Saturday, April 10, 2010

Your Two Cents: What Korean Phrase Have You Learned From Kpop Songs??

Hi all!!

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As you all know, a brand new week is about to start so you know what that means....
NEW "YOUR TWO CENTS" question time!!!

You guys have honestly been SO great in answering these questions. I feel like I'm getting to know our KBS World Radio listeners a lot better, getting to know your taste in music, etc. I LOVE all of your responses. In fact, what started off as just a few responses have jumped up to a constant, steady flow of them that I can't even get to all of them in one show! Trust me, me and Sophia really tried to cram as much in there in the latter half of our KPI, but we could only read so many. =( Our apologies...

So here's this week's question:
Being that like 99% of our listeners AREN'T Korean, you probably don't speak Korean. But you listen to Kpop music! Is there a Korean word or phrase that you learned simply from listening to so many Kpop songs?? If so, which song/songs did you learn it from???

I'm looking forward to all of your answers! If you ARE Korean and CAN speak Korean, perhaps you can let us know the most meaningful or touching line in a kpop song!

Meet you guys on air! Don't forget to tune in! ^^


  1. Hey Angie this is Max from Chicago. The first word I learned and mastered saying was probably saranghae. I kept hearing it in so many songs that I had to find out what it meant. I have to say that in all the different languages I've learned to say "I love you" saranghae is my favorite. I think music is the best way for people to hear and get the pronunciations down learning a new language. Especially people like me that have to learn by self study. Thanks to you at KBS I learn new words all the time. Saranghae

  2. Hello Angie^-^
    I learded Saranghae first. I love learning how to say "I love you" In different languages. Then I learned haengbok from a Korean Drama. I also learned pabo (Or Is It Babo?), mianhae, and apa. I've learned many fraises In Korean, but I only know the gengeral meaning of them not the full translation. I would love to learn Korean. :D
    Brittany from Texas <3

  3. Hi Angie!(^^)/

    As for me,i learned 'bogopshipda' from Stairway to Heaven OST entitled Bogopshipda...the meaning of it is 'I miss you' right?correct me if i'm wrong:)

    Next is 'gojitmal' or 'Lies'-from Big Bang and Tiara.

    As for phrase,i learned 'Haru-haru' which means Day by day from Big Bang:)

    Will be continue later..annyong!^^


  4. Hello..Angie!
    there are many words that i learned from listening kpop songs. first I learned the meaning of a song "Meil meil (everyday ,everyday) by V.O.S. Now i knew the meaning of Saranghae ( i love u), Mianhae ( sorry), yaksok (promise), Malhae ( tell me), haengbok (happiness), babo (fool), saram (person), bogoshipo ( miss u), yongwonhi (forever), gumawoyo and etc. oh..too much..hehehe I can't write it one by one..because Many words that i've know. The words are easy to remember and often heard in kpop songs.
    I was happy to understand korean word although only slightly. But, at least it adds my knowledge about foreign language.

  5. Hey Angie!

    I think one that stands out for me is promise (I'm not sure on the romanization so I'll just skip that ^^") because I thought it was interesting how it's similar to the way it's pronounced in Japanese and SORT of Chinese. :)

    Jenny from Hawaii

  6. Hello all and to you Angie,

    I've watched lots of Korean drama and also listen to lots of Korean music. I really learn lots of korean word from them (though I still can't write it) but I've learn some words like Saranghae(I love you), Gomapseumnida(Thank you), Manyake(if), Saengil chuka hamnida (Happy Birthday), Last farewell, Haengbok, Woo ri Sarang Hajiman, mianhamnida, panji(ring), yaksok(promise), So won(wish), Let's get married, bad guy and lots more.

    Michelle aka Michie (Malaysia)

  7. Hi Angie!

    Once again, GREAT “Two Cents” question. Hmmm… I learn a great deal of Korean from songs and dramas (as a matter of fact, I would credit them my true Korean language teachers). However, one of the first phrases I learned and fell in love with was “내 마음이 아파요 or 내가슴이 아파요 (My heart hurts). One of the things I love the most about K-pop are the beautiful (or fun) lyrics, so I just think it’s such an intriguing way to say “I’m heartbroken” or “I’m really sad.” Thanks!

    - Kim^^

    Kim Shaw
    Alexandria, VA USA

  8. I have similar words that I learned first as well, like I love you, happiness, I'm sorry, fool/idiot, Thank you, etc.

    However, the one that I remember the best and love is the word for Crazy = 미쳐 (michyeo). I first heard this word in TVXQ's Mirotic, and again in Super Junior's Sorry, Sorry. And of course, now I notice it in a million songs.

    As for a phrase, one I know completely is from SNSD's Run Devil Run. I know it's a newer song, but it's the first full line I can remember from a Kpop song, and understand it's meaning. I thought it was cool too. The line is

    넌 재미없어 매너 없어 넌 Devil Devil 넌 넌

    You are no fun, you have no manners, You Devil Devil, you you

  9. I hate the fact that I can read hangeul but I don't understand it. It needs to be spoken more often for me to adapt to the language. This is why I mainly listen to Korean music.
    oh i learned a lot!
    but just to say a few that's in my head

    gwaenchanayo - it's okay (from Epik High's One)
    sesang - world
    dangshui jogakdeul (당신의 조각들) - pieces of you (Epik High)
    wuitoliya - I'm a loner (CNBlue)
    1 bun 1 cho - 1 minute 1 second (Epik High)
    uri hana - We are one. (by Tablo)
    ddarahae - wannabe (Epik High)
    usan - umbrella (Epik High)
    hon - soul (Epik High)
    seonmul - gift (Epik High)
    nunan neomu yepeo - Pretty woman (Shinee)
    nunmuri bure ssodajineungeol - I want to see your tears pour out. (Epik High)
    ggeutirago saenggakdwinayo? - Are you thinking it's the end? (Epik High)
    sangcheo - wound (Epik High)
    hyungteo - scar (epik high)
    nunmuri - tears (epik high)
    neol naega kuhaejulke - I'll save you (epik high)

    I learned a lot of Korean words by listening to Epik High's musics.

  10. Hi angie!
    As tweeted, 이렇게 appears in almost every song I know. :)
    haha there're others too. Like sesang (world) and gwenchana (it's okay).


  11. Hi Angie

    It's me again, Cynthia from Singapore!

    I really love this week's Two Cents Question.
    Hmm. The first word i learn from K-songs is none other than 'Saranghae' or 'Nal Saranghae'.

    I've slowly get to learn more words/phrases from K-songs and K-dramas after years into the wonderful KPOP Industry.

    It's impossible to list down all word/phrases i've learn.

    common one are:
    yeppeo- pretty
    molla- don't know
    michyeo- crazy
    namja- man/guy?
    eobseo- don't have
    malhaebwa- tell me
    kwenchana- it's okay

    etc etc...haha!

    Thanks Angie for your great program! Hwaiting!


  12. Hey Angie!
    This year marks my 2 year anniversary for listening to Kpop and I learned lots of phrases from the music & dramas! (Hehe I'm 15)
    The first I learned (of course) was 'Saranghae/Saranghaeyo' meaning 'I Love You'
    'Kahmsa Hamnida' meaning "Thank You'
    'Babo' meaning 'Fool/Idiot'
    'Jakiya' meaning 'Honey/darling'
    'Aisht' meaning 'Oh shit'
    'Anneyeong' meaning 'hello' (only if you're speaking in person'
    'Yeobseyo' meaning 'hello' (when on the phone)
    'Haru Haru meaning 'Day by day'
    'Saengil Chakahamnida' roughly translated means 'Happy Birthday'
    'Sarange' means 'love'
    'Anneyeong Haseyo' means 'goodbye'
    'Noona' which is like 'big sister' from a younger guy's pov
    'Oppa' which is like 'big brother' from a younger girls pov
    'Hyung' which is 'big brother' from a younger guys pov
    'Unnie' which is 'older sister' from a younger girls pov
    'Appa' which is 'father'
    'Umma' which ic 'mother'
    'Arasso' which is like 'got it?/ understand?'
    UHM, there are more but I'm too lazy to type

  13. hi angie ! annyong haseyo !!! :DD
    I'm ELaine from Philippines ,actually I learned a lot of korean words just from listening their songs !! and k-dramas.. I really like it !! I really love korean stuffs ..cause their so cool ! my classmates is really a fan too ..she's so obsessed..that she studied korean language and alphabet and I've learned a lot from her too,because of her I learned how to read korean romanji now but there are still a lot of words that I can't understand ..well here are some words that I've learn from listening kpop songs and ..
    the first word that I learned was saranghae or I LOVE YOU are some other words that I've learned . ..

    chingu - friend
    kojitmal - lie or lies or lier [?]
    pogoshipeo - I miss you
    micheo - crazy
    sarang - love
    haengbok/haengbokhae - happy
    maeil - everyday
    haruharu - day by day [?]
    yeppeo- pretty
    kuiyowo - cute
    chukahae - congratulations
    saenggil chukhahamnida - happy birthday
    joahaeyo - i like you
    THERE ARE SO MANY MANY MORE .. but I'm so tired to type it already ..XD
    by the way ..are you a korean to ?? :)