Saturday, June 5, 2010

Your Two Cents: Best UPPITY song???

As you all know, this is the week before the 2010 WORLD CUP in South Africa!!! If you know ANYTHING about Koreans and the Korean culture, it can all be summed up in one word: FIERY.

Fiery tempers, fiery emotions, fiery (flaming hot) food, fiery CHEERING! World Cup season is one of the most exciting times in Korea because soccer fans AND non-soccer fans alike, all get into the cheering. Anything to do with Korea on an international stage is supported FULL FORCE.

As we all know, kpop is of course intertwined with that as well with kpop singers singing World Cup songs, making World Cup ads, and talking about how excited they are to cheer for the World Cup themselves! I was thinking of asking which Kpop star would you want to cheer alongside with...but that's kind of an obvious one. I would assume that the answers would be similar to all of your answers for "Your ideal type" question! Haha

So instead, here's another one. We've done "Best Breakup Song" before on Y2C so let's do the opposite: Best Pick-Me-Up Song? Which song gets you pumped up, energy flowing, ready to get out there and take on the world! Whether it's because of its inspirational lyrics or just the upbeat, fast tempo.

Post up your answers and see if your answers get read on next week's KPI on KBS World Radio! ^^


  1. For right now... Love ya is song makes me happy and pumped up.

  2. right now for me it's u-kiss' song - manmanhani for some reason XD
    C.N Blue's LOVE because it's something different and i like it's jazzy tune ^-^

  3. Hum... We're not only talking about kpop, right?

    Strangely enough for me upbeat songs aren't really "pick-me-up" songs. "Breakfast at Tiffany's" is one that can really get me going, maybe it's because I've sang it so many times I automatically associate it with good times. Then there is Arashi's "Happiness", it's another awesome one. Some of Tackey and Tsubasa songs are great for motivation too!

    In kpop, I suppose "Mirotic" is good for that kind of stuff.

  4. Hi Angie!

    Ok, this song puts me in the mood to dancing..
    & the lyrics is how I feel from time to time.. ^_^
    In a good way... I wanna do it my way, not someone else's.

  5. Hummmmm, I don't know, any K-pop song is really 'upptity' for me LOL.

    One that ALWAYS makes me happy is SS501's 'Song Calling For You' cos the beat is soo cheerful!
    But the list after that:
    1. TVXQ's 'Share The World'
    2. SHINee's 'The SHINee World (Doo-Bop)'
    3. Super Junior's 'Happiness'
    4. FT Island's 'The Ugly'

    and now..cos of World Cup...

    5. Super Junior's 'Victory KOREA!'

    I'll stop there..but really anything puts me in a good mood unless of course it's a sad song ^o^

    Good question this week

  6. Oh sorry, I forgot to mention who it was on the post with the lo~ong list of songs.

    Kathryn from Australia!!
    Of course lol

  7. Aloha Angie,

    Best pick up song for me will be
    1. Super Junior - Haengbok
    2. Super Junior Ryeowook - One Fine Spring Day
    3. Boa - No. 1

    Michelle aka Michie

  8. helo..Angie, I miss u.
    oh..u have changed ur Blog themes, Nice angie..! its remind me with the blog of previous dj on kpi..yes..she is Dj. sarah!.
    okay, Best pick up song 4 me is "REDS GO TOGETHER by BUZZ.
    i like the beat of this song. It gives me a spirit to enjoy my life.
    and of course, this month i'll watch the 2010 worldcup on TV..yeahh..can't wait it.
    i wanna give my support to south korea team..yeyeye..

  9. 안녕 Angie-씨

    In my opinion, I think Girls' Generation's debut song - Into the New World (다시 만난 세계) really boosts my attitude for the day a lot. When I'm feeling really down and out, I'd listen to the song and feel ready for what is coming my way later.

    The other song would definitely be the collaboration between KARA's SeungYeon, 4Minute's Hyuna, BEG's Ga-In and After School's UEE. The song is aptly named "두근두근 Tomorrow" and it sings about not being defeated by today's obstacles and being ready all over again for tomorrow.

    What about you, Angie? What song do you think is your "Pick-Me-Up Song"?

  10. For me it would be :
    1. Victory KOREA! Super Junior
    2. Try To Follow Me 2NE1
    3. Choosey Lover TVXQ
    ... I don't know why but they are just good!
    And yeah, what are your Pick-Me-Up songs Angie??

  11. A song that kind of brings up the mood for me is can't believe it by younha from the drama personal taste and here we go from super juniors new album.

    --Stacey from Hawaii, Oahu

  12. Silly song title "LaLaLa" but I like the guys of SG Wannabe ( where have they been of late?)Their evident pleasure in singing in the MV get my toes tapping all the time.


  13. Hi!

    The first song that came to my mind was:

    1- "GO" by "Shorty Cat"

    I heard it in early shows of KPC in 2007. It's such an upbeat song and makes one jump UP!

    2- "Fly Again" by "별" from OST of 9 End 2 Outs
    3- "Like A Fairy Tale" by "Loveholic"
    4- "Saranghae Jooseyo" by Lee Kyung-Seon (Heritage) from OST of One Mom Three Dads
    5- "나의 태양은 지고" by "Loveholic"
    6- "T.O.P." by "Rumble Fish"
    7- "Glory Days" by "TA Copy"
    & ...

    There are many many Pick-Me-Up songs even they are not necessarily that upbeat as one expects. That's why my list is so diverse...

    But the first choice is the right choice, "GO" by "Shorty Cat".

    "GO Korea"

    I suggest other listeners listen to it.


  14. Hello there~

    I would definitely think that SNSD & TVXQ's Haptic Motion really gets me pumped up and ready for a new day~ The upbeat song makes me move fast and get things done with a jolly mood, not forgetting having fun singing along at the same time :D

    Cheryljangwy of Singapore

  15. for me it's
    super junior - Full of happinese , even the name can make me happy XD
    and 2am - i love you
    After School - Dream girl love both the beat and the lyics of this song ^^

  16. For the,the bast pick-me-up song is Sunset Glow by Big Bang.I always listen to it in the morning to gain energy ^^

  17. Super Junior's Haengbok and miracle!!

  18. I am going to go with a totally amateur choice compared to the much learned KPI listener's answers, but my recent uppity-song has to be HaM with T.T. Dance. Despite not knowing what they are actually saying in the song, the music and English sections show a sort of 'cheer up' attitude.

    If South Korea ever have the misfortune of losing in the World Cup, play this song and tell the supporters "TT Dance, get over your sorrow" :)

    - Chris P from the UK!

  19. Hello!
    How are you?
    I see a lot of people mentioned Super Junior's Victory Korea! song and I agree with that one. I like how very often kpop artists incorporate spelling out English words into their songs. It's fun.
    Anyway, my favorite uppity songs would have to be ZE:A's Mazeltov and U-KISS's Without You, Round and Round, and Man Man Ha Ni. Oh and BEAST's Beast is the B2ST. That one makes me laugh a lot. But I love that all these songs just make you want to burst into spontaneous dancing!
    Thank you! I love your show!
    -Weronika from Chicago

  20. Hey Angie,

    Defintely f(x)'s "NU ABO".
    Love that song so much. I've been trying to learn the dance recently (:
    Also, BoA's "Energetic". Suitable song name~
    and "Bonamana", of course. Even though I'm not the biggest fan, I can't resist singing it when it comes on!

    What is your favorite upbeat song? (:

    -Sammy from MD, USA

  21. 안녕 Angie~
    I have quiet a few "pick-me-up" songs in kpop. My top ones are probably BoA's "You're still my No.1" and "누난 너무예뻐" or "Replay" by Shinee. Even though they're old, they're still goodys!
    For current stuff, I have to say I LOVE NU ABO by F(x) =D!

  22. Hi Angie!!

    When I listen to Super Happy songs like Pajama Party or Cooking Cooking I get really really happy!
    and also super junior's older songs like happiness or dancing out are also very good energizing songs!

    ~ ~Canada~ ~

  23. Hi Angie! My ipod is still not back. and as i said, it wqill never come back.
    remember I answered your two cents question for the Korean Drama OST CD? I still haven't recieved that delivery...Are you sure you sent it?! T-T I've been waiting for a month...T-T .
    Can you send me the delivery number ( tracking number) please? I've been looking forward to see the CD but now I am let down...T-T's my answer for this week's two cents question!
    My songs are just mostly Suju songs! cus I am a big fan of theirs. ^-^
    I love their new song Bonamana.
    It is really kind of a funky style like never before. but i still love it!
    I also likes their songs One Fine Spring Day. well, it's not really a group song, it's sang by Yesung. That song is just so pretty! I love singing them to my friends and family.

    Other songs from other artists are great too! For example, Always--BOA . This song is not really well known, but it a beautiful song~ I will be trying out for SM company this year, and i will be singing this song~ =) wish me luck! =P
    Also, Stand By me- SHINEE is a great song! I first heard it on boys over flowers.

    I guess that's all the songs for this weeks question.
    Please remember to send me the tracking number! T-T I really don't want to miss my first prize...

    Love you Angie, as always!
    PS. glad to know you got better from your cold! ^-^
    Be well.

    HB Wang~- Canada

  24. Hello Angie!

    For me, it would be:
    1) KARA - "Lupin" & "We're With You"
    2) Super Junior - "Victory KOREA!"
    3) Davichi - "Time, Please Stop"
    4) F(x) - "Nu ABO"

    They all have a happy and upbeat rhythm in the songs. ^_^ Whenever I hear these songs play on the radio or on my iPod, I love to sing along with it! It just gets me into the mood. :)

    Have a nice day!

    NJ, US

  25. Hey guys! Thanks for your GREAT answers! Keep 'em coming!
    I just wanted to clear the air over HB's question over the KBS OST Compilation CD that some of you may have won from the Y2C question during the week of May 16-23.

    I'm sorry that we're so slow with our processes at KBS, but it's to ensure thoroughness! ^^ Hope you guys can understandㅠㅠ After the week ended, I gave a few days for any last minute answerers to email me their mailing address. After that, I emailed the list to our mailing staff who has to get the CD's and then mail them out individually to all of you ALL AROUND THE WORLD! ^^

    I haven't confirmed it with our mailing staff yet, but I would ASSUME the CDs were sent out early June. I do ask for your patience while our SNAIL mail gets those out to you guys!

    Thanks again for always being so loyal with your feedback and participation. We REALLY REALLY appreciate it!


  26. The songs that boost up my attitude are the ones that make me dance. For example, Super Junior's Bonamana, the Wondergirl's Tell Me, (and 2Different Tears, because of the catchy dance), and SNSD's OH!. AND, a while ago, I remember DBSK and SNSD came out with promotion songs for a phone i think?!?!- the HAHAHA song. Makes me want to laugh.
    ~ Lucy from NY,NY

  27. Hi Angie,

    You know that I love all Big Mama songs so any of their "women power" songs are my favorite upbeat songs. However, I really like 언니 by Big Mama.
    I was driving to an interview with Sophie last year, and we were playing their cd, that song came on and I was dancing like a diva (while driving) ^_^
    So another car pulled up next to us and when we looked, the guy in the passenger seat was cracking up. We always think of that when we hear that song ^_^
    What's your favorite pick-me-up song Angie?

    God Bless,

    Paul T.

    P.S. As for World Cup songs, I really like "One" by Park Hyo Shin, Ann, and Jeon So Young.

  28. Hello Angie.

    My favorite pick-me-up song...

    Right now, I'd have to say "Victory" by Super Junior as well as Super Junior Happy's "Rokkugo". They're both really fun, energetic songs.

  29. Hi Angie ^^

    Favorite pick-me-up songs...
    Super Junior's~ Boom Boom
    Super Junior M's~ Me
    Brian's~ In My Head
    SNSD~ Gee

    And Disco I don't know who sings It though :/ But T.O.P Is featured In It :)

    Brittany from Texas <3

  30. hello Angie! favorite pick-me-up songs are..
    2pm's Follow Your soul, 2am's No.1,SNSD's Oh!,and CNBLUE's Love^____^

  31. My favorite pick-me-up song is...all of SS501 just listening to their voices lift me up. But if I have to choose one then it will be Love Ya. I like this song and the lyric.

  32. Hi Angie dearie!^^

    Wish you will be always in great situation:)

    For me,my pick me up songs are:

    1) Rokkugo,Sorry sorry by SuJu
    2) Butterfly by Loveholic
    3) Time,please stop by Davichi
    4) Mujogeon by Park Sang Chul
    5) The Shouts of Reds by Big Bang & Kim Yu Na
    6) Shock by Beast

    I am in World Cup 2010 mood right now,Daehamingguk Fighting!!!(^^)/

  33. Currently the song that is getting me pumped and hyped up is Lee Seung Gi's - Let's Go on a Trip. That's because this summer my friends and I are going on a trip and I'm totally excited. 여행을 떠나요!! This makes me wanna go out there and just have fun and enjoy everything around me.

  34. I love "Run to You" by DJ DOC. I don't know the meaning behind the lyrics but the song is awesome and very upbeat. If you also agree, then "bounce with me, bounce with me, bounce with me, bounce."