Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Who Do YOU Want For Our Next Star Chat???

So I was talking with my producer Sophia the other day about who our next Star Chat guest(s) should be...

It seemed that many of you were okay with our last guest (Beast! *SHRILL screeeaaaaammmm*)...haha
Perhaps "okay" in an understatement...

Well, we haven't decided on our next guest(s) yet so thought I'd throw the question out to YOU GUYS because really,
the interview is for Y'ALL!

So throw me some suggestions and I'll fly them by Sophia to see if she can work her powers to get them in our KBS World Radio Studio! ^^

Also here's the newly released one by Rain... because it's raining here in Seoul today... ;)


  1. Ahhh SHINee!!!<3

  2. Hi DJs dearie!(^^)/

    I hope both of you and team will be always in pink of health:)

    When i read your post here, i am very happy because you always concerns about the listeners want by asking our opinion.Therefore,i would like to give some opinions hehe:)

    How about Big Bang is the next star for the next Star Chat?It is because they kinda quiet because they are so busy right now so if they come to Star Chat they can make the listeners who miss them(actually me hehehe)feel very happy:D

    Have a nice day always dearie Djs^^

  3. angela actually you give me a clue maybe it's too much to ask for but i'd love to hear an interview to Rain.

  4. Yeeeeaaaahh... is it unfair to request BEAST again? ROFL! Just kidding (well, not really :-P)

    Um, honestly I’m so entertained by whatever group or artist you guys have on the show that I can’t really decide. Of course I would love to have idol bands like my favorite Big Bang (C.N Blue, 2NE1, U-Kiss, MBLAQ, After School, SHINee), a popular solo artist like Rain or hot rookies like Oneway or Supreme Team, but also having indie artists would be cool. I would love to see an interview with non-idol groups like Mate, Lucid Fall, Winterplay, Jisun, Clazziquai, Ra.D, M.C. the Max etc. You really don’t see hardly ANY interviews with them in English so I think that would be great.

    However, my ultimate request would be the gorgeous and talented Mr. Brian Joo. LOL He seems so witty and chillax in his interviews and I NEVER get tired of hearing or seeing him. ^^

    - Kim

  5. Wow it'd be awesome if one of these groups are selected: big bang, battle, ft island, epik high, infinite (new boy band from woolim ent.), dbsk, shinee! There are so many I can imagine, I just want to list some.

  6. Can I include someone? Actually, I made up my mind and I thought it'd be great if MC Mong was on Star Chat. I've never seen him on interviews.

  7. I think there are alot of artist that if on Star Chat would be awesome! Like Big Mama or Big Bang of course.

    Oh, but I would LOVE if U-Kiss was on the next Star Chat!

  8. A few kpop idols I would like to see on Star Chat would be:

    SS501 - love this band, and they are a bunch of nice young guys. Over the last year, they have been off and on because of solo work. However, DSP plans their comeback in May. It would be nice to hear how their lives are like now, and how their new music is coming along (and of course, what we can expect).

    and for the guys - maybe...

    T-ara - Their story is truthfully amazing, since they have gained so much popularity in the Kpop world so quickly. And I believe they have the talent to back it up.

  9. i really want super junior to be your guest for your star chat..they really can turn your studio up site down with their cute and funny jokes..love them so much and its getting deeper since i met them in super show 2 in malaysia last month.hope u can consider it...kamsahamnida =)

    suju fan
    ida from malaysia

  10. There are quite a few people i wanted to see and hear at Star Chat. Hehe!~

    a)Agree with nor hidayah! BB has been so quiet lately.It would be great if they could be in the star chat

    b)Clazziquai!~ Alex been the uprising star ever since the drama pasta. It would be interesting to hear his thoughts and the growth of the popularity of the group itself. :)

    c)SuJu. All of us in malaysia can't get enough of them after the 2 hours concert.We dearly missed the missing 3 members.We are waiting for the rumoured 4th album recording. Hehehe.

    d)Hyori!!! We want updates for her future debut. She's been heating the Adidas and GUESS ads. But waiting for her debut.

  11. i agree with krain5. You should mos def do an interview with Oneway. They're fresh faces whom i would like to know more about!

  12. Hey I was so excited when you got beast on I couldn't believe it  so wpuld like to request c.n blue. That are a pretty new group like beast too. But super juniors always good too and they are funny. But thanks for asking the listeners who we want to hear from it gets me excited just thinking that the the stars I love could come and talk! 

  13. Well, I have & will always love DBSK, but yesterday it was annouced that activites as "Tohoshinki" are stopped :( ....so, it would be impossible to get them. BEAST -my new fave artist- already went through so I would have to say Brian Joo for the next star chat since FlyToTheSky first got me loving kpop. Plus, he's already fluent in english so it would be a breeze. Oh, if for a girl artist then I would choose 2ne1 because they rock! Love you Angie!

  14. ALL GREAT GREAT GREAT suggestions! ^^
    I'm definitely going to run some of these by Sophia. Of course it also depends which of these artists can fit an interview into their schedule!

    I'll keep you posted on what we decide!!
    Thanks so much for being such GREAT listeners. I honestly think we have the best listeners ever! All so warm, active, involved, passionate, open minded, etc. etc. etc. ^^


  15. well, i think their suggestion was very good! yeahh..I love Alex, Brian Joo, Lyn....etc.
    Kbs could invite them easily, i think they are not enough busy..hehehe..

    Hermin sky..