Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Next Star Chat!!!

We haven't had a Star Chat on KPI in awhile...but no worries! We have one THIS WEEK (June 13, 2010)!!

Like always, here's a few hints on who our guests are:

1. Females
2. Their name sounds a lot like a famous artist.
3. Could their favorite number POSSIBLY be 82??

If you do know the answer, help me out!
What kind of questions do you want me to ask them??

I can't guarantee I'll use them, BUT I will take them into consideration! ^^


  1. unnie - is davichi?
    if so can you ask Kang Min-kyung how she just hmm - i want to know how to sing well...what's her secret or their secret on having such great voices :)

    Kim Valerio

  2. Hey Kim, I'm just as curious... I think it's davichi or Seeya(?) hmm...

  3. Hi


    They were in STAR CHAT last year on 2009-03-22. It's great to have them once again. Welcome Back!

    Since you introduced them with 82 I got a question!!

    1. With the busy schedule and fast life they have:

    1-1 What is it that they DON'T LIKE to do 8282 빨리빨리 (Quickly)? &
    1-2 What is it that DO LIKE to do 천천히 (Slowly)?

    2. Do they still want to be recognised? (like when going out)? (Because at that time they kind of were unhappy that they weren't much recognised)

    I wish them success!

  4. I would like to know where they would go on their dream vacation.
    One question that should always be asked is what their Ee-sang-hyeong is. This would be for all future guests as well. And they shouldn't have to choose just Korean stars they could choose any star. Or maybe they could just describe their ideal guy/girl.

  5. Hello ^_^

    Definitely Davichi !!!

  6. Oh my god!Its Davichi!!!Love them!<3 Love their songs,Hot Stuff and their new song Time,Please Stop.Davichi Fighting!!!(^^)/

    p/s:Time,Please Stop MV so creative..i love it!:D

    Lots of love,


  7. Hello!

    If they weren't a singer what other job would they do?

  8. Ah,Davichi!It's the song 8282,one of their hits.