Monday, June 14, 2010

May CD Drawing Winners!!!

CONGRATULATIONS to the following KPI listeners on KBS World Radio because you are the lucky FOUR that have won the monthly CD drawing contest!!!

Basically how it works is you all email me your name, address, and Kpop CD of your choice to
Then at the end of each month, I draw out four names to send them their CD! Yup, it's as easy as that. HOWEVER, there is one thing that I'd like to note:

SOMETIMES the CD that you may have requested becomes sold out here in Korea. Sometimes artists will produce more copies, but that's unfortunately not always the case. This is why we try to send you what's the next best CD. I'm sorry, but we simply use our judgment to do that. So for example, if you requested the newest 2PM album, but it's sold out, we'd then probably send you their second to the most recent album. Get it? So please understand that kind of a situation. =( It WOULD help, if you perhaps give me your top two choices. That way, if your first choice is sold out, we can try to get you your second choice. =)

Anyways, without further's MAY's CD drawing winners!!! Congrats again!

Ian Morrison
Any 2AM CD

Ruby Anne T. Quejada
Calamba City, Laguna
Any Super Junior Album

Velancia Teo Yee Cheng
Super Junior's 4th album- Bonamana

Jacqueline McPhee
Super Junior's Sorry Sorry Repackage album


  1. congratulations to those who won!!!~ wow! Super Junior 4th Albums! Just bought one myself recently~
    Alagin, congratulations! =D

  2. congratz on those who won!
    i hope to win this month XD
    keke ~

  3. thank you so much angie!!so glad i have won the ost collection cd and may cd album though i only started listening to this radio recently!!thanks lots!!
    btw can i know around when will i receive those cds?

  4. How do i enter for the next month's contest? Do i just email you angie?
    ~thanks ;)
    and congrats to the winners. you guys have good taste in music.

  5. Hello. how do i win for the cd?? this is my first time doing this. my bday is couming up on fathers day so i was hopping i could win something. XD

  6. The CD's may take up to a month to reach you! ㅠㅠㅠ

    Please be patient with us~! ^^

    Congrats again and good luck to everyone else!


  7. Thank u so much Dj angie! and kbs!..
    im very happy that i won suju cd..
    i celebrated my birthday in the 22nd of may!.. i think this cd will be the best gift for me!. i really love super junior..
    thank you again!.
    i will keep on supporting on u and kpop connection! kpop fighting!