Sunday, July 18, 2010

Post-Star Chat With 2WINS!!!!

So we had another Star Chat for this past KPI as you all know...
And just like always, here's my post-interview "scoops" on them!

I have to say, that doing these Star Chats really allow you to see the "human" side to these "celebrities". I've said this in previous entries, but there are some really NICE and GENUINE stars out there. It's just the few jerks in the industry that give the rest of them a bad name I think. Granted, to be fair, I'm probably not getting an objective look at them because they're not going to be jerks to the interviewer who can "control" the coverage these stars will get! Hehe...makes me feel...sort of powerful. Muahaha...Okay enough of the corny evil laughter and onto the nitty gritty!

As you all know, 2wins are new. They're only JUST starting to get noticed so they are still in their "humble" stage. Believe it or not, this was their first radio interview/coverage since they debuted. TopBob has done interviews before but with his previous group TBNY, not 2wins. But he was still kind of nervous because it was going to be conducted in English. He kept asking, "Do I have to talk? Am I allowed to speak Korean?" LOL Bumkey was super nervous because this was his first radio experience. Haha it was kind of cute actually.

They were RIGHT on time! (I LOVE it when stars are punctual...I've had to wait over an hour for some of the previous Star Chats...cough *SECRET* cough!) They did the 90 degree bow and everything. I gave them a translated list of the questions I was going to ask and there was a Korean spelling error that TopBob pointed out. I laughed because it was my mistake because Korean isn't my most comfortable language. He pointed it out not in a teasing way, but kind of "aww that's cute" kind of way so it was all good! We got set up in the studio and TopBob asked me how old I was. I asked him, "How old do you think I am?" He answered, "You look young." LOL So I told him, and he looked surprised and said..."Wow. We're the same age" as a joke because clearly he wasn't the same age as me. I'm guessing early to mid 30's. He refused to tell me til the end. Haha Bumkey said he was born 1984 so you do the math! During the interview, I think you'll notice Bumkey didn't talk much. I think it stemmed from his nervousness and so he couldn't think of his answers right off the bat. But overall, I thought they both did well considering it was their first experience! You could tell TopBob was much more comfortable at the mic.

When the interview ended, we're talking the second our mics were turned off, TopBob turned to me and said, "You're a great host. You conducted that very well. In all honesty, because you're so young, I didn't think you would be that good, but you're very good. You're definitely going to make it big in this industry." I was blown away by his compliment and really appreciated his honesty. And on our way out of the studio, just as formalities, I said that I hoped that they would visit us again in the future. TobBob looked at me with a very serious expression and stuck out his pinky. He promised, "The next time you invite us, we PROMISE to come again." So we pinky swore on it! In just a week's time, their song "Star" jumped over 100 spots to number 70 on the Gaon music chart! So they're on their way up. I'm going to wait until they really make a name for themselves and then invite them again! Haha

They both tweeted me a nice little message after the interview. TopBob included a really funny video of his impersonation of a lizard that you guys should check out. Hilarious.

Anyways, bottom line, I had a great time. Show 2wins lots of love you guys. They're really passionate about their music without the "fluff". They're just real. Very different from the idols out there which are more about the "packaging" and marketing, but still worth checking out!


  1. Hahaha, the video of his lizard impersonation was funny. What they said is true, you really are a great host Angie ^^

    Take care and God Bless,

    Paul T.

  2. haha the lizard impersonation was funny ~ thanks for sharing angie ^^ wow they're so down to earth :D :D hehe ~ they're sooo cool ~ i wish i got to meet them ^^
    but yes i agree with the 2wins and paul t. you are a great host :)
    hope to hear more from 2wins :) will be supporting them ^^

    ps they're cute XD hehe ~ no cheatin on eunhyuk though >.< but they're still cute ^^

    thanks again angie :)
    take care and keep it up!

    Kim Valerio

  3. That was a great interview Angie! 2WINS are really fun and I LOVE their sound. "Bleeding" was as good as "Star"... I love them both! Thanks to you and Sophia for getting them on the show. ^^

    - Kim

    Kim Shaw
    Virginina USA