Friday, March 26, 2010

Your Two Cents: Best Breakup Song??

Here's the next "Your Two Cents" question!!!!

What is your favorite (kpop) "breakup" song??
Basically... what is the best song to listen to after a heartbreaking breakup where you just want to lock yourself in your room, close the curtains, eat chocolate and ice cream all day long, and cry...cry....and cry?? this kind of depressing??

Here! Take a listen/look at this. Baek Ji-young's music video for "Like Taking a Bullet" "총 맞은 것처럼".

This isn't necessarily what I think is the best breakup song, but I'm sharing the music video because that one scene where she's eating ramyun (noodles) while crying is sad!!! I think we've probably all done that at least once (maybe with different food though) because we know we have to eat, but we so don't want to!


Don't be sad though! You know why right?! Only one more day til STAR CHAT tomorrow! Be sure to tune into KPI!!!

I look forward to seeing everyone's answers!


  1. My favorite break-up song is actually japanese, but it is from TVXQ (does that still count...LOL). It is 'Darkness Eyes'. It has a dark feel, which I like in a good cry break up song. However "Why Did I Fall in Love with You?" is also a classic breakup tune as well.

    To pick a Korean song, I'd choose 'Because I'm Stupid' by SS501. Now the original is okay sounding, but for breakups, you should listen to Hyun Joong's 'Acoustic Version'. It's slower, and has the right tone for a good cry. It's a very heart-felt version; you can really hear it in Hyun Joong's voice.

  2. Hallu!~

    These are my favourite break up songs that i can cry all nite when listening to them...

    Super Junior - Noerago,...Let's Not
    2am - From Now I'll Walk Away,Cuz You Say No
    The Melody - Goodbye
    Younha ft epik high - umbrella, delete

    Reena Kay,

  3. Hi Angie,

    My favorite breakup song is Park Hyo Shin's "Because I'm a Common Man" "Gu Hunhan Namjayoso." Sorry for the romanized Korean, I don't have my Home Plus keyboard with me at the moment.
    I've never broken up with anybody, but I love sad songs ^_^
    Sophie lets me sing this song whenever we travel, she's the best ^_^

    Take Care and God Bless,

    Paul T.

  4. Love, That Person OR Love, That Person
    by Bobby Kim

    1.'Cos I lurve to hear Bobby Kim.
    2. The lyrics are self-mocking yet hopeful.


  5. I like listening to:
    Love and war by Davichi
    (I don't know if it is a breakup song, but I love it when the girls gets revenge at the guy who played them)

    Without a Heart by 8eight
    (I'm not sure if it's a breakup song, but it's sad. I think the girl was crying about her breakup.)

    Umbrella, Love Love Love, One, and 1 minute 1 second by Epik High
    (They're not pop, but they're sad breakup songs. We changed our personality after meeting that one person. When we breakup we can't forget about that person easily. We feel depressed and it feels like that person is our entire world. We remember all the great times and it's hard to forget it. There is a scar and we just can't seem to mend it. Epik High has a lot of sad breakup songs and their lyrics really says it all.)

  6. Hey Angie (*waves*),

    First off, I LOVE these “TWO CENTS” questions. They really make you think… especially this one. Hmmm… okay. As I’ve said many, many times before, my all time favorite drama is the first drama I ever watched which was “My Name is Kim Samsoon.” And though I loved all of the songs from the drama, the one that touched me the most was Jisun’s “이별 못한 이별 (A Separation that Couldn’t Start).” To this day I get VERY emotional and sometimes teary eyed when I listen to it. It’s just such a great song with these beautiful lyrics, a heartbreaking melody and Jisun’s soft voice. It just feels like the perfect song to cry to your heart out to.

    That would be my number one choice, but my close second would be K.Will’s “눈물이 뚝뚝 Tears Fall / Teardrops”. I don’t know why, but that song gets me teary every time! I’m not exaggerating! I’ve tried to sing it in the noreabang twice and both times my voice totally cracked from me about to cry. Again, another beautiful song with saddening lyrics complimented by K.Will’s incredible vocals. So yeah (sniffle sniffle) those would be my two best break up songs. Lol

    - Kim

  7. BoA - Did Ya
    Kara - Damaged Lady
    MissA - Goodbye Baby
    Big Bang - Goodbye Baby
    SNSD - Run Devil Run
    Kara - Break It

    I'm angry, I know~

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