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Words Behind The Music: Mario feat. Baek Ji-young's 문자/ Text Message

문자 / Text Message
-Mario feat. Baek Ji-young

이 문자 잘 못 본거죠
I read this text message wrong right?
내 눈이 이상한 거죠
my eyes are playing tricks on me right?
아무리 또 다시봐도
no matter how many times i look at it again
헤어지자 써있네요
it says you want to break up.


그 사람은 이별을 문자로 말합니다.
this person wants to break up over a text
얼굴 한번 보지않고 문자로 말합니다.
they wont even meet face-to-face, but says it through a text
함께했던 추억을 문자 하나로 정리합니다.
put an end to all our memories together through a single text
그깟 문자 하나로...
just one lousy text

Rap 1)

잘못 본 것은 아닐까 눈 비벼봐요..
maybe i read wrong, i rub my eyes
다시 보고선 머리 속이 하얘져요..
i read it again, and my mind goes blank
충격이 커요.. 말도 못해요..
the shock is big...i can't even speak.
어제 웃으며 했던 통화는 뭔가요..
what was the laughing conversation yesterday?
난 멍청하게 아무것도 모르고 웃었는데
i was clueless and laughed along foolishly
웃음속에 그댄 이별을 준비한 것 같은데
while i think you were preparing for the breakup while laughing
(똑같은데..) 난 어제와 다른게 없는데..
(it's all the same...) i'm no different from yesterday
난 난 생각 못 했는데..
it didn't even cross my mind


문자하나로 짧은 한마디로
one text, with just one short line
우리 사랑을 지우려 하네요
you're trying to erase our love
말도 안되요 내가 잘못본거죠
it doesn't make any sense. i must've read wrong.
이렇게 쉽게 그대를 보낼 순없어요
i can't let go of you this easily

Rap 2)

통화 버튼 눌렀어요.
i pressed the call button
뭣땜에 그러는지 알고 싶었어요..
i wanna know what the reason is
받지 않네요.. 또 받지 않네요..
you're not picking up...again you're not picking up
받지 않을걸 알면서도 계속 하네요..
i know you're not going to pick up, yet i keep calling anyway
차라리 문자도 보내지 말지 그랬어요 이럴거면..
you should've just not even texted either if you're going to be this way
몇일을 계속해서 답장없이 연락 안되면..
then with no response and not being able to get in touch with you for the next few days
(걱정하다..)궁금해하다 혹시 내가 싫어졌나 고민하다가..
( after worrying...) i'd get curious and worry about if you started to not like me anymore
준비라도 했을텐데 어쩌면..
i might've then tried to prepare
붙잡으려고.. 그댈 원망하려고.. 하는게 아냐..
to try to hold onto you...trying to resent not right
고마웠다고.. 모든게 다 미안하다고.. 잘 지내라고..
rather thank you...say sorry for take care
(To Finally..) 아프지 말고 건강하라고..
to not get sick and stay healthy
(And talk to me..) 너역시도 아프면 안돼
you can't get sick
(언젠간 우리..) 마주치면 웃으며 인사하자는
(one day we...)if we bump into each other, let's smile and greet each other
마지막 그 말조차도 들어주지 않네요..
but you're not hearing out even my last words

Song 2 repeat


왜 사랑했나요 왜 사랑했나요
Why did you love me? Why did you love me?
떠날거면서 날 떠날거면서
when you were going to leave? when you were going to leave me?
이럴 순 없죠 내가 잘 못 본거죠
you can't do this. i must've read it wrong.
제발 말해요 그렇다고 왜 말이 없나요
please tell me. why can't you say that that's the case?
그대 목소리라도 얼굴 한번이라도
whether it's just your voice, or just your face
볼 순 없나요 마지막 한번만
that i can see once. just one last time?

Hook *2

나를 잊지 말아요 나를 잊지말아요
don't forget me. don't forget me.
추억이란 기억 속에 갇혀서 울고있어요
reminiscence trapped inside memories crying
날 지우지는 말아요 날 지우지는 말아요
don't erase me. don't erase me.
우리 사랑했던 내 전부를 나 어찌 지워요
our love, my everything, how can i erase them?


그녀는 헤어짐을 문자로 말합니다.
she talks about breaking up through a text.
그리고 제 전부를 너무 쉽게 지웁니다.
and she erases my everything so easily
너무 쉽게 지웁니다. 너무 쉽게...
too easily she erases. too easily...

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