Saturday, July 3, 2010

Your Two Cents: Best group leader???

Happy 4th of July for all my fellow Americans (though it's past midnight and officially the 5th now, I haven't gone to bed yet so it's still technically the 4th for me!)!!!

If you're Canadian, Happy 1st of July (a few days ago!)!!! If you're a BEAST Yoon Doojoon fan, happy Doojoon's birthday!!!!
If you're none of the above...sorry. I got nothing. Haha No, I'm kidding, happy...Sunday? =/

Well, here's a question that the idol group lovers will probably have a field day with...

Who do you think is the best group leader??? More importantly though, give me one SPECIFIC example of why you think that. For example, maybe you saw on TV or read somewhere about a sweet deed he/she did for his/her members. Perhaps it's what he/she said about his/her members. Something SPECIFIC!

It doesn't necessarily have to be an idol group, but being that most of the groups out there ARE idol groups, obviously I would imagine most of the answers would revolve around them.

Although I think I have a good idea of what type of answers I'll be getting (*cough* Leeteuk of Super Junior *cough*)... I thought it'd be fun to throw this question out there anyway. This was also suggested by one of our listeners. I'm sorry, now that I'm using it, I forgot which amazing listener it was. My apologies!!! Maybe you can throw me a comment and let me know if it was you!

Well, that is the question so answer away and tune into KPI on Sunday on KBS World Radio to see if your answers are read!!!

Have a great week all~~~


  1. hehe yes leeteukie for me :P
    but just being able to take care of 12 members is just wow i dunno admirable :)
    he worries so much for his during the april car accident back in 2007...even when he was part of a accident and was also hurt all he could do was scream their magnae's name kyuhyun and reach out for him...T.T cry
    i also admire g-dragons leadership skills, i love the way he composes most of Big Bang's song ^^
    i love how both leader can stand through anything and still stay strong during tough times

    5th of July ~ saranghae Kang-in oppa

    thanks angie ~

    Kim Valerio

  2. Hi, this is my first time here but I really want to comment on this question. My best leader will be always and only Kim Hyun Joong of SS501. He is definitely a caring leader to his members and fans. I know about SS501 from his appearance in Boy over flowers, and since then SS501 and Hyun Joong himself become a part of my life. Hyun Joong leader always tried his best to spread out the name of SS501 and of course he love his members with all his heart. I know he is facing a lot of mean rumors, but I always believe and support him and the band forever. I do believe whatever Hyun Joong does or decide will be for the benefit of SS501. SS501 fighting!

    Valerie from US

  3. unnie its kim again but one more thing...i also like victoria from f(x)
    just the fact that she's a foreigner and not Korean, leading a group and you know umm, i know coming to a new country, learning a new culture its hard, victoria unnie hwaiting!

  4. Heheh Angie noona~ no best leader for me 'cos I've 3 people in mind.

    One of them is definitely 2PM's Jaebum. I know how he has been involved in the MySpace controversy over the past year and had to leave 2PM. But, looking past that incident, he seems to be a very caring leader for his 2PM-mates and takes care of them well. Even 2PM said that they were quite sad for Jay's departure... ㅜ.ㅜ

    The second leader in my mind was Girls' Generation's Taeyeon. I know that she might seem a little cold to some people, but that is just a facade for her warm personality inside. This is especially true in how she defends her group members... Like their maknae Seohyun.

    Aaaaaand~ we definitely can't miss out teukie~. Like what Kim Valerio said, Lee Teuk is really a leader to be respected and loved... Plus, I really like how Teukie hyung becomes so comical on variety shows and practically sheds his "Leader" status.

  5. Hm... I think Kim Hyun Joong... Because he is so care to other member and he is fun & funny... Really like a family SS501 members one each other.

  6. If only Jay Park is still in 2PM, I would say he is the best leader. I've watched few videos of 2PM performing on stage. There were members whose mic wasn't work properly and they forgot the lyrics, Jay came to rescue and he sang the other's part

  7. Lisa ✭ from LondonJuly 5, 2010 at 2:45 AM

    Hello Angie!
    The best group leader for me is SHINEe, Onew because he's very funny.
    I saw on makbanshi(i think) that he is very funny and caring for the shinee members.

  8. haha like what u have guessed!!it's leeteuk!

  9. i agree with shiqin! aww,i miss the moment when he was in the group..Jay was a good leader..the controversy made he left 2PM because he felt responsible for it..even though he's not part of 2PM anymore, he show us fans that he care for his 2PM brothers in his messages..
    and another leader that i admire is EeTeuk!he's a leader to a 13member many things happened and super junior is still so strong:)

  10. Hi Angie!

    Definitely have to agree with Eeteuk from Super Junior. He does such an amazing job even when the group is going through a hard time. Plus, there's all the younger members he has to watch out for and keep out of trouble.

  11. Hey Angie ;)
    i choose JAEBEOM; for all the reasons people wrote above. Come to think of it, I have seen signs of Jaebeom's amazing leadership... He genuinely cares for the members of 2PM and he makes 2PM look like a real big family of brothers.
    ~ And also, aside from that, I also think Doojoon of BEAST. I have read comments online proving what he does for his group. During his trip to Africa, he appointed another leader to lead the group. Also, i saw a b2st MTV variety show (b2st rising?) and i could see how he helps out and leads his group...
    ~ both jaebeom and doojoon look genuinely sweet.
    ~ and about leeteuk... i don't really pay attention to super junior (although i like their songs..) there is too many of them for my slow brain to keep track ;)
    ~ and thanks angie~ happy fourth of july~~ hehe

  12. Can't contribute to this Y2C but I'd like to know why this notion of group leader seems significant in the Kpop industry. Correct me if I'm wrong but there's really no focus on one person in bands or groups in the Western entertainment world, is there?
    Don't know enough about the music scene in Japan, Taiwan and other Asian countries, but I doubt if the concept of group leader gets as much attention as it does in Korea. Why would this be so?


  13. Although I love Eeteuk from Super Junior, I want to be different here and say something that isn't SO common. I am a big fan of CL from 2ne1, the girls seem to get along and she always shows the girls being fresh and new with everything. I also love Tablo of Epik High! They always release awesome songs and I love how they have some part in every song they release in some way. He also can speak English so its great that he can talk with the Korean and international fans. <3

  14. I know they're going through a lot of crap right now with SM and being split up, but I really think TVXQ's Jung Yunho is great. He keeps his members out of trouble, gently corrects them when they're wrong and helps them get better at everything they do. If anything goes wrong, he takes the heat. He's really strong, he's honest, respectful, loyal, and he doesn't go back on his word. Even better, he's not afraid to cry when the moment is right. He's not just a band leader, he's SO much more <3. He's really inspiring to a lot of people, and I'm sure that one day he's going to be a great husband and father. ....(can you tell I'm a major fan? lol)

  15. Hello!!
    I hope you and DJ Young are doing well! As for the question, I think I must choose Onew from SHINee because of how he always remembers the birthdays of his members and organizes presents for them. And of how when he can't think of anything for his members to do (for instance on a reality tv show) he makes them clean with him or talks about chicken.
    I love that about him. :D
    Thank you!! Keep up the great work!!

  16. Hi Angie,

    Uhhh...I don't really know. I'm gonna say Big Mama's leader, do they have a leader? Is it Yeona? She's the oldest. If so, her because she...can speak French? Je ne sais pas.

    Thanks and God Bless,

    Paul T.

  17. Hi

    Selene's right.
    I also have the same question. These idol groups that are formed by agencies are not like rock bands that act independently so one person has a big brother/sister like tasks. But they have a multi-numbered team that plans for all they do.

    That said sometimes the focus on one member is more than the leader. Like 4Minute in which Hyun-A gets more attention than the leader.


  18. Hey Angie~!

    I'm not sure what the signifigance of a group leader Is either but I think Leeteuk Is a really good leader. He has to take care of 12 other people and he does a really good job of It! He has stuck with the other members nomatter what and I think he will stay with them no matter what! ^^

    Brittany from Texas <3

  19. Hey Angie unnie,

    The best leader for me would have to be Angel Teukie Teukie :)
    His dedication and friendship with his members has been evident for sooo many years even before they debuted and I think that, for someone to be able to lead so well, and not be too overbearing and can make good desicions for the whole group are qualities that others can learn from and be inspired by to work better.

    Also the concern that he has for his members safety is overwhelming...I've never actually known someone who has shown that concern and Leeteuk has demonstrated it on many levels. Like at the April 2007 car's heartbreaking to hear of the injuries, but I tear up every time I think of how Leeteuk ignored his own pains and kept yelling for Kyuhyun.

    I could probably list a few other good leaders but I always take up WAY too much room on these questions....but in passing, Yunho was a wonderful leader during DBSK's hard times, and Onew is great to lead the young - and sometimes completely crazy - teenagers that are SHINee. I congratulate him :)

    Have a great week unnie!
    Kathryn from Australia

  20. uhhmm...
    For me.. the best leader is NO OTHER than
    leading and taking g0od care of 12 members.
    He's a resp0nsible, nice, go0d characteristics, cuteness, concern, lovable, i think all g0od attitudes are already on him.

    There was a time, in Super Junir Show.
    Before he go to sleep, he visited first the ro0ms of his fellow members and make sure that each of them are having sleep and enough rest. He kissed his members n cheeks which serve as his loveliness and concern to them.
    Also in the accident last 2007. Its very very sad. I even cried on that. when they have accident, we all knew that all in that van especially kyuhyun got the pains and injuries,. But Leeteuk was m0re concern to the other members who got pains. he ignored the pains he felt instead he cwas concern on the other. thats very touching. T___T
    He will sacrifice for the others..
    how amazing and go0d is that..
    leeteuk! my id0l!

  21. there are 2 leaders in my heart..
    hyun joong n leeteuk...
    for me both of them are amazing leader...
    great to know them n their group...
    both have their own way on how they handle the group...
    teukie the angel that managed to handle 12 different people to listen to him successfully..
    hyun joong with his 4D-ness character let the other members feel like they are family...
    both of them always there for their members...
    regardless latest rumors...i still believe in both of them...

  22. Hey Angie,

    Though I won't get to hear you possibly mention my answer to this week's Y2C (see message I left on KPC message board), I still wanted to answer. It was too juicy to resist. Thus begins my essay...

    Though I love my many idol groups (B2st, MBLAQ, DBSK, SS501, SuJu and many others I know I'm forgetting), I would have to say the best leader to me is Eric from Shinhwa. The reason why also answers what a lot of people are asking: what is the signifigance of a group leader?

    True, idol groups have a team of people that "keep them managed" taking care of the group physically, so you can look at that team as the "dad"... well, if that's the case then the group leader is supposed to be the "mom". Their job is to make sure the team is together emotionally or in spirit. Whether that's literally leading all the members in a prayer before they go onstage, making sure everyone ate before they went to bed so they can have a good rehearsal or making sure the bond in the group is strong. A good leader comments on member's mistakes and not sit silently until it passes, but they also praise their members especially on their solo activities and has a relationship with every member. The leader is like the team's mascot almost... they motivate the team!

    That's what Eric has done for the past 12 years with Shinhwa. From articles I've read and interviews I've seen, they all are extremely close and it seems a large part of that goes to Eric. From dealing w/ member's depression and tending to their heartbreak, to holding off on releasing albums not to clash with other members and phoning everyone up for a drink - he's the mascot of Shinhwa and keeps the group together.

    Another leader I would nominate would be GDragon. He seems to be a great caring leader as well ^^

  23. Hey Angie!
    It's definitely interesting reading the responses to your awesome questions, cause I just get to learn some stuff I never knew before :D
    But like some others, I'm going to have to go with Jaebeom, for me, primarily due to the few incidents on random YouTube videos where he stepped up for his members when the mic failed and stuff. Plus, I totally gave him props for being picked on so much, despite being the grandpa leader hahaha

    Buuuuut, like others said, all the leaders do their part, and I'm sure they do more behind the scenes that fans don't know about....makes me curious :)

    Jenny from Hawaii

  24. simply park jaebeom!! his the best!!<3

  25. Hi Angie

    Yes, you definitely understand us. For me, it'll be Leeteuk from Super Junior. I can't be specific since Leetuek has done too much for the group, it'll be an endless list of things he done that touched the ELFs...Haha!

    Basically, other than being a good leader, he is like a big brother to the members of SuJu. Whenever there is crisis like Kangin's DUI incident or Hankyung's sudden departure, he would really felt depressed(From his cyworld update).

    He is the person that hold Super Junior together. He cry for the members, he laugh with them and he ensure everyone is well taken care of.

    From SuJu recent Bonamana & No other comeback, you can see how strong their friendship are. Their twitter updates & winner encores in music shows always made me felt so touched.

    They're great! That's why i love SUPER JUNIOR!

    P.s. I find all kpop group leader done their job well!

    Cynthia [Singapore]

  26. for me need to be KARA´S GYURI =]

  27. Hi Angie. Sorry I'm so late again.

    For me as well - Super Junior's Leeteuk. ^_^ I hate being part of the crowd, but I agree that he is a great leader. As many have said before, he takes care of 12 other members. But there was one incident where it really made me see him as a leader, and someone that cared for the other members deeply.

    Long ago, right before they debuted, Donghae's father was extremely sick. Before he passed away he spoke to Leeteuk. Knowing he was the eldest, and the leader, of his son's group he wanted to make sure Donghae was taken care of. He asked Leeteuk to watch over his son when he couldn't. It was a great honour for Leeteuk and he took the responsbility head-on. Not only for Donghae, but for the whole group.

    It was a very touchy story, and it has always stuck with me. It's a lot of pressure for one man, but I think Leeteuk pulls it of the best!

  28. Hey Angie,
    For me it would have to be Sun Ye of the Wondergirls. I didn't pay much attention to her before this year. This year has really shown her in a different light for me. She always gives a 120% of herself to their performances. Not saying the other members don't, but Sun Ye really gives her all.
    And just thinking about all she has been though outside of the public light with her father being sick and then dying this year. And also her health problems in the past. I really don't know how she can keep it together and still be there for her group. It takes a really strong leader to do that. I know all of us fans are proud of her and that we support her no matter what.

  29. one vote for eeteuk...hhehehe...yup for me its teukie...bcoz he manage 2 befriend with all 12 of the members and understand them well...
    he also did a very good job in introducing all the members during shows...he introduce eunhyuk as dancing machine...siwon as good athlete...kyuhyun with the beautiful voice..sungmin with multi-talented guy..etc..
    i mean..he always talks about the other member's talent..although his talent was never been shown to others..
    he is a good speaker..human makes mistakes, but he appologize in a very good manner that makes nobody questioning it anymore..
    and to bring the name of Super Junior to be known around the world..was a heavy burden for him and not to mention all the responsiblities he had 2 carry on, and a life he had to risk for...isn't that AMAZING??
    hence...kudos to TEUKIE TEUKIE LEETEUKIE...

    AtiQ NatRa
    love from MALAYSIA