Monday, February 1, 2010

It's OFFICIAL: my blog is now up and running!

Hey guys~
I can't believe I was even successful in setting this up up to this point. I'm not exactly computer illiterate but definitely not one of those gifted people that can maintain an interesting blog!

First off, I want to welcome you to my brand spanking new blog! I assume most of my visitors are listeners of KBS World... this is where I host a few shows: KPop Connection, KPop Interactive, and Seoul Calling.

I'm going to try to be good about this, but bear with me because I'm still a newbie blogger~ ㅠㅠ
I will try to update with pics from Kpop star interviews and any relevant news.

I definitely, DEFINITELY encourage you all to comment as much as possible~ Tell me about YOURSELVES! The great thing about the internet is that we can keep in touch EASILY regardless of where we all may be!

Okay, with that all said...
newbie blogger, signing out! ^^


  1. Hi Angela!

    Welcome to KPI, KPC.

    These are nice photos. Thanks for sharing them.

    Queen of Fiji (Sarah) leaves, Queen of Hawaii enters. Is that right? ;)

    "Newbie blogger", Don't worry! Sarah wasn't a good blogger as well, once in a season? LOL Sorry Sarah!!! I still like your posts. :)

    I've been around KPI/C for a couple of years, a few months after Sarah came. If things get sorted out, I'll be with you again. I've been away for a while.

    Anyhow...welcome once again & I hope to read more in this blog.


  2. Hi Angie, Annyeong Haseyo,

    Welcome to KPI and KPC.

    My Name is Michell Lim. I'm from Malaysia. I'm a girl living in an island called Labuan near Borneo or Sabah (East of Malaysia). I've been listening to KPC when it first started about 2 years ago. I'd listen to the show whenever I can/not busy with work to catch up with the Kpop Music and also get to know more about Korea. I've been to Korea (in 2005) and hopefuly i'll have the time to have another visit there.

    I wish you all the best and hope you enjoy reading all our request. Stay Healthy and Be Happy!

    Michelle Lim

  3. hi angie..
    I'm hermin, I've been a listener of kbs since 2 years ago. WELCOME..TO KPOP WORLDS.
    Oh yes, I have a questions 4 u.
    are u held the kPi cd draw everyweek ,like dj.sarah?
    I hope,I can follow the Kpi cd draw again, but now I'm lost my radio,so I couldn't hear KPI.
    MAY I KNOW, The email address to enter the kpi cd draw, or request a song at KPI?
    PLEASE ..
    i am sorry, My english is bad. thanks

  4. Hmyn~ Thanks! I'll try to be more regular with blogging... haha bear with me though! ^^;; I'm sure you are busy, but I really hope you stay with us at KBS World~ hehe

    Michie~ Yes! I hope you do indeed have time to visit Korea again^^ Lots of good food and interesting cultural activities. And don't work too hard! :P

    Miss Radio SW~ Yes we DO do the CD drawings. Once a month for 4 winners~ I hope you participate and if you don't win one month, just keep trying! It'll eventually happen I'm sure^^b
    Also, you can email with your requests for KPI and CD drawing requests! Good luck!

  5. Hi Angie,

    This is Melanie (Vicky is my nickname) from the Philippines. I've been a listener since 2005, time of Sue Park then Sarah and now Queen of Hawaii entering. :) Loved this turnover generations of DJ hehehe.

    I don't have any expectations at all because I loved this show for so long. I personally welcome you and hoping for the best in your career in KBS.

    I will hang in there everyday to support you and DJ Young as always.

    Thank u very much 4 your answer.
    yes..I want to send my request at kpi cd draw..

  7. Hi, Angie,

    You are so sweet and strong. Only strong people can keep being sweet and loyal. I hope you'll host the show for many years. Sophia

  8. hello, i listen to you at work in chicago. nice to match the lovely face with the lovely voice.

    the 2nd pic from the top, who's the girl to the far right in that funky rainbow outfit???

    she's cute.

  9. To Anonymous:
    Thanks for listening in all the way from Chicago! I've ALWAYS wanted to live there for a few years. Although I'm not sure if I can handle the cold... haha!

    Regarding your question: that girl in the colorful dress is Yoon-hee Jang. We met during our experience in the Miss Korea pageant 2008. She was the 1st place representative from Seoul which is typically the shoo-in for the first place in the whole Miss Korea pageant altogether! Unfortunately, she didn't take first (the girl right next to her did, Na-ri) but she did get crowned within the top 7 (yes they pick SEVEN winners!!). She was a crowd favorite though^^ beautiful, beautiful girl!

  10. hi Angie! Greetings from Portland, Oregon. The pictures you posted here are nice. Your photo with DJ Young on the KBS web site looks different for some reason. Maybe it's the curly hair? I had to look twice here before I could figure where you were.
    BTW, your picture reminds me of a DJ on Arirang Radio. Are you two sisters or the same person? :)

  11. Hi Cal2002~
    Not only is my hair curlier, but I'm like 15 pounds heavier from my pageant days!!! hahaha

    Also...I AM a DJ on Arirang Radio as well, although I'm not sure if a lot of my pics are up on the website. I'm the DJ on the weekends for a program called "Breakfast Club" although I'm not sure how long that will last. Also, I used to do the weather for Arirang Today and Arirang News on TV. However, I go by my Korean name Park Jisoo which could be the reason for some confusion... :-/

    Thanks for the interest and for the message!!!

  12. Hi angela, just heard your broadcast today and it seemed that you interviewed a Korean boyband. who are they?
    thank you,

    your loyal listener in Holland

  13. Haha...thanks Norhidayah! *^^*

    And AK all the way in Holland~
    THANKS for tuning in!!!
    I interviewed BEAST last Sunday (March 28th) for KPI's Star Chat. You can check out my more recent blogs for the details. You can watch it online on our website also. then click on "Entertainment" then on "Star Chat".

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