Monday, June 14, 2010

Your Two Cents: Craziest Thing You've Done as a Fan???

Hi all~

I'm starting to run out of Y2C questions! if you have any suggestions, PLEASE post them up on the blog or email them to me to! ^^

ANYWAYS, this week's Y2C question is this:

What is the craziest or most extreme thing you've ever done as a fan???

I actually posted this up on my twitter a long time ago and got some very interesting responses, so decided I wanted to get more of your opinions on this! Of course being that our show is call KPOP Interactive, it'd be great if you crazy fan behavior was for a KPOP star, but it's not necessary. Perhaps it's something crazy you did for another American singer, British singer, Chinese singer, Filipino singer...WHATEVER! Just the craziest thing you've ever done for a celebrity!

Perhaps you waited for hours in the rain for concert tickets. Maybe you bought them all these gifts for their birthday and sent it to them. Perhaps you bought 50 copies of their album to help out in album sales! LOL...whatever it is, LET ME KNOW!

Be sure to listen on this Sunday's KPI to see if your answers were read!


  1. Hey Angie unnie, hope your week has been okay!

    Hmm i haven't had that many crazy fan experiences however...

    I am on an SJ fansite called SJ World, and last year they held projects for each member...I personally made sure I participated in each of these projects no matter what silly thing I had to do....not much I know...

    Uhmm, recently however, I skipped out of school for half an hour and spent $225 I didn't really have on tickets to a Muse concert for me and my worth it :)
    I'd do the same for any K-pop star ^o^

    Hope that's crazy enough for you, have a great week!

    Kathryn from Australia

  2. Hi Angie, this question really let me reflect on my actions as a fan.

    The last time BEG came to Singapore, I think I just went nuts at the fan-sign meeting. People probably thought I was crazy... Cos I was like at the back... Yet I was screaming like no tomorrow.

    The other would be being the member of a particular group's fan-site... I regretfully confess that initially when I joined the group... I spent so much time in the projects of the site that I nearly failed all my subjects in school. It's definitely a lesson learnt. Even though I'm still a crazy fan now, I'm able to control my emotion surges better.

    Aloysius, Singapore

  3. Hi all!! How are you doing??

    Well, I also haven't had many fan experiences, but~
    I live in Peru. People doesn´t like K-pop a lot and always says "oh, you like those Chinese people" and we [k-pop fans] keep saying "they are not Chinese, but Korean!!!" It's so stressful T_T

    Let's see~ Latin American and Spanish Triple S held a project early in the year~ we were supposed to send a fanbook to our Oppas of SS501 [I don't know if they have already received it]. All of us had to record a video cheering them, but I didn't know it, so I didn't appear on it. My friend and I went to one of the most beautiful basilicas of Lima and took pictures of us with posters and short was so shameful...tourists looked at us and said "ohh they are taking pictures to their boyfriends!" is not so great, but in that moment it was really shameful. We only did it 'cause we love SS501!!! And now, we're traying really hard to bring a Korean Band to Peru... I hope we can make it, so I could show how crazy I'm about K-pop! ^^ Have a nice week, I hope you to understand what I wrote [my English is not so good yet ^^].

    Yoselin from Peru.

  4. Hi Angie!! How you doing? Good I hope

    So far, I don't think I've ever done a craziest thing for any stars but I do participate in forum's projects. Like the last project i took part was cover my mouth with 'RESPECT LEADJA' and my location written on a paper for Jay Park. For the upcoming project is for Soshified, So Nyeo Shi Dae Int'l Fanbase. We have to post any landmarks or signboard with SNSD logo in the picture. So my cousin and I are going to take part in it.

    I used to like TVXQ and Super Junior so much. I can't speak, read nor understand Chinese but I sacrificed my money to buy a Chinese magazine just because they had TVXQ and Super Junior in it and I kept tiny pictures of them. When I look back on those days, I laugh at myself.

    Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia

  5. Hey Angie,

    I think being a K-pop fan has made me crazy period. LOL I’ve done so many new things that I normally wouldn’t do they seem crazy to me, but maybe not to others:

    #3. Traveling clear across the country (from DC to LA) to stand in the heat for about 8 hours just to see Rain and cheer him on for his Speed Racer premiere. Luckily he shook my hand and we fans were treated to a screening of the movie. ^^

    #2. Driving 5 hours to NY simply to place a post-it note on the New York JYPE building for Jay Park (for The Jay Post-it Demonstration). It resulted in me making some great new friends two who are now like my sisters ^^

    #1. I had just turned 21 that year and I hopped on my FIRST FLIGHT EVER (from DC to Las Vegas) to see Rain at Ceasar’s Palace. The whole trip was unforgettable for good and bad reasons and was REALLY expensive, but it was the beginning of my k-pop groupie lifestyle. ROFL!

    - Kim

    Virginia USA

  6. Hi Angie!

    hehe being a kpop fan in a small town like mine is a bit strange. Ive done many things but my favorite and most out of this world thing was flying all the way to korea just to see SS501's seoul persona concert live. just for one day i could experience what its like to be a number 1 fan and a triple S. Im not in triple S but i felt moved when many of the Triple S fans were surprised an american would come across the world to see a group they love. Ive gained many friends because of this and hope to gain many more.

    Wisconsin, USA

  7. Hello Angie!
    I am originally from a pretty much all white community (I am white myself) and I grew up listening to Kpop since the age of 12 (Im 19 now). American music wasn't my thing so I didn't go to concerts. I am a big SM Town lover. So when a couple of my online friends asked me if I wanted to go to the 2009 Hollywood Bowl concert that SNSD and Shinee were to perform at, I really couldn't say no. I live in South Carolina and the concert was in California, So I spent over $300 on my airplane ticket, then another $150 on my Hollywood Bowl ticket and only stayed in L.A. for ONE DAY! I also bought a number of CDs in KTown. By the time I got home, I was exhausted! But the exprience was well worth it =).

    ~Corina C.
    South Carolina, US

  8. I haven't really had the opportunity to really go out and "stalk" celebrities. So when it comes to craziest things I've done around them, I literally have no experience.

    I think the craziest thing I've done is putting pictures of them around my house. There was this one time where I actually printed and framed a picture of Lee Minwoo of Shinhwa and had it on my desk beside all the other pictures I have. My grandmother asked who it was and I said he was my boyfriend. She actually believed me and I kind of lived in that fantasy for some time, until it hit me in the face that I was just being silly. Haha This was actually back in junior that I'm older, I think i'll definitely go out and see them perform in different countries. Who knows, maybe I'll do something crazy spontaneously when I see them.

  9. Hi there,
    This isn't a response to the latest Y2C question but a suggestion for a possible future Y2C question segment.

    Which K-pop song do you think would NOT have been such a hit if there wasn't any music video?


  10. Hey angie :)
    i've been reading the comments and at first, i thought i was crazy, but it turns out my experiences sound quite average.
    ~ i took a 3 hour train ride to the JYP building in New York for a Christmas sort of fanmeeting for the wondergirls. THe line was tremendously long and i had to wait in the winter weather conditions (it was a few degrees below 0) and i was freezing. I stood in the line for almost two hours... ;) totally worth it.
    ~ also i took a 2 hour train ride to hammerstein ballroom for the wondergirls/2PM concert. I arrived three hours early to the concert.
    But i guess this doesn't compare to other people's crazy wild adventures ;)

  11. Awww... I feel soo left out!


    I haven't done anything crazy, but follow my kpop stars on twitter, went to LA twice in one month for KMF & WG Album Launch, attended WG concert in SF, ........but as a BEAST fan I have been thinking about getting a tattoo "B2UTY" - LoL haven't figure out where though...

    ^_^ Thanks for reading! Love ya Angie!

  12. Hi Angie!

    Selene's suggestion is very thoughtful! These days you have to "see" songs instead of "listening" to them.

    I'd like to sharpen this blade a bit more:

    Which artis or group wouldn't be this popular without the image created by media/management company etc??? or

    which artist or group has an image they wouldn't have without help and hype created by media/management company???

    Good Luck

  13. Hey Angie!

    I've never done any thing crazy as a fan... >.>

    I do follow them on twitter
    And I did name my character for Pokiemon SoulSilver after a Kpop star :)

    Brittany from Texas

  14. I smelled doojoon of BEAST's armpit. ^_^ we were basically waiting outside of the hotel lobby for them sat morning after the KMF concert and I was able to squeeze my way around to the other side of the van where BEAST was walking in. I didn't expect doojoon to be so tall and handsome. ^_^ as I was leaning in the driver's window, he reached his arm over my head to get a hold of the van so he could get in, and all I can remember was the sun shining down on him and me taking a big whiff of whatever cologne he had on. it was pure bliss. ^_^

  15. I live in a very small town in Nova Scotia, so I have never gotten the chance (...yet...) to see or meet a k-idol. However, as fans, my friends and I have done some crazy things.

    We have hosted anime costume dances here for many years, but since we've been into Kpop, we have Kpop Dances. And, of course, we dress up as our favorite K-idols and dance the night away!! I have learned choreography for a dance, altered clothes to look like the outfits in the MVs and LIVE performances, and more.

    It may sound strange, but it's a lot of fun!!