Saturday, July 10, 2010

Your Two Cents: How'd you discover our kpop shows on KBS World Radio???

Hey guys! How's everyone's weekends going?

As for me, I spent like 90% of it at home. Haha. I think I really needed a vegging out weekend, so I spent only about a quarter of it working and the rest just lying around and catching up on TV, movies, etc. *sigh* Was great!

ANYWAYS, this week's Y2C question, I mentioned it on one of our KPC shows from this past week.

How did you first hear about or discover KPC or KPI on KBS World Radio?

Let's be honest, it's not that easy of a program to just "stumble" across. So either you have to be a really dedicated kpop fan to go out of your way to search for it, or you heard about it from another source. That's actually why I absolutely love our listeners. It's not easy to tune in everyday. It's not like we're right there on your AM/FM dial on your drive to work or something. So we really, REALLY appreciate your loyalty in tuning in as often as you do! ^^ AND, if you heard about us through a friend, go ahead and let us know that person's name. If there was a way we could show our appreciation to all of you who spread our KPC/KPI shows with others, trust me, we'd do it!! In fact, we're trying to figure out a way how...

Also, just in case you guys missed our last KPI show, I announced that we wanted to update our listener files. So we'd appreciate it if you could email us your info to This is your full name, address, email address, even phone number if you want to throw that in as well (you don't have to!). EVERY ONCE IN AWHILE, (we DON'T guarantee it, but we're just saying IF it ever happens...) we may have a stack of CD's to give away or information regarding our shows, or something like that. We'd love to share that with all of you. Honestly speaking, it won't be used often. BUT JUST IN CASE. So if you're worried about SPAM mail and stuff like that, I hardly doubt you have to worry about that. It's more for freebies that we VERY OCCASIONALLY get that we'd love to share. AGAIN, DON'T EXPECT IT. We don't GUARANTEE that we'll have them. BUT JUST IN CASE.

Have to add that in because I know some people will email us saying, you said to send our info for free stuff, but we never got it! >.< We know that you listen not only for the free stuff thought right?!?! haha...^^;;

ANYWAYS, that information will also HELP US OUT to let us know what parts of the world many of our listeners are tuning in from.

Alright, well answer away on this week's Y2C and tune in next Sunday to see if your answers are read.


  1. hi angie ~
    umm for me i was actually looking for a radio broadcasting station that airs Eunhyukie & Teukie's radio program Sukira ~ but unfortunately i couldn't join it ~ but that lead me to listening to you and DJ Young! hehe ~ so its a win win situation! hehe ~ thankful i found this ^^ so thank you ~ please keep it up!!! hwaiting!!!

    much love,
    Kim Valerio

  2. Hey Angie unnie! How are you and hows ur week been?
    I think that I've mentioned this once before in a tweet or in a request or something but I actually found KPC thanks to my unnie Kim (who is sitting right next to me at the moment laughing...ALOT).
    I wasn't intentionally looking around for a radio station, but as soon as Kim linked me to it, I became really hooked on it. I am thankful to her and to you guys for brightening up my weeknights while I'm doing homework.

    Thanks guys, have a great week ^^
    Kathryn from Australia

  3. I actually did stumble upon them. I was looking at the radios that had iPhone apps and I was started to KBS when it was about 8am my time and that's when the show is on (give or take an hour, I can't remember anymore).

  4. Hey Angie~
    I think you already knew this. I started to know KBS World Radio from my one and only die-hard kpop lover fan aka my cousin, Dila. We listened to it since 2008, that was DJ Sarah and Chris at that time. Thanks to her(hope you could read my comment and thank Dila on the show. hehe)

  5. ^lol..
    it was a long time ago..,i was so into kpop and when i was exploring KBSworld website, i found the entertainment page and found KPI. it wasn't Dj Sarah at that time.i started to listen to the show and got hooked coz that was the only show that i can listened to the latest kpop songs. i once became a grand prize winner for a contest on KPI!thanks for the great show;D

  6. Hello Angie :D

    I did not comment on last week question >< SO sorry >< Anyway, i was about the same like Kim, i was searching on where to tune in to sukira, and heechul youngstreet programme, but i was unable to find it. But i found a radio programme(KPI)which i did not know was KPI at that time and it was in english and i could understand so i started listening. It was also then when i was watching music bank and at the end they posted some website leading to kbs page. Then i explored and found out about KBS World radio and KPI and KPC! That was when i started listening almost everyday! ^^ But sometimes due to school, i was unable to tune in. However, i would always listen whenever i have the free time. Anyway, KPI & KPC is very nice to listen to! ANGIE AND DJ YOUNG HWAITING ! I will always support and listen ;D
    Thanks once again for the great show & pardon me for my english :D


  7. It was a few years back when my wife and I were in the process of adopting our son, Nathan, from Korea. I was looking for English language Internet radio broadcasts from Korea to learn more about Korean culture, news, and current events. Since there are SOOO many options for that out there (you could probably count them on part of one hand) I found KBS first - thanks Google! I listened to all the programs including KPI (no KPC at that time). Up to then I'd never heard K-Pop. After listening, I found that K-Pop had an energy and freshness to it that was very compelling and more interesting that what I was hearing on American radio. I've been a fan ever since.

  8. Hello EVERYONE!

    Well, I found out about KPC/KPI through my iphone 3gS that I bought earlier this year & it has these awesome apps for games, twitter, etc...

    I LOVE kpop music so I typed in "kpop" & found KBS WORLD RADIO! It caught my attention because it was FREE! Hehe.. I tested it out & I LOVED it! Angie & DJ Young always has something good to share & they play my fave songs! They are the KOOLEST! I'm always up until 4am so I can catch the first airing each day!

    Keep up the GREAT work!!!

    P.S. I LOVE BEAST ^_^

  9. Heehee... I'm really thankful to my friend then, Angie noona. My friend from school actually started me on KPC & KPI.

    At that time, I was really getting bored of the generic songs and idol groups and wanted something new. My friend found out and since I also have an iPod touch, he recommended this daebak radio show to me. Now, I'm super addicted to KPC & KPI. I hope this radio show will go on forever and ever.

    Angie & DJ Young, HWAITING!!!

    Btw, my friend's a silent listener, so he rarely comments here or on the message board. But he's really a big fan of you and DJ Young hyung. We will always be listening to KPI & KPC ;D So keep up the good work.

  10. annye0ng..

    i discovered Kpop Connection/ kbs world last year.
    hmm. that time,i was searching how to listen to Super Junior Kiss the radio or SUkira. That time..
    i saw in the go0gle Kbs website. it contains hangul letters s i can't understand it. I found at the upper part of the site the Kbs (english) that's the Kbs World.
    On the homepage of that, i saw the KBS KOng. the radio.. Then when i opened it. i downloaded the software. I didnt know how to use it because i cant understand hangul. So when i searched an searched on the Kbs World. and i opened the Entertainment Section, i saw the Kpop Connection. with the Dj pictures. It was Dj Young and former dj SArah. I clicked the Ch1, and i found out it was a radio. I started to LIsten and love it when i discovered it. I remembered the first song i heard from it was the "Bus of Insomnia" by peppertones.
    Thanks to KPC / KPI, because i started t0 love kpop more and more.. and enjoy it very very much!..
    i have co0l experiences listening and being an active listener to this. Whenever my song request played, i always happy and cheering up.hehe. And also when the dj read my comments on the dashboard, i recorded it in my laptop, s that i can hear that segment anytime i want..
    i was so proud that i met this KPp connection..!
    i love it very very much..

  11. Hi Angie

    I've been in the Kpop scene since 2008. Ever since then, I'm interested in anything relating to Kpop. Be it drama, music or even radio programmes!

    While searching online stream of KBS Radio "Kiss the Radio" program by Eunhyuk & Leetuek, i found my way here to the KBS Radio World. Haha!

    I'm amazed by the up-to-date music charts, broadcast of new comeback songs, translation of lyrics & star chat. Also, English-based Korea Radio Station just helped me soooooooo much!

    Now I'm introducing this great radio station to my siblings & friends. :D

    Thanks you Angie, DJ Young, former DJ-Sarah & all KBS producers, crew for the good work!

    I love it! Hwaiting!

    Cynthia [Singapore]

  12. Hey Angie~

    I was searching for a music station that played korean pop music, and I happened upon KBS a couple of months ago. The english broadcasts were a bonus~ c:

  13. Hello!!!
    I actually began listening to your program through the iPod touch app. I became really into kpop and searched for a radio station that played and came upon KBS so I downloaded it but was unsure of if or when the English broadcasts played so I didn't listen to it for a while until I just happened to channel in somewhere around 11 at night and heart KPOP connection which made me very happy and I've been listening ever since. Thank you so much for all the work you put into the station!!!
    Weronika from Chicago

  14. Hi there,
    Stumbled upon KBS World Radio while surfing on the Net way back in 2003. I remember when the Kpop shows were first hosted by Sue Park, then Sarah Jun took over and subsequently Chris Dykas joined her.
    Still long for the good old days when past Kpop shows were available on AOD. All I had to do was to click on the icon on the playlist under Songs and it was so convenient. These days, I can't listen to the shows so often because it isn't as accessible as before ( ie. available months later if I wanted to hear the same show again and again)and because of time constraints.

    But there have been improvements - Angie's blog here is creating a greater sense of a Kpop community. There's now KPC AND KPI and the interviews are more lively these days.

    SO THANKS for all the time and effort put into the show.


  15. Hi Angie,

    I found out about KBS World Radio in year 2007. It begins with the KBS World TV Channel that we have on our Astro TV programme here in Malaysia. The show mentioned about log on to their website at WORLD.KBS.Co.KR so I log on into the website one day and found a video clip of Sarah Jun, Chris Dykas and Sophia Hong (The Producer) informing about the KBS World Radio English Section which will begin it's broadcast on 12 November 2007. Since then I had glued myself on listening to the show Both KPC and KPI everyday. I was so happy that I have finally get a radio channel (Online) that I can listen to and being able to win some freebies. Thanks to the Producer, the crew and also the DJs - Sarah, Chris, DJ Young and Angie for the effort you guys have done for us foreigners to get the chance to listen to KPOP.


  16. Hi Angie! ^^

    I (like others already said) was looking for Sukira and other online radio stations I could listen to k-pop on and stumbled uppon KPC ^^ It took me a couple of weeks to figure out the scedule but now I try to listen every day ^^

    Brittany from Texas <3

  17. hey angie!!

    found you guys through itouch!
    listen every night, though for me thats 12 at night!! lol

  18. Hey Angie,
    I started watching KBS World TV for all the Korean dramas and music shows. I went online to get the schedule for the shows and saw a link to the radio program. I started off listening to it rarely on-line when I had the time to. Then I bought an iPhone and downloaded the app. Now I listen to the show everyday. And since my TV station stopped showing KBS World you are my one true source for actual K-Pop music other than the internet. I just miss all the english dubbed shows like Star Golden Bell and 4 Days and 3 Nights. But I love what you guys bring us everyday. Keep up the great work.


  19. Well for me I just got an iPod touch for my bday, and I wanted like a Korean based app. You know someting that could help me keep up with what was happening in Korea. So I searched for companies I knew like sbs, mbc, and kbs. Most of the apps I found were written in Korean so I couldn't understand a thing. But when I found out you guys had a radio that speaks English and it's free I was so excited. Though I didn't knowthere were other languages so when I was first listening I was so confused. It took a long time to figure out the times. It's been about half a year since I started listenings to you guys. Now it's normal I listen to dj young and Angie everyday. So thank you so much for the show. I won't be able to visit Korea for a while so it's nice to hear what it's like there.
    --Stacey from Hawaii

  20. Hey Angie! As I said, I'm back!~ XD Hope you and DJ Young are well~
    You know, just like you said, I actually did just happened to come across you show on KBS World Radio.
    I remember the day I found out about this was some time before SUJU's new album was released.
    I was searching on Google about SUJU's comback and their new album, and then I went on KBS to find info about Eunhyuk and Tukie's Kiss The Radio Program.
    Because it Korean, I was trying to find if there were a English version.
    So I found the English button at the top right corner.
    Afterwards, I found out there was a English Radio on KBS World. And I went through many programs and found K-pop connection~
    I also learned that I could download a app onto my Ipod, so I did.
    So it kinda started with researching on SUJU, going on KBS to see the Kiss The Radio Program, and then comming across K-pop connection.
    Such a coincident to have came across K-pop connection~

    -HB Wang
    from Toronto, Canada~
    PS. Love ya! <3

  21. Hi Angie and dj young. Listened to you guys for a while now but 1st comment. I used to listen on the computer but it was hard to be a regular listener, until I saw the memo on the website then I downloaded the app on my itouch. I think it's great because not only does it have music but also news articles, even though I'm learning Korean the best part is it's in english. I don't Know what I would of done without the app. That's my story. Love KPI AND KPC. :). - Jen from New York

  22. Hello Angie and DJ Young,

    I discovered KBS World Radio this year when I finally bought my iPod (with my birthday savings for the past who knows how many years) and I just searched Korean to English tutorials, and then music. So, I found many free korean/english things and found the KBS app, downloaded it, checked it out, and loved it. Now my whole household knows not to touch my at 2pm (keke, I love 2pm) because it is my time to listen to KPC.

    -Jennifer from California

  23. Hey Angie,

    I found KBS when I got my iphone, and I think I searched "kpop" or "korean music" or something in the App store. KBS was one of the only apps. . . especially that broadcasts in english! So I bought it~ glad I did (:

    -Sammy from MD

  24. Hi Angie! ^^
    My mom works at Logitech, so she gets a lot of free stuff, like radios. The radios are pretty cool, and they can connect to the Internet. A couple months ago I was wondering whether I could listen to stuff all the way from Korea (I live in California~). I freaked out when I realized I could, so I literally went through every radio station in Seoul (it's the only Korean city I know T_T).
    I had no clue what each station was though, since they all spoke Korean, which I can't understand. One radio station had KBS in the title, and being a pretty avid K-pop follower, I knew what KBS was. Also, thankfully I listened during a KPI session, and you were speaking English, which I CAN understand! :D
    Ever since that day, I listened to KBS World Radio once I came home from school, and I definitely tune in every Sunday (or Monday if I miss it ^^) and listen to KPI.
    I'm so grateful you and DJ Young speak English, haha. Thank you guys so much, and I love listening to KBS World Radio, from the song choices to the give-aways. Keep up the amazing work! (:

    Michelle H. from California~

  25. Hi Angie~ I was actually looking for an app on my ipod on helping me learn hangul. I typed in "Learn Korean" until i found KBS world radio. Since then, i listen to it every chance i get.

    -Tammy from Calgary, Canada~

  26. I learned about KBS world radio about a year ago when I stumbled across a star chat interview video that Sarah did which was uploaded on youtube. I listened to KPC here and there when I logged onto the computer. But after I got my ipod and learned about the app, I've been listening to it more frequently because it's convenient. And I honestly have to say I love it :) Angie and DJ Young keep me entertained all the time and it's a worth while 30 mins everyday.

    Thanks for everything Angie, DJ Young and all the KBS guys ROCK MY SOCKS!

  27. Hi Angie

    How I knew KPC? I was listening to KPI before that and in one show it was announced!!

    How I knew KBS & KPI? Late in 2006 I really wanted to hear some Korean words and searched internet for Korean radio stations. I can't recall for sure as it's almost 3.5 years ago but I found KBS and in the Radio page I saw list of KBS English programs. I found KPI and I could listen to past shows. Then, AOD was available for every show even back to 2004!!! (Gosh those were the days!!)

    It wasn't - then - what I was looking for that is listening to what Korean language sounds!! But as I like music and know it a great way to approach and learn about a country and language, I listened to a couple of shows. I liked some songs and didn't like some.

    This is how I found KBS & KPI.

    check for the rest! LOL


  28. HiAngie,
    I first hear aboutKPC or KPI on KBS World Radio is when (finally)Malaysia has a Korean Broadcasting TV shown. There & then,Ding I've found KBS World Radio! It was Sarah Jun & Chris Dykas then. Thanxs to both host, I've won a few freebies from them.Same as Selene
    prefer shows in AOD format.
    P/S: Keep up the good work Angie& Young!

  29. Hi Angie,
    I found about KPI when i typed in "korean" on the app store search bar. When i downloaded it and first heard KPI, i started to love the show :)

  30. Hi Angie,

    I've been listening to KPI since 2005/2006, when Sarah was hosting.
    It was a sunny Sunday morning filled with the songs of birds...well I don't know about that, but one day my brother was driving me somewhere and he played Park Hyo Shin's "Soul Tree" album.
    After a few months I started to think about PHS's "Na Cherem" so I searched the internet for his songs and Korean stuff.
    I searched for a "Korean Radio" on Google, and ended up coming across KPI, when they still had the AOD archives. So I listened to many many many weeks of KPI that year from the AOD archive.
    And the rest is for another time, because it's late here and I'm tired.

    Thanks and God Bless,

    Paul T.

    P.S. You said to send our info for free stuff, but I never got it.
    I'm just kidding. ^^

  31. Hi Angie,

    I heard about KBS World Radio while searching for iPod/iPhone apps. that would play K-Pop music. Pretty much just stumbled on it. I listen to it on a daily basis if I can, even the programs in other languages. It's one of the best apps. on my iPod because it connects me to a country that's so far away.

    Funny how technology brings the world closer to make it a seemingly smaller place, yeah?

    I hope you have a wonderful week!

  32. Hi Angie,

    I'm listening to KBS World Radio for one week now ^^ I'm Chinese who lives in Europe and I used to listen to Chinese music(Cantonese)but I can't understand the lyrics even though they are singing in Cantonese and I speak it fluently...

    To keep it short I've been listening to Kpop for a while now and I became a fangirl of Super Junior..I was looking for Cool FM on my phone's internetradio but it wasn't listed.. but I saw KBS world radio so I tuned in. I installed KBS world radio app on my ipod so I can listen to random kpop songs before I go to sleep.

    Thanks and keep it up,


  33. I found out about KBS World Radio through a friend. She was looking through itunes about Kpop, korean applications, etc. and stumbled across an app for KBS. She only had an ipod nano so she couldn't listen to it, but she mentioned it to me and I immediately downloaded it for my ipod Touch.

    And the rest it history! I've been listening to KBS since February, and I wish I had found it sooner. I listen to KPC every morning before work, and KPI on the weekend. It's a regular routine for me now. ^_^

    Love it, and I hope it will go on forever!

    Thanks to Angie, DJ Young, Sophia, Min-young, and everyone else at KBS World!

  34. Hi Angie,

    I became a kpop fan a couple months ago ever since I started to watch korean dramas <3. I've decided that I want to learn some simple korean words/phrases so I went to search for something in itunes and I came across KBS World Radio! I need a daily dose of KBS music at the start of my day to get me going. ^_^

    It's awesome to have the KBS World Radio app <3. Thanks to everyone who are working hard to keep KBS World strong! Hwaitingg! :)

    Have a nice week!

    NJ, USA

  35. hey angie ,
    i found about the radio when i was searching for a radio channel that play a korean music ,this was over a year and a half ago, and that was when i found about KBS , i listen to it in all the languages
    i really enjoy listening to KBS radio the most

    thanks for providing such interesting program , keep it up ^^

    Rehab E.

  36. You know Angie, it was totally by accident. In March, I bought a shortwave radio, wanting to learn the news and culture of the countries outside Europe. Although it was really difficult to pick up any stations outside of Europe, I managed to listen to KBS World Radio using one of the relay transmitters - on a Sunday.

    Because I only managed to pick up the half-hour broadcast, I felt kind of empty afterwards. Thankfully, I found out that the hour broadcast was not also available to me, but easier to pick up too. So now I plan my Sundays to get my fix of K-POP goodness. It's a good thing that I'm a student, since where I live, the hour-long KPI is broadcast at midnight.

    I kind of wish that shortwave stations from other countries had their own equivalent of KPI, but they don't, so you hold a monopoly on the musical side of international radio ;) Keep it up.

    - Chris P from the UK

  37. Great answers all! I guess I have to show Super Junior more love (as if I don't already for all you Suju fans!!! I play like one Suju song PER KPI broadcast! I'm gonna lose the rest of the listeners if I keep this up! :P) because a lot of you found us through navigating through KBS's website in search of the Suju guys' radio broadcasts. Haha

    Whatever I do for them in appreciation, I also have to do for Steve Jobs for creating iPod Touch, iPhones, applications, etc!

    As cheesy as this sounds, I seriously thank EVERY ONE of you guys (well, the ones who are active through blogging and messaging bc those are the only ones I know of! Hehe) and feel like I have gotten to know some of you so well through all of these different forms of internet interaction. Technology and kpop is AMAZING! ^^

    P.S. Chris, glad to hear we're "monopolizing" international music radio! Haha. In that case, I hope the other countries DON'T catch up with KBS World Radio! :P