Sunday, April 18, 2010

Your Two Cents: Which Artist/Group Collaboration Would You Like to See?

Hey all! It's another new week ahead of us which means another Your 2 Cents question! ^^
This week's question was acutally suggested by a loyal listener, Selene! So thank you Selene for your contribution =)
If you guys have any ideas for these Y2C questions, please let me know! Email them to me:

Alright so here it is...

Which artists/groups would you like to see team up for a song?? It can be two Korean artists/groups OR one Korean artist/group and a NON-Korean artist/group.

These days, there's been a few American artist and Korean artist switcharoos. For example, Wheesung did his own rendition of Craig David's "Insomnia, Brian Joo did Jason Derulo's "In My Head", and 4 Minute and Amerie even did a song together. It's been interesting to see different artists and cultures come together through music!

Let the answering begin! I will try to read as many of your answers as I can on next week's Korean Pop Interactive (KPI) show on KBS World Radio!

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  1. Hi Angie!if there's a chance, i would like to see colloboration between Taeyang Big Bang and Chris Brown!I think it would be superb colloboration!(^^)/

  2. A group collaboration I would like to see would be:

    2PM and B2ST!

    I know it would be a very large group. However, T-ara and Supernova pulled it off last year, and I think these two groups could do the same.

    Both groups have great singers, rappers, and dancers. Their music has this unique, memorable sound that I think, when put together, would be amazing!

    And of course, what fan wouldn't want to see that many hot, talented K-idols on stage together?

  3. hello angie! i'd love to see a collaboration between bi rain and usher. both of them are talented and super sexy xD

  4. Wonder Girls and Big Bang!!!
    These two groups are super dope. I know they had some performances together in the past but they have been absent in kpop for a while. They are the two main reasons why i got into kpop and it would be pretty kool if they did a collab together. WonderBang!!!

  5. I like to see "Hwang Ji-Seon" and "Loveholics" (Kang Hyun-Min & Lee Jae-Hak) perform together once again as old times in Loveholic ...

    Would it be possible that they regroup and become "Loveholic" someday?

  6. I was thinking about this for the longest time ever because there are so many talented artists out there, and to put them together would set the whole world in fire works.

    But the biggest and all time collab I would like to see would definitely be 2NE1 and Hyori. Hyori's album track with Bekkah from After school just made me want a track with 2NE1 and Hyori. They would totally rock it out with great raps and vocals. And not to mention, Hyori's and 2NE1's fashion concept will definitely make the stage even hotter if they were to perform it.

    Lastly, thanks Selene for the awesome question :)


  7. Hi Angie,

    Oh My! This is a very difficult question to answer because all korean artist are very good in singing.

    Hmm... As a choice, I'd like to see the collaboration between Super Junior Yesung and K.Will or Kara and Girls Generation.


  8. Helo..everyone, hi Angie..!
    I think its a simple question but its difficult to answered..hehehe!
    Okay, I'd like to see the awesome collaboration between RAIN and BoA, do u know them?
    hohoho..Yes, Both of them are big star from Korea who was brought Korea be a famous overseas. They also have an international career. I'm so proud with them. Woww Their dancing and vocal skill are unquestionable. and More importantly... they had come to Indonesia..Thats means, they were respect with the fans in My country, hehehe..!

  9. Hey Angie!

    I would LOVE a collab between K.will and Navi. Both of them have amazing voices and vocal talent, definitely two of my favorites. :)


  10. Hi Angie and everyone!:)

    I love to answer this question hehe^.^
    How about K.Will and Daesung of Big Bang??I think it will super nice colloboration since both are them quite similar interm of looks and vocals(their vocals are so harmony and best to listen to!) sometimes i see them like a twin!hehe^^


  11. Good question!! I would like to see Super Junior or SHINee with an underground band called The Rocket Summer :)
    And Lady Gaga with any Korean band would be really awesome :D
    Brittany from Texas <3

  12. Hey Angie!

    Once again - GREAT QUESTION! You are on a roll with these, huh. As everyone else said, it was such a simple question, but so difficult to answer. >_<

    Okay, if it was a domestic collabo, I would love to see something with "Hip Hop Divas" Tasha, CL, Miryo, Hyuna and YooBin or an ultimate hip-hop team of Epik High, Tiger JK, G-Dragon, Top, Dynamic Duo, MC Sniper, Outsider, Supreme Team and MC Mong. Can you imagine - the stage would be a big party! It would be GREAT!

    Internationally I would love to see Beyonce and Lee Hyori or Taeyang and Omarion. Both great dancers with pretty good voices. ^^

  13. Hey Angie!

    I would definitely like to see something between Lady Gaga and BigBang or Super Junior or SHINee.... Or maybe Epik High with Kyuhyun, Yesung, and Eunhyuk from Super Junior.

  14. Hey Angie,
    I would love to hear a song by IU and Carlos Santana. Her voice and his guitar work would be an awesome combination.
    I would also pair the Brown Eyed Girls with Timbaland. I know these really aren't singer to singer combos I'm talking about but I would still love to see them.
    Max from Chicago

  15. DBSK with SHINee
    those are the two groups that got me to like kpop ( I'm American not Asian so it did take me a while) those two groups are my favorite and I'd love to see them work together