Wednesday, March 24, 2010

*Insert Fan Girl Scream Here"

You guys are NOT gonna want to miss out on this Sunday's Korean Pop Interactive (KPI) Show!!!!!!!!!!
I repeat...NOT gonna wanna miss it!!!!

We have a star chat. Hmm....who could it be...

I'll give you THREE hints and that's it!

1. They (that should already be a HUGE hint!!!) will be performing at the Korean Music Festival (aka Hollywood Bowl) this year!
2. The FEMALE fans will probably enjoy this just a TAD bit more than the male fans!
3. None of THEM can speak English!

Good stuff guys so do tune in on Sunday!!! Keep in mind that if you miss Sunday's KPI broadcast, you can re-watch the interview clip online at (just click on "Entertainment" and then "Star Chat".


  1. I think the group BEAST will be in star chat this Sunday..

  2. GASP! No way NO WAY!!! If it's Beast I'll absolutely freak out! LOL Angie!! You are soooo lucky!! Regardless of who it is you're lucky to get to interview them... but if it's Beast then you're doubly lucky!! Please let them know they have dedicated fans in the US (especially a oober excited African American fan from the Washington DC area LOL)... you know... if it's Beast. LOL

    - Kim^^

    Kim Shaw
    Alexandria, VA USA

  3. yeah, i agree with their comment. I think they are beast or bigbang!! is it true??

    oh..I am so curious and can't wait the right answer. hehehe keep smile..Angie
    Hermin..miss radio

  4. OH MY GOD!!! BEAST!!! You ARE really lucky Angie. Are you going to put up a translation of the interview afterwards, so we know what we missed! Wow. So awesome!

  5. Please do sent our regards to them...


  6. You all will just have to tune in on Sunday and find out!!!!! ^^

  7. I'm guessing it's Beast. My cousin is already going crazy putting multiple posts on facebook ^_^