Sunday, April 18, 2010

Boyz II Men Concert With 4Men as the Opening Act!

So this past weekend in Korea, we had the LEGENDARY group BOYZ II MEN perform at Olympic Park! 4Men was the opening act .

I have just one word:

4Men fans, please don't take this the wrong way because the three guys did a great job. They can SING and their songs are absolutely beautiful.

However, you just can't compete with Boyz II Men who have like 20 years of experience under their belt! They're just a bunch of ajushis (Korean for older man), but MAN! Can they move!! And more importantly, CAN THEY SING! They simply just went from talking to singing in one breath and their voices are just silk. When they harmonized, you couldn't pick apart the separate voices singing different notes. It just sounded like ONE VOICE, but with different dimensions to it. Just DEPTH. Some singers are just album singers meaning they can't perform live. However, Boyz II Men ARE NOT one of them. They were even BETTER live. These men have been in the industry for this long for a reason! They were simply just amazing. Some songs they had us cheering our hearts out and some just left us speechless. There were several songs where at the end of it, I couldn't even get myself to cheer or clap. It numbed you. Wowed you. Literally took your breath away.

When they say music transcends all barriers (i.e. language), it's sooo true. Koreans love Boyz II Men despite the fact that it's in a language that most of them don't understand. And Boyz II Men even said that they're all about LOVE. Their songs are all about love and all the emotions tied with it. Let me just say, that you can FEEL the love through their songs. If love was manifested into sound, it's their music. =)

At the end, Boyz II Men invited 4Men on the stage to sing "It's So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday" and it was kind of cute. They did this battle thing between the two groups where 4Men's Yong-jae did this fancy-shmancy vocal thing full of vibration and complex notes. Then Nathan from Boyz II Men went and copied it...and then some! Haha The guys of 4Men were all laughing in awe. It was cute^^

Like I said, 4Men is very talented too! There's no doubt about that. All in all, great concert!!!


  1. Yes, 4Men..they are very amazing..and talented. I'm so glad 4men could be the part of BOYS II MEN CONCERT. I thoght many kpopstar who watched their concert..Wowww..

  2. It must've been so much fun! :)

    Boyz II Men! It was early or mid 1990's that I first heard of them! almost two decades ago! It's kind of alarming to realise that it's been this much time since then!!! yaiks!

  3. It was Wayna competing with Yong-jae, not Nathan!