Sunday, June 27, 2010

Your Two Cents: What song is currently on repeat???

This week's question is very simple. I wanna know what everyone is listening to these days!

I know we have GAON music chart, album sales, not to mention all of your requests that come in... but I want to get an idea of what songs are MOST popular with OUR KBS World Radio listeners! ^^

Tell me which song is currently on repeat for you on your Ipods, MP3 players, car, CD players, etc.! Don't forget to tune in on Sunday to see if your choice gets played on KPI!

Have a great week all!!! ^^


  1. Hey Angie,
    The song that is currently currently on repeat is the new solo song by TOP- Turn It Up, SS501's Love Ya (i can't get enough of that song! I absolutely love it!), and I Did wrong by 2AM. Those songs are really catchy!!

  2. Hey Angie,

    Sorry for using "douche" last week. I didn't know it was that bad, my brother uses it all the time (He lives in LA) ^^
    Well, Sophie and I usually listen to a lot of Park Hyo Shin, Kim Bum Soo, and Big Mama when we go traveling. So I guess we listen to those the most. I guess the song we listen to most is Park Hyo Shin's "Because I'm a Common Man." I love it because it's soooooo sad (Park Hyo Shin + Lee So Ra = emotional) so I always sing it out loud in the car.

    Thanks for everything and God Bless,

    Paul T.

  3. Hi Angie,

    Don't really have any song on repeat but if I did, here're two numbers I'd be listening to again and again:

    Xiah Junsu's Beautiful Thing ( still waiting for him to develop a solo career)Love the lyrics, the delivery and the brevity.

    Park Hyo-shin's Snow Flower ( Nun KKot) - great melody, great voice.


  4. Paul~ Don't apologize!! ^^
    That's your own opinion and I was going to actually say it, but decided against it at the last second. My hesitation over it gave me and Sophia a good laugh though so thanks for that!


  5. Hi Angie,

    The song thats always being repeated on my ipod is ComeBack Again by Infinite. Infinite has to be one of the best rookie groups out there.

  6. Hi there! New listener here :)
    one of my favorite songs is Shinee's "Ring Ding Dong", because that was the first kpop song I played for my best friend, and now she's a kpop addict too! XD. We play it all the time.
    And my 3 other all-time favorite songs are Dong Bang Shin Ki's "Purple Line", Kim Jong Kook's "Sarang Surowo", and Davichi's song "8282"

    love, peace, and kpop <3. ~Fae

  7. Whoohoo, been waiting for such a Y2C question.

    I currently hit repeat on my iPod for 2 songs. One is SNSD's "Oh!" and the other is IU & Seulong's Nagging or 잔소리. SNSD's "Oh!" is a definite must to hit replay --- catchy lyrics and addictive tunes just summarizes it up.

    As for Nagging, I really like it's bubblegum-pop style coupled with romantic duet, which was why it ended up in my replay list too.

  8. The songs that I've been listening to is no other by super junior, hello by g-dragon, love u by seo in guk and love light by cn blue. They practically have their own playlist on my iPod.

    --staCEY >.<

  9. Hi Angie ! It's been awhile since my last comment on ur blog. Sorry for not being active. The songs that i'm listening to for the pass few weeks were Super Junior - One Fine Spring Day and In My Dream, CNBLUE - Sweet Holiday, Girls Generation-Run Devil Run and Davichi-Time, please stop

    Michie (Michelle Lim)

  10. hi angie! the songs thay im listening to are A Short Journey by Super Junior, Love U by Seo In Gook, Love by CN Blue, The End is Coming by 8Eight & It Has To Be You by Yesung.

    Kim Valerio

  11. Hi, Angie!

    I have two songs that are on repeat on my iPod right now. Super Junior's "No Other" from the BONAMANA Repackaged Album. Also another Super Junior song, "Why I Like You". I hear the second one for the first time yesterday and I thought it was amazing.

    In general, my entire Super Junior playlist is what I've been listening to since February, which is when my friend got me into them.

    Have a good week!

  12. Hi sweet Angie :)
    nice Y2C for this week ^_^
    the songs that are currently on repeat 1. Suju BONAMANA 2.SS501 - Love Ya 3.CNBLUE love light 4.MBLAQ - Y
    I cant get enuf of them lol but still I listen to other nice songs

    as always Angie ty for ur hard work <3

    Meemo KSA

  13. Hello Angie! :)
    School's over! Woot ^_^ I miss listening to KPC + KPI and your Y2C questions. :]

    Anyways, the songs that are currently on repeat on my iPod would be:
    1) F(x) - "Nu ABO"
    2) SNSD - "Oh!" & "Run Devil Run"
    3) 4 Minute - "HuH"
    4) Orange Caramel's (After School's sub group) - "Magic Girl" (Love this one!)

    I love these songs a lot!~ :) K-Pop is the best!

    Have a nice week!

    NJ, USA

  14. Ahhh I am in love with this song!! It's always on repeat that I actually learned the Korean lyrics fluently!! Well fluent enough for me :) it's a really nice song and it has nice lyrics :) SHINee's Love's way ^=^

    Manila, Philippines

  15. Hey Angie! ^^

    I actually have several songs on repeat!
    Super Junior's Bonamana and Boom Boom
    SuJu's Yesung's It Has To Be You
    Brian's In My Head
    F(x)'s Nu ABO
    SS501's Love Ya
    4 Minute's HuH
    F(x)'s Me+U

    Brittany from Texas <3

  16. Hi!

    What's currently on replay for me is the BEAST CD I got from KBS World Radio!!! It's in my car & playing everytime I'm on the road..

    LoL.. I LOVE to shop & sometimes my younger brother/sisters would tag along.. They got mad at me becuz they couldn't get BEAST songs out of their head when they got into the store..

    Everytime the 'EASY' song comes on, I would feel butterflies in my tummy becuz it was the first song BEAST sung at this year's KMF - the feeling of EXCITEMENT when I saw them coming out on stage - UNFORGETABLE!

    Thanks again for the GREAT CD Angie!

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  18. hello dj angie!..
    oh sorry, i was not active last months..
    i was very busy especially in school..
    im already at the last year of high school so i must focus on studying..
    but i will try my best to open ur blog and kpop conncetion everyday...

    anyway, my answer to y2c..
    i always replay and replay the song..
    no other than
    "NO OTHERS" by Super Junior...
    oh my god!... it's very nice and good song..
    im inlove in that song..
    it makes me calm and comfortable..
    and also im very happy and in mo0d when im listening it..
    its from the 4th album repackaged of suju!! i love it very very much..
    a very unique song..

    thats all angie...
    take care always! :)

    ---ruby anne

  19. hi! greetings from Romania! even though i have been listening to this radio for about 4-5 months it's my first comment. :-D well the song that i am always listening to is love in the ice by dong bang shin ki!!!they are my favourite band ever and actually the first korean band that i listened to in 2008 i think...!!!but also not to forget super junior with bonamana and bi rain with love song!!and there are many other songs but lets keep it short!
    thats all i guess!! keep up the good job angie!!!i love your program and i am sad that here in our country there aren't any radio programs broadcasting korean songs but i am really happy that i have finally found i radio program in english where i can listen to my favourite music,keep in touch with the latest gossip about the korean bands and dramas!!!so thank you!bye bye!!!!

    alice from romania

  20. Hello Angie!

    it's my second time commenting! the songs that are currently repeating on my playlist are:

    2am - i did wrong
    8eight - the end is coming
    baek ji young - don't forget (it's not new but i fell in love with it the first time i hear it)
    yesung - it has to be you

    Jessie from Singapore

  21. Hi Angie!!
    I went cmaping for 5 days therefore I missed listening to KPC and KPI. I feel like there is something missing if I don't listen to it once a day. keke

    Anyway, the songs that are currently on repeat are...
    No Other - Super Junior
    All My Heart - Super Junior
    I Hope - FT Island
    A Short Journey - Super Junior
    Girls Don't Know - FT Island
    황진이(나쁜사람-백지영)from the KBS COMPILATION CD!!!
    thank you so much once again!!!

    All the best!
    ~~Christy Leung~~
    ~ ~Canada~ ~

  22. Hi Angie~

    I have never left a comment before so I would just like to say that I love listening to the show, I try to listen as much as I can. I am so happy that there is a show like this to give out the KPop love to every one all over the world!!

    I have been listening to:

    -SNSD- Cabi Song
    -FT Island- Wing
    -2PM- Don't Stop Can't Stop
    -TOP- Turn It Up
    -Big Bang- Tell Me Goodbye (Remix and original)

    Those are just a few, there are some many it was hard to pick a couple of them.

    Keep on bring the great music, and hope one day I can get to Korea~
    -Kelly- (from Canada)

  23. Hey Angie,

    Sorry I'm not an active reader on your blog, I just pop in from time to time when I can, so I'll just leave random comments at the time as well! hahaha

    Anyway, one song I'm so in love with right now is Davichi's First Kiss off their most recent mini-album. Love love love the feel of it! :D
    And another one is 4minute's Bababa off their recent mini-album as's rather addictive. :)

    Jenny from Hawaii

  24. Hello Angie :D

    Really love KPI AND KPC :D But have been busy with school these days so did not really listen much XD will try to continue listening and supporting!

    The songs that are currently on repeat is:
    Super Junior- Miracle, Marry u (I know it is old but it keeps me going :D)
    Super Junior- Sorry Sorry, Bonamana, My all is in you, no other & A Short Journey :D Im a SUPER SUJU FAN ^^
    F(x)- NU ABO
    Lee Donghae- beautiful ( LOVE IT A LOT^^)
    SNSD- Genie
    TVXQ- Purple Line, Mirotic ^^
    This is my all time songs currently on repeat ^^

    Thank you & Keep up the good work! HWAITING! ^^
    KPOP <3


  25. This is an easy question. According to my ipod song play count, it looks like I've been listening to NU ABO by fx and Love ya by SS501 a lot.

    but I'm starting to love Y by MBLAQ now (listens to it on repeat right now too). I didn't really like the song that much when I first heard it, but now I'm definitely lovin' it. (maybe it has something to do with me thinking Mir is cute...haha)


  26. What do I listen to on repeat? ...hmmm T.O.P's Turn It Up. That's my JAM!!! kekeke

  27. Annyeong haseyo Angie :D

    I only listen to korean songs ^^

    these days I repeat this song
    ( no other - super junior )

  28. the songs that's currently on repeat for me ,is:
    ss501 love ya
    hyori how did we get
    super junior boom boom
    Seulong and IU nagging - love this song ^^-

    Egypt :)

  29. Hi Angie

    It's me Cynthia from Singapore again!

    I agree with the many great songs listed by the listeners from Super junior, SS501 etc etc.

    BUT there are many great songs by ballad singers as well! Navi, Baek Ji Young, Seo In Young etc, which i enjoyed!

    For me, songs that are currently on repeat are

    1. IU & 2AM Seulong - Nagging
    2. Super Junior - No others
    3. Baek Ji Young - Over time/As time passes
    4. SNSD's Seohyun - It's okay even if it hurts

    And the lists goes on ... HAHA!

    Thanks Angie & Have a good weekends ahead! :)


  30. Even though it's not an actual released song, the song i always listen to is a mashup mix of some of the really hot kpop songs :)
    here's a link:

    i really love it because it's got a variety like Super Junior, Wonder Girls, 2PM, CNBlue, Beast and a lot of others!

  31. Hey Angie,

    Right now, 8eight's 이별이 온다 is on repeat; but not just on my iPhone, it's constantly running on my mind!! Gotta get it out...

    Thanks to you (and DJ Young), my mornings to work are always filled with small bursts of laughter as I commute to work. :D

  32. Hi

    These days I mostly listen to Gil Hak Mi's songs.

    1-'Boom Boom Boom' feat. Bobby Kim
    3-'Fiesta' that I think is beyond kpop

    'Gil Hak Mi' is great. She performs different types of songs in her first mini album I think she has something new.

    DJ Young's excitement was proved to me when I listened to Gil Hak Mi's songs.

    I also listen to 'Jang Yoon-Jeong' who although is mostly known for her upbeat and dancy songs, has slow and sad songs too.

    Good Day
    hmyn (hymn)

  33. The song that is on repeat on my ipod right now is

    Super Junior - 잠시만 GOOD BYE (A Short Journey).

    There is a very specific reason: Kangin sings most of it.

    All SuJu fans were sad when we heard Kangin was entering the army. But we eventually accepted him leaving SJ for a while now. And then he pops up at their fanmeeting about a month ago, and we were all sad again. Time passed, and we were all okay again. Then this song was released on the repackage album, and it made us all so sad. Although written by Eunhyuk and composed by Donghae, this song speaks on so many levels for Kangin.

    The lyrics just mention about leaving on a short trip, missing someone, and hoping to see them when they get back. It's also worse when you listen to it because you remember how great a singer Kangin is and how Super Junior is missing this amazing piece by him leaving.

    Although the song makes me sad, I am still proud of Kangin. He is doing service to his country, and will return a great man. We all wish him luck, and I will listen to this song to remember him until he comes back.

  34. Super Junior's Bonamana!!

  35. SS501 Let Me Me Be The One && Love Ya <3
    also I'm repeating CNBlue's Love and LYn's Honey Baby Love
    ~Cathyy from Australia ^_^

  36. Omo, i've been inactive for a fee weeks, my bad, but hopefully if my music ban is lifted i will be back
    Right, this is gonna be one loo~onggg list, so feel free to skip it if I bore you keke~
    1. SJ - Miina
    2. SJ - Boom Boom
    3. SJ - No Other (should i stop listing SJ? XD)
    4. SS501 - Love Ya (really wanna see these guys keep goin)
    5. F(x) - Nu ABO
    6. F(x) - Mr. Boogie
    7. 2AM - To Her
    8. SNSD - Run Devil Run
    9. SNSD and 2PM - Cabi Song
    10. B2ST - Shock

    One last good one to round off the incredibly long list, perhaps i should shut up? Lol, i could keep going, but it is mainly songs that i can learn the dance to...oh no, I didn't include SHINee or DBSK....uhm save them for next time?

    Thanks, have a great week >.<
    Kathryn from Australia