Sunday, June 20, 2010

Your Two Cents: Meanest celebrity in real life???

Hope you had a great weekend! As for me, I could sure use another day of it, but time stops for no one. And hence, tomorrow is yet another Monday! Actually, although I'd love to sleep in late for another day, I am excited to get back to work and start the week.

Haha...Do I sound like a big nerd/workaholic for saying that?? I don't know why, I just have a good feeling about this week! Maybe it'll be a good one. ^^

ANYWAYS, this week's Y2C question, let's be a little...negative. It's always favorite this or favorite that. Let's find out some of the more not-so-positive thoughts you have towards some of the kpop stars out there. Last week's question received only about half the number of responses that Y2C usually gets so I assume that
1. It's a bad question.
2. Many of you had busy weeks.

Whatever the reason was, hopefully this week will be a better one. Feel free to send in your suggestions for future Y2C questions too! I don't guarantee they'll be used, but there's a high chance for it!

Which kpop celebrity do you think would be a total jerk in real life? Whether it be because they're stuck up, mean in general, too busy to really care how they treat others, kind of socially-awkward, etc. Tell me WHO and WHY you think that (maybe it's just the general vibe you get from them when they appear on TV, maybe you have a friend who's had a bad run in with them, etc.). It can be a kpop singer, actor, model, etc. Any figure in kpop. ^^

Post up your answers and see if they're read on next week's KPI!!! Thanks guys!


  1. How many responses is considered enough? Your first assumption! (Look Up!) wasn't the reason why the last Y2C got not-so-many responses.Perhaps most of listeners didn't have personal encounters with KPOP artists etc. But those who responed had pretty interesting stories!!

    To some degree this week's Y2C can be "not good"!!!

    How about having ordinary song requests until an idea that applies to most of the listeners/readers comes along?!

  2. Hi Angie,
    Don't be discouraged by the fewer responses to a Y2C question. Some of your readers/ listeners like yours truly may like Kpop music but don't see themselves as fans who'd do all sorts of things for the Kpop artistes.

    I don't watch MTV, or KBS TV and my main source of Kpop music is KBS so whenever there are questions related to specific stars or MVs, I blank out because most of the time, I can't match any face to the music.

    Trust me, your blog is doing pretty well as a newcomer.


  3. Hello Angie

    I want you to keep up the good work Angie even if everyone doesn't appreciate all you do. Sometimes I don't answer the Y2C either because I'm busy or like last weeks' had already given you my answer and you read it on-air earlier.

    Let me be the first to actually answer the question. I don't know why but UEE has always given me the feeling that she could be really cold in person. She probably is very nice but with how she always seems to have that blank expression on her face she gives off that kind of vibe. Even in her music videos she always has that same look on her face. Like she couldn't care less about the song or even being there. Maybe it's just me?


    Max from Chicago

  4. Hi Angie,

    I was one of the ones that didn't write last week, sorry. We were moving for the summer.
    I don't really know who'd be a douche, but there's something about JYP that I don't like (Sorry JYP fans). Maybe because it seems like he's making music for the money and not for the fans.
    We just saw a concert of Ssaw this week and they were sooooooooo cool! The guy was saying that they were making music because they love music, not for the money.

    Take Care and God Bless,

    Paul T.

  5. Hey Angie, it could be have been a pretty busy week for most of us. (Myself having tests to study for) However, there are probably silent listeners about this blog as well so that could lead to a drop in answers but don't give up, yeah? 파이팅!

    About your question, my thoughts were from long ago when I first joined the ranks of listening to K-pop. Watching show after show, I noticed that SoHee of the Wonder Girls seemed unusually aloof and not too responsive on shows. She gave me the feeling that either she wasn't bothered to be interested or otherwise. However, few weeks back as I watched an episode of Win Win(승승장구), I finally realised that SoHee was merely very shy beneath her cold exterior... So that sort of cleared things up a bit.

    Another person would be UEE. I would have to agree with Max that UEE gives off a feeling of someone having a cold personality. Albeit having seen her on TV, I still do not feel as attracted to her as compared to her fellow After School members. I still prefer AS's JooYeon ;D

  6. Special shout out to my MALE listeners for being some of the fastest to answer!!! ^^ Max, Paul, guys are awesome!

    As for the Anonymous person who suggested holding off on questions and just going with requests...
    Y2C question or NO question, requests are ALWAYS welcomed. If I don't play many requests, it's because (honestly) I don't receive many (remember you need to send in KPI song requests to The requests posted on ourmessage board on, we try to get out to you asap by playing them throughout the week on KPC with Dj Young). If you did send in a request, but I didn't play it, it's for the sake of trying to not overplay the same songs. I try not to play the same song two KPI weeks in a row...or two songs by the same artist even. IF I can help it. Obviously, some of the super frequently-requested artists, I can't really get around NOT playing them two weeks in a row! *cough* Super Junior! *cough*

    Just wanted to clear that up. ALWAYS feel free to send in requests. That's TOTALLY separate from Y2C!

    Thanks all~ I love KBS World listeners!! ^^


  7. Hi Angie

    This is Cynthia from Singapore!

    I apologize for my absence in commenting last week's Y2C question. It's not a bad question, really. It's just that i do not have any experiences being a crazy fans. My favourite idols are not coming to SINGAPORE you see. Haha, it's pretty upsetting.

    Please believe that i have always enjoy your Y2C questions and answered it almost every week. (If you recognized my name.) Hehe!

    Well, there are two celebrities that gave me bad vibes from the start of their debut. [I have to apologize beforehand, no offense to their fangirls/fanboys. Haha!]

    They are CL from 2NE1 and Taecyeon from 2PM. For CL, its truly vibes. Right from her debut, she gives off a fierce and arrogant feel which i don't like it. Moreover, her exaggerated dressing-style had minus off even more marks.

    As for Taecyeon, because of the Jaebum & 2PM controversy, he made some comments that upset many fans, i believe. Stating negative social lives of Jaebum, when they have been trained together. Where's their brotherhood? Friendship? Or at least, being an ex-colleagues? How could he say such things.

    Anyway, let bygones be bygones. I'm still a loyal fan of 2Oneday and still enjoying 2NE1's music.

    Angie, have a good week ahead!

    *Thanks Angie, KBS Producer, Mailgirl and the whole KBSWorld Radio Stn. I've received my KBS OST Compilation CD! It was Daebak!*

    Red Devils Rocks! Dae Han Min Guk Fighting! DO Korea & Asia Proud!

    With Love.

  8. Hi Angie

    I have the same story as Selene. I only listen to KPOP music so when it comes to visual aspects of it I don't know what to say.

    It's both because it's not available and I think if a music is good it shall be heard not seen. (Perhaps this is the craziest thing I've done because image is an inseparable part of music for many!!)


  9. hi i'm new here and this is my first comment well anyway for ur question i think that lee min ho from bof and uee from after school are so superficial!! i don't why but every time i watch them either on an interview or tv programme i just feel that they're fake!!!and the personnality they show isn't their real one!!
    ps:i'm not reffering to their actings kills they are quiet good but fake !!!

  10. Hi Angie :)
    sorry for not answering last week's Y2C cuz I was really busy but not gunna miss this week's question ^__^
    100% I agree with max & Aloysius UEE gives me the feeling that she's cold n dont care about anybody (no offence tho)

    Also, I saw Daniel Henney on Family outing S1 he gave me that vibe dunno y O_O but he seemed abit arrogant (just a feeling)

    love ur hard work Angie n I always listen to ur programs n read ur tweets ;) (fighting <3)

    Meemo Saudi Arabia

  11. hi angie :)
    sorry for not answering last weeks question...i had no answer for it >.<!
    and i was busy with exams T.T but im glad its over!

    umm i have to agree with the others who said Uee...first time i saw her i thought she was ok...a bit cold but it can pass...but then i saw her in you're just emphasized it more! like she doesnt care bout anyone...maybe its her strong deep set eyes? i dunno...i have nothing against her though ^-^ keke ~
    i cant think of anyone else though...hmm lol

    thank you for your hard work angiee!!! hwaiting! take care :)

  12. Hey Angie,

    As the others have said, please don’t feel discouraged by the lack of responses you get. I know I’m guilty of not having time to respond to your Y2C questions or even send request into KPC, but it’s only because of my busy schedule. I’m sure others are like that as well. Your questions are awesome! I mean, what k-pop fangirl (or fanboy) wouldn’t enjoy answering questions about their k-pop likes/dislikes. Keep up the good work hun! ^__^

    As for a celebrity I think is cold/standoffish/mean… I know I’m going to get a lot of heat for this, but I would have to say for a female celebrity: Taeyeon from Girls Generation and for a male celebrity: Taecyeon from 2PM. Whenever I see all of the SNSD girls on interviews or shows, I always get this weird vibe from Taeyeon – almost like she doesn’t want to be there. It could be her shyness, but in a group of bubbly girls singing bubblegum pop it’s a bit awkward. Or even when she jokes it seems as if her comments can be very sarcastic (not that I’m not sarcastic), but more annoying and less funny. But I don’t KNOW her and I’ve never had any interaction with her so she could be a really nice person. Now Taec… I know you love him Angie (as I do too), but the boy has gotten really standoffish and rather mean to fans. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing 2PM perform live twice this year and both times it seems that Taecyeon’s interaction with the crowd was so minimal. And watching fancams (videos taken by fans) when they see him on the street, in the hotel or at the airport he’s extremely cold to them. Unfortunately a lot of fans are taking this behavior as arrogance, but I don’t think so. I think he’s still dealing with the whole Jaebum thing and not sure how he should react to the fans. I could be totally off, but that’s my opinion. Bottom line – would it kill Taeyeon and Taecyeon both to lighten up?! Sheesh. Lol

    - Kim ^^

    Virginia USA

  13. Hi Angie, I also apologize for not answering last week's Y2C. But I'm not missing out on this week's ^^
    Talking about the meanest celebrity heh?~ Hmmmmm....
    I think I agree with amny people here. I also feel that UEE would be the meaniest. Maybe she is not mean in real life,cus maybe she is just camera shy? o.O not so sure about that.
    I do know that the reason why many people thinks she is mean. That's because of the drama she participated in "You're Beautiful". She was the mean character who did everything to get what she wants in that Drama.
    Because You're Beautiful is really popular, I'm sure everyone watched it. People whould automaticly see the Real UEE as a mean girl.
    That is actually kind of unfair...cus we can't really judge people that way...
    I am still unsure what kind of person she really is, cus I'm not really a big fan of them. My opinions are based on drama's I've watched =P
    I hope UEE can also film some other dramas, but this time, gets to be a better character. Maybe she'll be able to gain some popularities that way~

    -HB Wang~ From Canada~ ^^
    Love you Angie~ and also DJ Young. PS. Say hi to him please~ XD

  14. I spent all week trying to think of someone, but I couldn't. The above idols are good choices, but I just can't think of any myself. All idols are probably very different behind closed doors. In order to be popular, they have to keep a certain image for the public. You can't blame them right.

    So although I don't have a pick, I wanted to mention that the Y2C are always good! Just as others have stated, Angie is great, and so is KPI. I think some weeks are just a fluke is all. We all listen and all love KPC and KPI.

    Thanks Angie, and everyone at KBS!

  15. hi unnie ~ i thought of others keke ~
    umm the wondergirls? i dunno i just have this vibe when ever i watch them in a variety they dont wanna be there :\
    and for a guy...sorry to say but yunho >.<!! i dunno :( another vibe?? but i do love him :D hehe!

    thanks angie!! stay awesome :D

  16. hey km, if you watched the episode of KBS WinWin with Wonder Girls, you will know that it's not the Wonder Girls do not want to be there, but because with other stars their stage presence diminishes so they tend to hide around the back and seem like they do not want to be there...

    Just something I found out about WG and offering my opinion ;D