Sunday, February 13, 2011

Your Two Cents: Valentine's Day Shoutouts???

It's Valentine's Day on February 14th (along with DJ Young's birthday by the way!!! shoot him a bday tweet: This can be good news for those in happy, passionate relationships...or bad news for the singletons out there.

I thought I'd keep it pretty general to accommodate for all people for this week's Y2C. Anything to do with V-day, lemme know!
If you're in a relationship, this is your opportunity to give your loved one a shout out! Include any special songs that may have special meaning for you two (it doesn't have to be just kpop songs...).

If you're single, this is your chance to rant and rave about how stupid Valentine's Day is and how it's not even a REAL holiday. LOL Or maybe a less bitter question to answer can be what you feel is the perfect Valentine's Day kpop song? Or which kpop artist you would love to spend your lonely, single Valentine's Day with?

Hope you guys get to eat a lot of chocolates and even if you don't have a boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife, give SOMEONE you love a big bear hug and word of appreciation this week! ^^


  1. Now that i am single, i dont know what to do for valentines day. But I am not worry about it, because i have an opportunity to meet friends who are single too and go somewhere downtown and have great fun. sometimes i also feel sad and refuse to go out on this day cause nobody give me a chocolate^^ .I will stay at home and watching a love story at TV. I would love to spend my valentine with Shin Yong Jae (4men).I want to ask him to singing a romantic love song.His voice is deep,it makes me smile. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY..ANGIE !

  2. i'm single too , but i don't think valentine's day is stupid or anything , actually i think it shouldn't be only for lovers to enjoy , i like to spend it with my friends and we give chocolate to each other too ^^
    sometimes i buy flowers to my mother too ,to show her how much i love her .
    but i think if i'm on a relation i wouldn't wanna celebrate valentine's day , i like to receive gifts ,flowers or chocolate randomly and not on specific day like valentine's day or birthdays , that makes it more special ..also cause i like surprises , :)
    hope you received many many presents today and had a good time ^^


  3. I'm single and there's a guy I like, he's my bestfriend, so we can say it's a little bit complicated. Anyway, Happy Valentine's Day!!!!!

    Valentine's day isn't only to celebrate love but also to celebrate friendship.

    I would like to spend Valentine's day with SS501´s Park Jung Min or U-KISS' Kevin. (at least in my dreams)

    Happy Birthday DJ Young!!!!!! We love you!!!!!

    p.s. I would like to request the song "Do You Know" by Park Jung Min

  4. Hello Angie,

    Hope you all had a nice V-day.
    V-day has always been a normal day for me.
    But this year I was actually looking forward to it.

    Because on 14th feb I could hear Super Junior M's title track from their newest mini album for the first time!

    Not sure if I mentioned it before but my dream man is Kim Ryeowook (Super Junior) =d He's a sweet and caring person, has a beautiful voice and he can cook as well. *drools*

  5. Hey Angie,

    Seeing as I have never had a special someone on Valentine's Day, it has never really been that special to me. I do try to send flowers to the girls I know that are single that way they at least get something for Valentine's. This year though I did send flowers to the girl that has captured my heart this past year. She is a very beautiful woman inside and out. It's just sad that she told me she doesn't want to pursue that kind of relationship with me. But I wish her nothing but the best and pray that she finds someone that she will be happy with. We will remain friends and I'll be there for her no matter what. I would like to dedicate Brown Eyed Soul's "Fool" to Hyemin. This is one of her favorite artists and it is a good song for how I feel. I know in time feelings will pass and new love will bloom. To all those out there don't be afraid to risk it all and ask the one you like out. You may not get the answer you like, but you'll eventually feel better that you got it off your chest and didn't wonder "what if" later.

    Until next time, keep up the great work Angie!


    Oh and I was this close to singing Bruno Mars' "Just the Way You Are" for her. Thank God I didn't do that. Imagine how much worse the rejection would have felt. lol

  6. Hye , guys ! Long time since my last comment . I'm really busy with my extra classes so , can't online often .

    Hmmm . I'm a single mingle girl . For me , Valentine is good coz we ( the girls ) will get presents from our boyfriend . Honestly , I've never know how it feels to receive presents from our boyfriends coz I never have the experience .

    To whose have boyfriends , you guys must be really lucky . Huhuhu . But , I'm not sad coz I believe The Hero of My Heart will emerge someday . Ahahha

    So , for now , I hope I could spend my lonely day with , Alexander Lee Eusebio and Son Dongwoon . Ahhahahha . I'm such a greedish girl .

    2011 , with Xander . 2012 , spend with Dongwoon . Muahahha . Dreaming , dreaming and dreaming . I really love dreaming . Hahahha

    Before I forget , hmmm . Valentine's Day kpop song ? I think , song by 2AM - Can't Let You Go Even If I Die .

    To DJ Young , Happy Birthday . Hope you will be more better than before .

    That's all , guys ! Tata .

    - aqilah zarime
    - Malaysia