by CNBLUE. I think band songs or rock/pop songs are great for the summer, since they're really fun to sing and dance along to. A few weeks ago when I was swimming, "Love" played on the radio and I danced so crazily to it, air guitars and all. (:
    (I would've also chosen "Dancing Out" by Super Junior, but I figured you would have a lot of Super Junior replies, haha ^^)
    What's your 2010 summer song?
    -Michelle from California

  10. Hey Angie~

    Ah, this Y2C is haaaaard~
    I would have to say my song for Summer 2010 is 'Forever' by Oneway. Chance's vocals paired with the guitar remind me of lazy days on the beach. We've had a cold and rainy summer here in the UK and this song cheers me up!
    A close second would have to be 'Are You Ready or Not' from SHINee's new album, simply because it is rather upbeat. c:

  11. Hmmm... I would have to say 'A-yo' from SHINee's new album. Even though it was just released, I'm already in love with it and can't stop palying it. It's really upbeat and catchy and it just makes me want to dance! haha :)

  12. Hey Angie
    well are your summer songs supposed sound summeryish? I don't know but I chose I'm in love by narsha. It's not a really upbeat song but It's just such a pretty song. And this summer I have been watching a lot of people fall in love and was thinking it would be nice if I did too. Though I have more thing to worry about after
    summer ends -_-" well having a great summer
    so far and it's really not that hot here in
    Hawaii. XP well hope you're having a great
    summer so far ^.^


  13. Aloha Angie,

    My BEST summer songs is Let's go on a trip by SMTown. I can feel the summer party when i listen to this song.

    Michie (Michelle)

  14. Hello Angie,

    I think i have the same song as michie ^^ I really <3 the song: Let's go on a trip by SMTown :D I don't know why but it just makes me feel good when listening ! ^^


  15. Hi Angie~

    At the moment, I am completely biased. . .
    The song of my summer is SHINee's Lucifer.
    I know it has nothing to do with summer, but it will be on repeat all summer (:


  16. This summer is really hot compared to the previous ones.But the song of my summer is Fire by 2NE1 released last summer.I like its bright melody and fast beat.Everytime I listen to it,I feel like I'm set on fire^^

  17. hello angie sorry for been away lately i've listen to you guys but i'm extra busy since i got a new job (as i let you know before). THE/MY song for this summer would be: 2 different tears by WG, i love this song. please take me into consideration for the cd drawing.


    carol lescano

  18. Hi Angie..
    hope you are doing fine in summer..
    for me there s lots of songs which express summer such as SM vacation (red sun) or SM sea side..
    but i think for this summer's song the best is Super juniors (No other) coz just seeing them in the mv n listening to it it makes you so refreshed ^_^"
    i really want to have suju's CD >_<
    btw Angie did you get my email for the CD drawing coz i want to know if you got it or not..
    Huda from Qatar..

  19. Hello Angie,

    The weather was in the triple digits early in the week here in California! Thank God for air conditioners!!!

    Well, for this summer I chose Big Bangs "Sunset Glow." Not only is the lively beat perfect, but the lyrics are as well. I graduated this year (woot-woot class of 2010) and the lyrics talk about goodbyes and memories. As much as I would love to keep in contact with everyone I was friends with in school, chances are very slim. So, this happy good-bye song is my song as the sun sets over the HOT Californian horizon.


  20. I'm cutting it close, as usual. ^_^ It was really hard. I have many songs I love to listen to in the summer, but since this one is about THIS summer, I'll pick a more recent song.

    I totally agree with Michelle about CNBlue's "Love". Actually their whole 'Bluelove' album is perfect for the summer! It has highs and lows for any situation.

    But I love "Love" specifically because of the beat. It's great to listen to while driving. Hit the highway, put down the windows, and just blast some CNBlue. It will put a smile on your face. I promise you!


  21. Hey Angie!
    My favourite summer song would be,... *Thinks a lot* Now I've got it! TVXQ - Hi Ya Ya Summer Day! Every time I go to the beach, I listen to that song and it makes me all beach kinda feeling! Even if it's an old song, I still love to listen to it!
    Always Keep The Faith! <3

  22. Hi angie(:

    I've been listening to kpi and kp for a while and have never answered a Y2C. ><
    i have SO many favorite summer songs, but one of my tops would have to be from SHINee's new lucifer album !!! i simply cant get enough of the whole album (and taemin) kekeke (:
    so WoWoWoW would be my favorite song , its so up-beat and has a funky feel (:

    * thank you for providing me with wonderful music ad kpop news <3

  23. I would say T-Max's Paradise,it has the summer feel from the tune itself!