Sunday, April 11, 2010

Weekend Recap

How was everyone's weekend??

I must say, the weekend is really what keeps me going in life sometimes...haha
This past week was particularly tiring for me (simply because I've been dealing with a mild case of insomnia. sleep just doesn't want to come to me these days!) and so that made this past weekend that much more special...and necessary.

Saturday, I had this Westpoint Academy Founder's Day dinner with a friend of my who's a grad from there. He promised me good food so I tagged along. ^^

my friend chris and me

Sunday, I just slept in all day. It was GREAT! Haha Then me and a few friends went to top notch buffet dinner at Shilla Hotel! We all ate waaaaay too much...Ugh. Kind of sickening just thinking about it! Being away from family can make the life of an expatriate kind of hard at times, but friends become your family.

Robert Holley (Radio/TV personality in Korea. In fact, we work together on a show called "Travel Bug" on Arirang Radio too! Give us a listen sometime! ^^), Brian (no need for an intro there... ;) ), Kasey (super cool gal! love her!), Dorothy (Radio DJ/PR/a thousand other things! Haha one of the busiest women in Korea!), me, Eugene (another friend that also does some video producing/editing/etc.)

From all the sugar and chocolate from the dessert line, we became a little....delirious!


We ended up needing to laugh everything off for another few hours...So tuned into some "Modern Family" at B's.

Jersey & Chester
Such cutie pies!!!

Well, hope you all had a great weekend too! Just wanted to share some pictures!

Don't forget to tune into KPC on KBS World Radio with me and DJ Young this week! ;)


  1. Hi Angie,

    Thanks for sharing with us all those happening event you had in Korea.

    Oh My!! HAHAHA... BRIAN!! so cute! the guy on the right looks like Eric of Shinhwa.

    Michelle (aka Michie)

  2. Hello Angie!^^

    Wow!You had so much fun!I'm very happy for you(^^)/
    You deserved all that since you have been busy throughout the its kinda reward for you:)

    My weekend not good as yours...tsk..tsk..need to study for my examination this week ahead...wish me luck Angie dearie^^

    Take care always!Annyong:)


  3. this is my first time commenting on your blog, so hopefully i can make this a regular thing. lol.

    sorry to hear about your insomnia Angie. a lot of people may think that it's not a big deal but in some cases it can feel like a curse, so i hope that you can find a method to rest your mind and body. :)

    keep up the hard work, and rest peacefully !!

  4. Hey Angie,
    i stumbled upon your blog but i just wanted to comment to say hi, and that i totally know what you mean when you say that weekends are what keep you going in life! haha

  5. I'm glad you got out as well. You need it when you have a hectic week. I wish my drinking buddies didn't live so far away so I could hang out with them more. Sometimes you need a good night out to refresh your body and soul...even if that means a bad sunday morning. LOL.

    *hugs* Keep up the good work. You are getting lots of responses from your updates online. That is always a good sign that you are doing a good job at KBS!

  6. michie: thanks for always being so great with showing my blog lotsa love! ^^ and as for eugene looking like eric, yeah he gets that a lot! haha

    hidayah: ooh! an exam? hmm i remember those! haha...hope you do well! i'm sure you will~ ;) just remember to take some study BREAKS as well!

    juliet: insomnia is seriously a PAIN in the behind~ it offsets your entire bodily functions... =/ hope you don't have it! and thanks for joining the "blog family". look forward to hearing more about yourself!

    jihae: thanks for stumbling across my lil ole blog! if it weren't for weekends, i think i'd quit everything and move to bora bora and just sleep under the sun all day... until i run out of money that is... =/

    jacqueline: hey girl~ thanks for the encouragement! still gots a LONG way to go though! i love my job though so it makes it all not only worthwhile but FUN! =)

  7. Wow, looks like someone had a very fun weekend and I can't forget to comment on how gorgeous you look in the pictures. I like how you share these weekend footages, KBS radio listeners can get to know you better outside of the radio studio. I'm definitely looking forward for more of these ;) Thanks for sharing.