Monday, January 3, 2011

Your Two Cents: 2011 New Year's Resolution???

It's the first week of a brand new year and sure...this may be an overplayed question, but I'm going to ask it anyway!

What is your new year's resolution for 2011??? The Year of the RABBIT!

Last year was MY year (year of the TIGER) and so I expected it to be an extra special year for me. And it WAS! I met AMAZING friends that I know will forever be in my life from here on out. I've experienced love (all different kinds of love as love doesn't only have to be between man and woman right?!) the true kind. I've had many, MANY amazing work experiences, offers, opportunities...KBS World Radio being one of them. February was the first month I started here at KBS World so to think that a year has already almost gone completely by is...mind-boggling!

I'm going to try to think positively. So 2011 will be an even BETTER year! So what's my resolution for it? Well, the obvious one would be to lose weight. I'm gonna try to lose about 10 more pounds (4-5 kg). Aside from that, I want to work hard in a way where I don't get burnt out. I also want to take more risks whether that be physical, financial, emotional, etc. Perhaps I'll start up stocks. Maybe I'll buy a share of J.Tune Entertainment! LOL

Okay so let me know what YOUR new year's resolution is and tune into KPI this Sunday to see what other listeners had to say!

Thank you ALL for an AMZAING 2010 and here's to an even greater 2011!!! Love you guys!



    I actually made a very depressing discovery the other day because, for the first time in my life, i wasn't able to fit into a favorite pair of pants DX OH NO!
    So i'm definitely gonna try to hit the gym more and get back into shape, and really change what i'm eating.

    Second, i'm really gonna try to get a better grasp on the Korean language. Kinda like when i studied Chinese, i looked into it just out of curiosity and now i'm totally addicted XD
    And last, i really need to get a boyfriend, or at least a guy friend who i can take to my senior prom, 'cause going to prom alone really sucks :(

    Good luck with all your resolutions, and to everybody else too <3

  2. Hi and Happy 2011!

    Resolutions ( in no particular order):

    1. Pick up learning Korean from where I left off, years ago. So I'm going to pay more attention to your lyrics translations.

    2. Exercise regularly and cut down on sugar and coffee so have to learn to enjoy drinking plain water.

    3. Throw out clutter.

    What I'd like to know is if anyone out there has any advice on getting rid of bad habits and developing good ones successfully.

    Wishing all the self- discipline and determination to sticking to your resolutions.


  3. Hi unnie.In Vietnam,this year is the year of CAT.For me,my no.1 plan is to study my courses at uni as well as possible,then is to go on learning korean,which i've paused for so long.And the no.2 plan is to take part in social activities to gain experience

  4. Happy 2011 ;D Pity I ain't no Rabbit...

    My biggest New Year Resolution --- To dive deep into the Korean language ;D Man, I stopped learning Korean about 5 months ago to prepare for the national exams. Since I'm more on the free-and-easy side now, I'd say I would pick up Korean from where I stopped ;D After all, learning Korean is a big interest to me ;D And makes me quadri-lingual too ;D

    Secondly, I really need to shed those pounds >.< Yeah, I got hereditary low-metabolism so even when I eat less and work out more, those flabs just tend to stay. I'm not gonna be bulimic or starve myself, but I'm going to try to burn off at least 4kg worth of body weight through regular exercise and decreased carbs intake;D

    Lastly, I'm going to continue balancing both studies and vocal/dance practice. K-pop made me very passionate about music, so the practice will sort of be like a de-stressing tool when I get tired of burying my head in homework. Oh, and dance practice has the side-advantage of helping me sweat it out ;D

    Have a good year ahead, Angie. And help me wish DJ Young too ;D


  5. happy new year!
    s0 cute.. year of the rabbit.
    ahmmm... f0r me, my always new year's res0lution is to arrive at the school early and on time.
    my teachers and classmates always complaining why i always came late even though our house is near in our school. x))Since elementary, i arrived at the school late. i remembered when i was in grade 5, i came to school alm0st 20mins late.. My adviser didn't permit me to come inside our room instead, she put me outside our room's window and she have punishment to me.
    i stood only outside and i didnt attend our first subject.. all of the people walking around our corridor looked at me and wondering why i'm standing there.. it was really humiliating.. :c
    even now in high school i still experiencing it..

    i wish i will do my new years res0lution..


  6. hey angie,
    my new years resolution is to become more...productive. Im always on the computer, watching dramas, listening to my ipod, these are not bad things i just want to do them a little less. Ive started by enrolling in some judo classes. Its actually more fun than i thought, but still painful. I want this year to be the year i become more social in high school and make new friends instead of just standing in the back of the group listening to everyone else talk. That also brings me to the point of getting over my public speaking problem..oh and i also want to practice my instruments this year, getting into some practice books and learning actual scales like im supposed to. Well sorry for babbling on so long, but have a great 2011!!!!


  7. Happy 2011 everyone ^^

    For me I want to spend more time on my studies. I think that's the most important for now.

    I want to learn Korean as well. I only know some common words.. A question for the listeners: how do you plan to do that, picking up Korean?

    And last but not least is to get my driving license. I always told myself.. when I'm 18 I would go for it but now.. a few years later I'm still empty-handed. oops.

    - Wing

  8. Happy Late New Year!!!
    Glad to hear you had a great 2010. :)

    My new year resolutions are challenging. I am going to try my best in learning korean, and become more fluent with it.
    I am going to workout more to lose weight.
    I am going to make those pimples on my face go away!!! =D This is the most challenging...though personal.
    Last, but for sure not least,I am going to audition for korean entertainment companies.=D

    Hope 2011 will be a great year for you and everyone out there.

    Hope all your dreams will come true and new year resolutions will be achieved!

    -HB Wang
    from Canada/China

  9. Hi Angie

    i made a few new year resolutions. my first one is to slowly cut down on all the junk food i've been eating. this year is my prom so i want to look good my dress.

    The second one is that im going to start learning korean.

    and last but not least. i'm going to try and comment on your blog more often.

    Have a great New Year!


  10. Hi Angie,
    How about putting up Wing's question about tips for learning Korean as one of your next Y2C?
    Think it will be very useful for many people including myself!
    BTW, just read somewhere today that the Year of the Rabbit is supposed to be a good one for Tigers!

  11. Hey Angie,

    I'm glad Y2C is back ^^
    I hope you don't get burnt out this year and have a successful one.
    Here are my New Year's Resolutions:
    1. Read the Bible all the way through. Sophie already did it twice in two years, so I gotta catch up.
    2. Learn enough Korean to have a pretty good conversation.
    3. Exercise regularly. We just got a reflex bag for boxing so we're going to be boxing this year. Feels good to hit the bag after teaching crazy middle school kids ^^

    About the question on how to get rid of bad habits...After getting married I realized that I needed someone who was supportive and encouraging and would at times push me to do the things I should. So maybe find someone, a best friend, spouse, that will encourage you whenever you have hard choices to make.
    She made me throw away so many of my old clutter, I was shocked at first, but I feel a whole lot better now.

    Thanks and God Bless,

    Paul T.

  12. Hey Angie,
    Glad you had a great 2010. The end of mine didn't go so well. I have never put too much stock in making New Years resoultions, I do make goals for myself on my birthdays though, I guess I'll just use those. I plan on losing more weight, more of a continuation of a resolution than a new one. I also plan on learning more Korean, I can read it but it doesn't help if I don't know what the words mean. lol It is also my plan on finally making it to South Korea this year. That will also be my first time on a plane and being outside of the U.S. And finally the one resolution I would love to complete as it has been one for 12 years now, is to find a girlfriend. I mentioned this when I requested my B-Day song. I keep telling my self that I'll have a girlfriend by my next birthday, that way I also have one for the holidays too, but so far no luck. Oh well there's always next year right...I mean this year! lol Keep up the good work and I hope you have an even better year this year Angie.


  13. I hope I'm not too late to comment! Well anyways, My goals this year are to:

    Glorify God more.

    Lose weight. (I don't look that overweight because I'm 6'3". But I'd like to lose 10 lbs.)

    Get more active. (Whether it be swimming and/or the gym)

    Study harder. (I am taking my ACT test this year. It's kinda stressing me out, even though I get good grades, I feel so stressed about it!)

    Not really original, But thats my list. BTW I find watching dramas without any subtitles helps with my Korean A LOT.

    Isaac Semrad. USA.

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  15. Annyeonghasaeyo my favourite Dj ever,Dj Angie and everyone!:D

    First of all, i hope it is not too late to wish HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011!

    For 2011, my biggest resolution are,i really hope that i go through my final semester with full of patient and courage since i need to do my thesis this sem. Besides that,i really need to complete my driving licence test so that i can get my licence as soon as possible and i really hope that i can find a place for my internship.

    And i hope 2011 will brings us more happiness, success and good health.

    Have a nice day always and FIGHTING!(^^)/

    Thank you,