Thursday, March 1, 2012

Words Behind The Lyrics: K.Will's 니가 필요해 / I Need You

니가 필요해 / I Need You

잘 있었냐는 너의 인사말에 참았던 가슴은 또 뜨거워지고
my heart just holds it in when it starts getting excited/hot at your words of “how have you been?”
정말로 내가 알던 너인지 한참을 되묻고
I keep asking if it’s really the same you I knew before

일 년 만인 목소리에 반가웠고
a voice for sore years after a year
보고 싶었다는 말에 자꾸 눈물만 내려와
tears keep flowing at the words “I missed you”
너도 나만큼 아팠던 걸까
I wonder if you hurt as much as I did

니가 필요해 니가 필요해
I need you, I need you
일 년이 가도 십 년이 가도 나는 똑같아
even if a year passes, even if 10 years pass, I’m still the same
단 하루도 잊지 못한 사람
a person I haven’t forgotten for even a day
난 너여야만 해 내 사랑이 너 인데
only you will do for me, you are my love
너 없이는 안돼 니가 필요해
I can’t do without you. I need you

길을 걷다 보고 다시 보고
I look, and look again as I walk the streets
내 손을 꼭 잡은 니 손을 또 보고
look at my hand holding tightly onto yours
괜히 또 놓고 다시 잡고 바보같이 웃고
I let it go for the hec of it and grab it again, and laugh like a fool
둘이라서 행복했던 소박했던 함께라 당연했던
we were happy because it was us two. Simply because we were together. Was a given.
그런 것들만 생각나 그때 우리는 왜 몰랐던 걸까
I only think of these things. Why didn’t we realize it then?

지금 달려가 당장이라도 널 품에 안고
I’m racing to you right now. And hold you in my arms
숨이 차올라 넘칠 만큼 외칠거야
I’m going to shout it until I’m out of breath

니가 필요해 니가 필요해
I need you, I need you
백 번이라도 천 번이라도 사랑할게 널 널 널
even if it’s 100 times, 1,000 times. I’ll love you, you, you
두 번 다시 너를 놓지 않아 널 떠나지 않아 내 사랑 너니까
I won’t lose you twice, I won’t leave you, because my love is you
약속할게 난 영원토록 널 죽을 때까지 너만 사랑해
I’ll promise you. Forever, until you die, I’ll only love you


  1. Thanks for your translations! I'm going to use it to help me improve my korean reading and understanding! cheers!