Sunday, April 4, 2010

Your Two Cents: What's your #18???

In Korea, a typical night out between friends would probably consist of dinner, drinks, and then going to the noraebang. Some of you may be thinking, what the hec is a "noraebang"?! Well, "norae" means song and "bang" means room. So essentially, it's a "song room". For westerners, simply put, it's karaoke!

Koreans LOVE going to noraebangs. And they range from just your typical karaoke room with just the screen and the machine. Others can be INCREDIBLY nice with really cute interior. The thing about westerners is that if you can't sing, you don't sing. That's that. However, in Korea, because noraebangs are so common, I've noticed that MOST Koreans are all fairly decent singers. Perhaps it's the practice they get from these noraebangs!

Well, if you go karaoke often, you probably have a list of songs that you typically sing. In Korean, we call the ONE song you HAVE to sing (the song you're most comfortable singing and feel the most confident singing) when you go your "number eighteen." For me, I'd have to say it's Wax's "Hwajang Eul Gochigo" or "Fix My Makeup".

It's an oldie but a goodie! ^^

Anyways, so my question to you all for this week is, "What's YOUR 'number 18' song at the noraebang??"

Answer away!!!


  1. Hi Dj Angie!^^

    In Malaysia,we call it as Karaoke:) Some places in Malaysia the karaoke will be in a room and some places the karaoke will be in a very small room which we call it as Karoake Box(because only 2 or 4 people can enter it)

    I really wish there will be Kpop Song at the Karaoke because as far as i went to Karaoke there was none Kpop Song...or maybe i didn't found it yet...hehe(If any Malaysian knows it,can you share with me?i'm very glad to hear that:D)

    And if there is KPOP Song in Karaoke,i will definitely choose to sing Rokkugo by Super Junior, Haru-Haru by Big Bang and Mujogeun By Park Sang Chul.That is my must sing list hehehe^^ and of course another kpop songs too...(too many if i wanna list it out here heee:D)

    One more thing,I always watched in K-drama or movie there will be music instruments(forgot what is) in the Noraebang.I think it is fun!^^ In Malaysia,i think we don't have something like that as far as i'm concerned..or maybe i didn't found it yet too hehe^^

    I think that's all for now.



  2. g0od day! Dj Angie.!.

    w0w, i also want to sing on the noraebang!.
    we called it Karaoke here in philippines and we have it in our house, in our sala..
    if i have free time, sometimes i uses it. Singing is very fun!.

    ahmm.. For me, my no.18 in noraebang/karaoke.
    i really like it..
    it always reminds me, must be beautiful lovely day.. eventhough i was problematic or not in m0od, if i hear it with other super junior songs.., i'm becoming okay and happy.
    hehe.. i am a big fan of super junior..
    oh. they will have a concert in our country this april 10.. but sadly, i will not attend the concert.. T__T..huhu. because of financial proble... hope they will have concert again next time, so i can attend it..

    okay DJ Angie!.
    you must have a beautiful lovely day everyday!.
    thats all.!
    ahehe. always take care and.
    we will keep on supporting on you and dj young..

  3. Oh..pity me!. Here's no karaoke place. So I could only make my room as noraebang. There, my sisters and I sing together, we also dance in front of a huge was very enjoyable, but sometimes we feel ashamed, if it makes our neighbours disturbeb by our noise. moreover we sing korean song. .owhh I'm sure, they will think we're weird or crazy..hahaha.
    Well, my number 18 is Lucky by WAX..Because I always wanted to be a lucky person so I love the song.

  4. Hi Angie!

    My friends and I used to play a karaoke game on Playstaton 2, though it only has American songs we'd eventually quit and go around youtube and sing to popular karaoke songs. I guess that would be considered noraebang, huh?

    My #18 has to be Baek Ji-young's "Like being hit by a Bullet". Its slow and powerful, and I happen to sing better with a slower tempo.
    Also, this was the first song I studied Korean to sing it properly.

  5. Typo on my last post!

    We'd eventually quit and go around youtube and sing popular Korean karaoke songs.

    Sorry about that!

  6. Hi Angie,

    I'm a new listener who has been loving Kpop ever since 비 first came out. ^^

    In the U.S. and where I'm from (midwest) we rarely have noraebang and the ones that you would find around here are only serving our doses of American mainstream. But not too long ago I discovered one that played Korean music. ^___^

    Because of my lower vocals a song that I always sing and one of my favorite all time songs has to be "Seoshi" by Seo Do Young. Not really a kpop song but its one that I love belting out. Definitely my #18.

    Another good one is Rain's newest song, although not yet available at my local noraebang, "Love Song". Just for the body wave he does. :)

    And finally to top it off with "Rokkugoh" by Super Junior. ^^

    Have a great day Angie!


  7. Annyeong,

    If I'm in a Karaoke room (noraebang in Malaysia). I would sing any songs that caught my eye (of course i must know how to sing it). If i happen to go to noraebang one day, i'd love to choose IF by Snsd Taeyeon as my number 18 song.

    My sisters when to a karaoke room called KKBox last year in Kota Kinabalu, sabah and they happen to find a korean song Nobody by Wonder Girls. I think it is in Romanize Korean version cause my sisters were surprise when i told them that there is an english version of that song.

    Michelle Lim

  8. Unfortunately, here in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, we also do not have any karaoke rooms. However, I blast my music in my car and am always singing along.

    It is very hard to pick one song. There are songs I love to sing to, and then the ones where I just sing better to. LOL.

    For ones I sing the best are girl group songs, which are mostly SNSD songs. One I like the best to sing to is their single "Oh!" It's fun.

    T-ara's Bo Peep Bo Peep is really fun too!

    I know very little korean , so I'm sure I'm pronouncing many words wrong. Oh well, after going to the rooms and having a few drinks in you, it won't matter. ^_^

  9. Hello Angie!

    This is Cynthia from Singapore! Noraebang is also known as Karaoke in my country! It's a great place to visit during weekends, especially for youths. The KPOP fever is currently heating up in Singapore and there are many Korean Songs available in my country's Noraebang ! For example SNSD's Gee, Super Junior's Sorry Sorry and some ballad songs.

    So, shall get back to the topic!

    My number 18th Song at the Noraebang will be Baek Ji Young- Don't Forget (IRIS OST). I'm not sure whether it's available in my country now since it's a pretty new song.

    It's a really good song with nice tunes and lyrics! When i'm feeling down, i will sing out loud! However, i can't sing it as perfect as kpop queen Baek Ji Young! She sang it awesomely! Daebak!

    Thanks Angie! Good-day ahead! Loves...

    Cynthia Lim (Singapore)

  10. There aren't many karaoke places where I live. (Other than the home karaoke systems,but even so we don't have any new Korean songs to sing along to) But there are times where a couple of my friends just gather around at someone's house and sing along to our favorite Kpop songs. We're not much of the singing type, but it's fun just singing along together...regardless how bad.
    I like to sing along to songs that have cool (and easy) dance 2PM's again and again :)

  11. I don't go to any karaoke's that much but I love to sing at home. Usually belting out korean or japanese songs. Haven't found a place I can go to in Chicago that has foreign songs. My fav korean song to sing would have to be "A Fool's Love" by Lee Jin Sung. I have loved that song ever since I heard it on the drama "Accidental Couple". I hope to get to a Noraebang when I visit Korea next year. Maybe I could get you and DJ Young to join me in a few songs. ;P Keep up the good work! I love the show.

  12. There aren't any noraebangs where I'm from (Central United States). The only places to karaoke are bars once a week, and they only do American songs (Its fun to watch the people that have had too much to drink try to sing and dance).

    There are way to many songs to choose from, but If I went to a noraebang I would probably sing Super Junior Happy's Pajama Party or SHINee's Ring Ding Dong. :D Both songs are fun to listen to and I enjoy singing them when ever I hear them (even though I don't sing that great) :)