Monday, February 8, 2010

All About DJ Young!!!

So this post is dedicated to DJ YOUNG!!!!
First off, coming from someone that's trying to transition into a new show (KPop Connection), let me just say that he not only makes it easy for me... but fun^^
Many of you may already know, but just in case you don't, DJ Young definitely knows his KPop... some of that perhaps being that he has experience in the kpop music scene himself!
Guess which one is DJ Young! haha

Well, if you haven't guessed already...
DJ Young used to be part of a group called S#arp (Sharp)~

He's still into music of course, but we can't leave out the fact that he's a very talented radio DJ as well! You can hear him on a number of English shows here in Korea~ Most notably, shows in KPop^^

Believe it or not, he can go from that tough rapper image...

to quite the warm, kind, and generous person as well~

I hope that this kind of gives you a better glimpse of the man behind the voice that you all listen to~~


  1. From Young, the rapper to Young, the Aboji. What a cute girl! ^_^

    You've a great guide, Angie!

    He is so informed and he's promoted KPC with his info and experience. I like critical view about entertainment and Young has nice ideas.

    Good Luck!


  2. funny, i always thought there were only 4 members in S#arp.

    is this the same guy that hosts that Arirang english game show with Lisa???

  3. Yes! That's also DJ Young on "Let's Speak Korean" show^^

  4. Dj Young is so talented!i love to listen his voice..really suit as Dj..keep up the good work Dj Young!:) aja aja fighting!(^^)/

  5. He's a great brother and a great friend... ^^ I love his show "Let's Speak Korean" and his K-Pop Zone on Arirang Radio! 대박!