Monday, February 8, 2010

What a hottie!

So I promise I'll do a better update soon, but just wanted to take the time to first off, THANK all the GREAT KBS World listeners who have been SO welcoming~

I'll be honest....
Being that Sarah was such an amazing host, I thought it would take awhile for the listeners to get used to a new voice~ And of course everyone DOES indeed miss Sarah, but many have been very warm and nice! So THANKS for that^^
Our producer was telling us Sarah had sent an email from Vietnam saying that she's doing well~ So I'm sure that's good news for all her fans out there!

SECOND, please, please, PLEASE keep all your emails, requests, messages coming in~ Me and DJ Young LOVE getting them and reading them! Also, for Korean Pop Interactive (it airs on Sundays) listeners, please email your requests and entries for CD Drawings to OR you can post them up on the message board saying it's for KPI~ For KPOP Connection song requests, you can leave them up on the message board at OR email them to!

For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about when I say "CD Drawing", we pick FOUR entries at the end of each month where we send the winners a FREE CD...OF THEIR CHOICE!!! How great is that?! So just email me your name, address, and which CD (artist and title of CD) that you want~ And the best of luck to you! However, if you don't win one month, enter again the next month because it's TOTALLY possible you'll win then~

THIRD, so the latest KPOP news has it that Amerie (that super hot half Korean singer in America) is planning on featuring a couple KPOP groups on her album~ 4 Minute and BEAST!

To my knowledge, they'll be featured on a song that was actually already released: "Heard 'Em All"
You can check out the music video:

What a hottie!!!

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  1. Dj Angie!thank u so much for your informations especially on CD i know..listeners just need to send the details..i thought the listeners need to answer any questions..oh outdated me huhu...^^
    thank you Dj Angie..i wanna try my luck to get cd!hehehehe:D

    hidayah aka hidayatito from Malaysia:)